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  • Mar 3rd, 2010 @ 2:30pm

    (untitled comment)

    Napstar did and so does every other file sharing site they charge people for advertising on there site dont they or do they allow people to do that for free . They make there money from that idiot . Are you that stupid .
    if you know anything about music and recording you would understand that it costs money to make an album .
    metallica doesnt need to worry about that because they have the money to do that. A small band who is just starting out doesnt need people to download there stuff for free as they need capitol to tour or to pay back there label.
    so my point is how about file sharing sites allow people to advertise for free.
    Maybe you have an issue because you cant bring yourself to pay for music
    It does matter were they stand in music because they were not the only ones who sued napstar . Since they are so big there the ones who have been targeted .
    People are complaining about them making money thats why its seems ok for people to illegally download there music .

  • Mar 2nd, 2010 @ 8:58pm


    I dont understand why metallica cops so much shit.
    firstly it was about other people profiting from there music.
    It is there right to sue someone who profits from there music.
    Yes they are hugely successfull & have made squillions & they deserve it . they have provided over 100 million people with enjoyment and the way it stands there will be no other band like them in our lifetime.
    Who cares though if people download or buy it is what it is
    RADIOHEAD , TEAPARTY they are not even in metallicas league . Look at metallicas stage show and look at radioheads dont make me laugh.
    Metallica are the kings of metal and tough shit if you dont like it because they will be remembered for all time unlike most bands today .
    sadly a band needs money to tour and as long as band is small and there albums are getting downlaoded for free the chances of longevity will no longer exist
    keep downloading for free. Butt stop complaining about them making money . because in fact your saving yours