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  • Mar 8th, 2012 @ 8:48pm

    I smell a rat

    G'day cousins,

    I'm betting that the 'N'WO types have used their considerable muscle (media and CIA funding) to have their lackeys i.e. the French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Sweden's prime minister John Fredrik Reinfeldt and your Stephen Harper, head up a more 'friendly' government for them.

    We managed finally to rid ourselves of John Howard... unfortunately it took too long and it seems he managed to infect our ABC, who now comment on rather than report the news, and the non government media is rampantly rabid and totally full of BS.

    I have a saying... "When your snout's in the trough, the rim's your horizon."

    The 'N'WO and Co. is soooo obsessed with greed, they are incapable of understanding that the biosphere is not a bottomless tip, and that economic growth and productivity increases have there limits.