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  • Jun 22nd, 2012 @ 4:35pm


    Hi, Maria Bustillos here (author of the piece in question; thanks for reading it.) Just for reference my first commercial website went live in 1998, so I am a dinosaur. Always happy to be schooled, also.

    Whatever the public demands can be had. It will require some work to ensure that our cultural commons isn't ruined by the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We need copyright reform, and we need better and fairer venues that will deny monopolies to Google and Amazon, and that will provide fair compensation to artists, musicians and authors.

    I apologize to Mr. Masnick for the harsh characterization. It just steams me that someone in a position to advocate for fairness, as he is, should instead lend his support to the corpocrats who are getting rich off other peoples' work and not sharing the proceeds with artists, just because (for the moment) they can get away with that. We don't have to accept the status quo.