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  • Jul 18th, 2016 @ 12:37pm

    Re: NO a THANK YOU!!!!!

    I saw a reply to this email which reminds me of similar replies the FB company itself has put out. This article was written by one of the top consumer lawyers in the country whose sole purpose is to report the facts which they have openly done from the communication to FB they've posted. They have no gain or special motives. Many fertility companies have unethical practices bc they are not governed tightly. I would recommend Egg Donor Ameruca - but I would not recommend you use their canned attorney agreement or their fund manager who will not collect receipts for all of your expenses. Make sure you still get your own attorney to review everything bc their attorney protects them, not you. You should be able to AMH test any donor there to make sure they are viable donors before picking someone. Good luck

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