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  • Jun 28th, 2011 @ 8:55am


    Why cant my camera on my phone read my face and only unlock for my face? Oh...wait...It can.

    Good luck with that one copper. :-)

    And my Linux file system is also encrypted...Good luck with that one too copper. :-)

    oh and I don't use iPoop. It's for lemmings.

  • Jun 28th, 2011 @ 8:50am

    Re: Seriously...

    I'm with AZLoco. I too am an AZ native. Born and bred. My wife...also an AZ native...born and bread. My daughter...a 4th generation AZ native...born and bred. We have family that came here when this was still Mexico.

    I travel to Mexico often. I give them money in the form of tourism. I am not a racist. I hate it when people consider me a racist simply because I live in AZ and support a law that allows law enforcement agencies to enforce what is and has been a FEDERAL law. There is a specific word that sticks out when I say the words illegal immigrant. ILLEGAL. It's against the law for them to be here. PERIOD.

    Remember back in the late 20th century and early 21st (meaning the double odd years) when you could get pulled over in California (or just about any other state) for DWB (driving while black)? There was no real justification for that. It was indeed racist. Unfortunately though, the new DWB has enough justificationto truly be justified. Guns come from the Mexican border and also leave through that border. Drugs come from the Mexican border. TERRORISTS could just as easily come from that border as plain old illegal immigrants.

    I'm not saying they don't come from other places. I'm just saying that you don't hear about illegal CANADIANS coming here and killing people and working without paying taxes and being burdens on our economy and filling our hospital ER's so paying patients with insurance (that they pay way too much for because of said illegals filling the ER's) have to wait hours to be seen for REAL emergencies.

    Neither the Mexican government or our own FEDERAL government are doing enough to stop illegals at the border. By ILLEGALS, I mean illegal immigrants whether they are black, brown, blue yellow, green or purple. A cop could just as easily ask me to prove MY citizenship too. All SB1070 does is allow us (the state of Arizona) to do the job that our own federal government refuses to do, which is to stem the amount of illegal immigrants who come into this country via the most widely used border in the country.

    Its an argument. You have your reasons for amnesty and all that other "liberal what have you" and I have my reasons for supporting a secure Mexican border that that strongly deters illegal immigration.

    But like the argument of Jordan vs. that other guy. I give you the rings...the inordinate amount of rings that Jordan has and the amount of MVP's he's won. I need nothing else to win that argument.

    As for this argument. It's illegal. Argument over. Either change the law, or enforce the law. Due to current economic and political constraints, I say enforce.

    Flame on kiddies.