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  • Mar 24th, 2011 @ 7:13pm

    Monkey Sphere

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the Monkeysphere project in this discussion.

    There are two ways to set up a trust model from what I gather: either trust an authority, or use a web of trust.

    It appears the authority based model is not working at this point, so the alternative is the web of trust model.

    To quote the Monkeysphere page:
    “The Monkeysphere project's goal is to extend OpenPGP's web of trust to new areas of the Internet to help us securely identify servers we connect to(…)”

    From that point, you can set different trust levels to different peers, the way you can in OpenPGP.

    Oh, and maybe worth noting, you can also delete Certificate Authorities in Firefox (and others I guess).

    Might make sense to only keep the ones you think *might* be doing their job of selling ones and zeros better than the others.

  • Jan 18th, 2011 @ 4:46am

    Not that odd…

    The title may seem odd, but comes most likely from the French influence on Tunisia.

    See, Jeunesse & Sport (Sport & Youth) are a very common combination in France for a Minister or a State Secretary.
    We've basically had a Jeunesse & Sport minister or state secretary for as far as I can remember and since the end of WW2 probably.

    Furthermore, Slim Alamou, also Known as @Slim404, announced this on his Twitter feed, for those who would like to follow the man or see the notice for themselves:

    Anyway, what an interesting turn of events, it's fascinating to see the Jasmin Revolution and History unfolding before our eyes.