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  • Sep 15th, 2010 @ 10:10am

    Interviewed there. (as Awggie)

    I had an interview with intellectual ventures a few years ago when i was in the job market. When i realized, halfway through it, what it was they did and what it was i'd be doing, i walked out the door. It was kind of creepy there, a lot of ultra-type-A's, very 'used-car-salesmen'.
  • Feb 24th, 2009 @ 5:13pm

    Techdirt? (as Adam)

    Is this blog still called techdirt? or have we changered to "EconoDirt" in the last month and no one told me about it?

    don't get me wrong... i still like the content... just seems a little, mis-named, of late.

    (then again, i suppose over the years it could've had many names... )

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