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  • Oct 25th, 2012 @ 5:52am

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    It's so unfortunate that instead of spending all that energy, time, money and technology on spying on people in the hope of maybe figuring out who's angry/frustrated/displease enough to act upon their feelings in a way that could hurt a lot of people in the process, they don't spend it on figuring out why people would be angry, frustrated or displeased enough to actually do such a thing. They could then, peraphs, act upon the cause of that frustration instead of the consequence. I guess trying to make everyone happy isn't such a straight forward business model as actually spying on them. What more can we do to make people happy is so much harder to figure out than, what don't we know about others, that they could, maybe, hide, that could, maybe, hurt someone... But all in all, the main thing we seem to ignore, peraphs we want to ignore, is why some people would feel betrayed, revolted, desperate or angry enough to do such things that would warrant any surveillance at all. I'm too much of a dreamer, I guess.