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  • Sep 5th, 2012 @ 7:08am

    Pedophiles in England?

    Seems that Pedophiles, when they grow tired of the children they abuse then choose to place the victim (once the victim is too old for the pedophile) into the sex industry. This heaps more pain on an already abused and not healed victim of pedophiles.
    And it seems that the pedophiles populate England at the highest levels of society.
    How come England goes all out to prosecute child care workers (and they should be prosecuted) who were Pedophiles.
    YET England hushes up people at the highest levels in the Judiciary and the government who ARE Pedophiles and yet who never face trial?
    The system is corrupt.
    And the victims are the poor children who are raped and abused by these pedophiles.
    Legalising prostitution only entrenches the depraved pedophiles who discard their cast-offs to send these abused victims into prostitution.