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  • Dec 6th, 2012 @ 6:18am

    This is why we need tort reform

    It will probably never happen because Congress doesn't do anything logical, but we should abolish contingency lawsuits and make the losing party pay both sides attorney's fees.

    Lawsuit awards should be limited to 10 times the plaintiff's annual income which should be based on their tax return.

    This guy suing the studio and theater are frivolous. This was the first showing of the movie. He was an impatient person who decided to go to a midnight (approx) showing of the movie. How did the plaintiff or the criminal know that the movie was too violent if they had not seen the movie yet? Ever see the Saw series or Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Violent movies are NOT to blame.

    He does have a valid case against Dr. Lynne Fenton and the board that governs whether the lunatic should have been reported to police.

    The 2nd amendment grants the right to bear arms to regulated militias, period. People should not have guns. All the loonies who say that there is more crime when people don't have guns is wrong. Guns make it easier to kill.