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  • Oct 20th, 2013 @ 5:01pm

    Americans closer than ever to the American Gulag

    It appears that NSA thugs and thugs in general feel "protected enough to get away with anything" under the Obama admin, which may not be entirely Obama's fault. I am not making excuses for Obama, since Obama is aware of the lies, and he doesn't take action. Moreover, many African Americans seem to trust the bad guys, not the decent people who really serve their undeserved populations. Take Detroit, for ex., a symbol of African Americans, and under the Obama Admin., it has gone bankrupt. Ironically, many African Americans who appear to oppose Obama are commis who do not care for African Americans, either.

    We are in charge, D.C. works for us. We need to demand that the next election must not be about money, but about honestly serving. Say what you like about Romney, yet Romney would have at least turned the economy around. Romney is a good family man w/ American values. He cares for the USA.

    "Ms. Quixote Goes Country - Raised on the Marxist Frontier", a novel testifying that there is a Marxist in your soup.
  • Oct 20th, 2013 @ 4:36pm

    Tips on terrorism by concerned Americans are Ignored

    If the NSA were really concerned about the safety of Americans, they would take reports made to the authorities by concerned Americans who have evidence into consideration. For example, many Americans warned the NYPD about terrorist plots to create a massive fire in NYC. If the NYPD had followed up on such reports, the twin towers would most likely be standing today. A pilot school in Florida also made reports that were ignored.

    It does not make sense that so much data is collected if it is not utilized to prevent, such as the recent attack in Boston's marathon. It concerns me because I am aware of the increasing pattern of abductions and kidnappings in the US, and I would not be surprised if there are thugs in the NSA who utilize the data for human trafficking purposes.

    There was a terrorist in Freddie Prinze, Sr.'s soup and there is a terrorist in the soup of all Americans. "Ms. Quixote Goes Country - Raised on the Marxist Frontier", a novel written by a concerned American.

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