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  • Feb 18th, 2014 @ 10:26am

    People moan on rat or cat, and the elephant is in the kitchen

    The recent claims of victory by hot fusionist is really facsination when like me you followed the LENR skepticism that is the consensus... would you apply thet skepticism to hot fusion, it would be interpreted asthe biggest fraud upon earth.

    Today LENR is getting industrial,
    supported by NASA (see Doug Wells seedling project at NARI, SUGAR report), by the Swedish EPRI/DoE (Elforsk), by venture capitalist (Cherokee fund, Sunrise securities), by Italian DoE (ENEA), funded by DoD/Darpa visibly trying to help Brillouin and US LENR industry.

    The result of Elforst funded test, is not about 1% excess heat after 100x loss of power in laser, but 500% anomalous heat from grid to heat.

    One day people will have to ask the consensus supporter why they fooled us. Is it related to the many billions wasted each year in fusion? not even sure. It is more probably a question of ego, and some lesser funding, peer-review, impact... a tragedy of groupthink, as Roland Benabou describe in his best articles on Mutual Assured Delusion.
    Classic if you follow Kuhn, and Taleb.

    good readings ;-)