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  • Mar 10th, 2015 @ 7:01am

    Re: Re:

    i don't know... this sounds an awful lot like the very famous "I'm a kid so I've never heard of Elvis Parsely or whatever his name is" strategy. I don't listen to Hall and Oates and I couldn't name a single song of theirs, but it's not as if they are some second rate act. It's pretty much a guarantee that the Oat mfg naming their product know exactly who they are and fashioned their product's name after them.

    I agree though, it does seem fishy if you don't know who they are. The trouble is that most everyone knows who they are, outside of your group of friends. Ask someone over the age of 30.

    Also... really? You've never heard of them? The bad hair, the bushy mustache? It's like classic late 70s and early 80s bad fashion.

  • May 6th, 2013 @ 8:01am

    (untitled comment) (as 5up Mushroom)

    A computer security researcher...

    However, from my own research I have found no evidence whatsoever that it is possible.

    An SEO expert..
    I can do HTML, the Videos, the graphics, the images, CSS, and even the SEO.

    A Misogynist...
    Some guys have video games, girls have shoe hunting expeditions, I have the website munchies.

    Who doesn't give a fuck.
    I donít give a fuck what they tell you.

    What an amazing man!

  • Sep 17th, 2012 @ 8:44am

    The rise is due to folks waking up. (as 5upMushroom)

    The Royal Family's threat to sue news hit at the top of the search spike. The rise that came before the announcement was due to folks waking up and reading the news. No doubt, there was a bit of a Streisand Effect, but it was probably just a drop in the ocean compared to the news itself. It's Kate Middleton's nipples for crying out loud.