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  • Sep 17th, 2013 @ 6:25am

    Re: Probably my cynicism talking but...

    I may be too much of an optimist, but once there is a judgment against Steele and Hansmeier personally, the creditors attorneys can do 'judgement debtor exams' which are a proctoscope up their rear, asking for all records. Not showing up or not showing records (bank statements - which they have to have as attys) leads to contempt, and I think these courts will enforce contempt quickly against eh Prenda crew. Also, once you get one bank transaction, you can follow thru the trail to every where it was deposited and then funds transferred, via Prenda's favorite technique 'subpoena', and file garnishments against the bank account, basically forcing the bank to pay the creditor. Also, liens will go on the homes of Steele/Hansmier/Duffy.
    The gap in this is if the pricks have off-shored every dime and then flee to Kitts or Belize or...
    With the corporate domicile of AF in St. Kitts and the litigation turning so badly against Prenda, Navasca and all the related parties should request an order that Steele/Hansmier/Lutz surrender their passports until the sanctions are satisfied. The Honorable Judge Wright, bless him, would probably be happy to do so.