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19:53 What Exactly Is Plagiarism Online? And Does It Really Matter Anyway? (21)
15:46 Court Says Homeless Man Beaten By Firefighter Can Continue To Sue City For Ignoring First Responder Misconduct (16)
13:41 Data Protection Laws Prevent Recording Industry From Sending Pirate Warning Letters (47)
12:15 Federal Agent Stupidly Threatens Twitter User With Arrest Over Protected First Amendment Expression (53)
10:48 Your Tax Dollars At Work: Cops Busting People For Crop Tops, Twerking (153)
10:43 Daily Deal: Apple MacBook Air (Refurbished) (0)
09:31 How The Dobbs Decision Will Lead To Attacks On Free Speech; Or, Why Democrats Need To Stop Undermining Free Speech (41)
06:24 All The Fastest U.S. ISPs Are, Once Again, Small, Independent Competitors Or Local Governments (15)
12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (16)
12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: June 26th - July 2nd (32)
19:39 U.S. Appeals Court: Amazon Has To Go To Trial To See If Public Will Confuse Fire TV Streaming With Porn (19)
15:33 Court To Litigants: A City Taking Down Its Own Statue Doesn't Violate Your First Amendment Rights (62)
13:35 Congress And The SEC Are Getting Basically Everything Wrong In Trying To Respond To 'Meme Stocks' (18)
12:08 Because Vulnerable People Need Section 230, The Copia Institute Filed This Amicus Brief At The Eleventh Circuit (15)
10:46 Devin Nunes Loses Yet Another SLAPP Suit, This Time In California (21)
10:41 Daily Deal: The Two Million Dollar Puzzle (2)
09:34 Kentucky Supreme Court Says Warrants Are Needed For Real-Time Cell Location Pings (2)
06:29 'Big Telecom' Still Wants 'Big Tech' To Give Them Billions Of Dollars For No Coherent Reason (12)
03:32 Yet Another EU Data Protection Authority Says Google Analytics Violates The Law (3)
19:37 Parody Post About Nintendo's IP Bullying Hits All The Right Notes (15)
15:32 Google Gives In To Republican Political Spammers: Launching Pilot Program To Whitelist Them Out Of Spam (42)
13:33 Italian Exploit Developer Follows Hacking Team's Lead, Sells Powerful Spyware To Human Rights Violators (2)
12:03 Angry Crypto Firm Posts Weird Cease & Desist Letter To Its Own Blog; DMs It To Critics (10)
10:41 The Future Of Policing In China Is Pervasive, Surveillance-Driven Law Enforcement Crystal Balls (8)
10:36 Daily Deal: Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan (1)
09:28 Philippines Orders Critical News Organization, Rappler, Shut Down; Just As Rappler's Founder Argues Against Free Speech (11)
06:36 FCC's Carr Once Again Heads To The Fainting Couch Over TikTok (20)
03:37 Trump Doesn't Want To Get Back On Twitter So Badly, He's Appealing His Case To Get Back On Twitter (35)
19:29 Enjoy Digital Ownership And Public Libraries While You Still Can (54)
15:27 Please Take A Moment To Celebrate How A Very Different Supreme Court Saved The Internet 25 Years Ago (45)
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