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Techdirt Podcast Episode 125: Re-Decentralizing The Web by Leigh Beadon 6-06-2017 1:30 PM (3 comments)
This Is Not The Cloud Computing We Should Have by Mike Masnick 3-29-2013 7:39 PM (72 comments)
Does Google Have What It Takes To Be A Platform, Rather Than A Product, Company? by Mike Masnick 10-13-2011 4:00 PM (15 comments)
Apple Bought Lala To Shut It Down? by Mike Masnick 4-30-2010 4:16 PM (22 comments)
NY Times Turning News Into A Platform by Mike Masnick 2-05-2009 9:02 PM (3 comments)
Cloud Computing Has To Be About Openness And Ease; Not Locking Developers In by Mike Masnick 10-27-2008 11:10 PM (9 comments)
Rackspace Wants To Take On Amazon's Cloud Computing Efforts by Mike Masnick 10-22-2008 4:42 PM (8 comments)
Google Inches Toward Wikified Maps by Timothy Lee 6-27-2008 10:31 AM (18 comments)
Google AppEngine Pricing: Get In For Free; Only Pay If You Drive Serious Traffic by Mike Masnick 5-28-2008 3:41 PM (9 comments)
The Pirate Bay Launches Blog System For Those Worried About Censorship by Mike Masnick 4-16-2008 11:16 PM (15 comments)
Why The Web Platform Matters: It Enables Innovation by Mike Masnick 4-16-2008 12:12 PM (4 comments)
Much Ado About Nothing: The Rise And Fall Of HuddleChat by Tom Lee 4-10-2008 11:57 AM (8 comments)
Google Finally Realizes It Needs To Be The Web Platform by Mike Masnick 4-08-2008 12:27 AM (19 comments)
Google Looks To Solve The Offline Problem Of Online Apps by Carlo Longino 5-31-2007 11:54 AM (5 comments)
Pandora Goes With Old Intrusive Media Ads To Boost Their New Media Product by Mike Masnick 1-11-2007 7:36 PM (22 comments)
Google Misses Another Chance To Be The Web Platform by Mike Masnick 12-20-2006 11:32 PM (20 comments)
Modular Software... Or Modular Communities? by Mike Masnick 4-05-2006 2:10 AM (3 comments)
Yahoo's New APIs: Baby Steps Or Big Deal? by Mike Masnick 3-08-2006 5:37 PM (2 comments)
Alexa Decides It Wants To Be The Platform by Mike Masnick 12-13-2005 12:55 AM (5 comments)
Airlines Trying To Cut Out The Middlemen... Again by Mike Masnick 11-01-2005 1:41 AM (0 comments)
Build Your Own Social Apps? by Mike Masnick 10-04-2005 1:44 AM (0 comments)
News Sites Making More Creative Use Of Mapping Systems by Mike Masnick 8-09-2005 6:50 PM (0 comments)
WikiWiki Warfare In The Enterprise Leading To Situational Software? by Mike Masnick 10-06-2004 11:01 AM (3 comments)
Building The RSS Platform by Mike Masnick 9-28-2004 7:08 AM (3 comments)
Is PayPal The Fifth Credit Card? by Mike Masnick 5-03-2004 10:48 AM (5 comments)
Buy Amazon Books Via PowerPoint by Mike Masnick 10-08-2003 12:29 AM (5 comments)
How Amazon Opens Up And Cleans Up by Mike Masnick 6-24-2003 1:55 AM (3 comments)
Web Services Boon For Customers, Not Investors Or Systems Integrators by Mike Masnick 6-12-2003 11:01 AM (0 comments)
The Third Online Era Starts Here by Mike Masnick 5-29-2003 11:52 AM (0 comments) As The Web Services Trailblazer by Mike Masnick 3-12-2003 9:28 AM (0 comments)

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