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FBI Boss Chris Wray: We Put A Man On The Moon So Why Not Encryption Backdoors? by Tim Cushing 7-25-2018 9:34 AM (92 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 175: Building Communities Outside Facebook by Leigh Beadon 7-24-2018 1:30 PM (0 comments)
House Judiciary Committee Falsely Claims Credit For Stopping 90% Of All Sex Trafficking Because Of FOSTA by Mike Masnick 7-24-2018 9:39 AM (45 comments)
Listen To Stephen Fry Perfectly Analogize The Moral Panics Around Facebook To The Ones Over The Printing Press by Mike Masnick 7-23-2018 9:31 AM (58 comments)
Netflix CEO Proclaims The Death Of Net Neutrality Is No Big Deal by Karl Bode 7-18-2018 6:24 AM (50 comments)
DHS Tells Records Requester It Can't Find Documents It Posted To Its Own Website by Tim Cushing 7-17-2018 10:48 AM (9 comments)
Ajit Pai Pretends To Care About Identity Fraud That Plagued Net Neutrality Repeal by Karl Bode 7-16-2018 6:29 AM (33 comments)
Sprint, T-Mobile Execs Bullshit Congress On The Benefits Of Merger Mania by Karl Bode 7-09-2018 6:14 AM (23 comments)
This Shouldn't Need Saying: Threatening To Kill Anyone Over Net Neutrality Is Idiotic by Karl Bode 7-03-2018 3:27 PM (32 comments)
Axel Voss, MEP Behind Awful Internet Destroying EU Copyright Directive, Tries To Defend His Plan by Mike Masnick 7-03-2018 10:35 AM (31 comments)
Ajit Pai Now Trying To Pretend That Everybody Supported Net Neutrality Repeal by Karl Bode 6-19-2018 6:25 AM (63 comments)
DOJ Lets Cops Know SESTA/FOSTA Is For Shutting Down Websites, Not Busting Sex Traffickers by Tim Cushing 6-15-2018 10:48 AM (26 comments)
Charter Spectrum Claims The Death Of Net Neutrality Will Magically Provide Better, Faster Broadband by Karl Bode 6-15-2018 9:43 AM (17 comments)
Senators Wyden and Schatz Wants To Know Why The FCC Made Up A DDOS Attack by Karl Bode 6-13-2018 6:17 AM (45 comments)
High School Student's Speech About Campus Sexual Assault Gets Widespread Attention After School Cuts Her Mic by Mike Masnick 6-12-2018 12:03 PM (76 comments)
Oddly The Trump FCC Doesn't Much Want To Talk About Why It Made Up A DDOS Attack by Karl Bode 6-12-2018 6:38 AM (31 comments)
Chuck Palahniuk Apologizes For Blaming Piracy For His Business Partner Stealing His Money by Timothy Geigner 6-08-2018 12:02 PM (23 comments)
EU Commission Violates GDPR; Claims That It's Exempt From The Law For 'Legal Reasons' by Mike Masnick 6-07-2018 6:38 AM (34 comments)
Has Facebook Merely Been Exploited By Our Enemies? Or Is Facebook Itself The Real Enemy? by Mike Godwin 6-05-2018 12:07 PM (35 comments)
FOSTA Supporters Come Out Swinging Against Critics by Mike Masnick 6-01-2018 9:46 AM (38 comments)
FCC Claims Perfectly-Timed Regulatory Handout To Sinclair Is Just Quirky Happenstance by Karl Bode 5-31-2018 3:23 AM (24 comments)
Rupert Murdoch Believes In The Free Market... Until His Company Is Struggling: Then He Wants To Regulate Competitors by Mike Masnick 5-21-2018 10:45 AM (42 comments)
AT&T Stumbles As It Tries To Explain Why It Paid $200K To Cohen's Shady Shell Company by Karl Bode 5-09-2018 10:40 AM (27 comments)
Drug Dog Trainer: Marijuana Legalization Will Literally Kill Police Drug Dogs by Tim Cushing 5-09-2018 9:38 AM (33 comments)
EU Commission Asks Public To Weigh In On Survey About Just How Much They Want The Internet To Be Censored by Mike Masnick 5-04-2018 10:43 AM (66 comments)
Microsoft Defends Putting A Computer Recycler In Jail With Misleading Statement by Mike Masnick 4-30-2018 12:05 PM (44 comments)
Marsha Blackburn Wants ISPs To Sell 'Fast Lanes' Like 'TSA Pre-Check' by Karl Bode 4-26-2018 6:25 AM (41 comments)
Hollywood Front Groups Decide To Kick Facebook While It's Down, Advocate For More Internet Regulations by Mike Masnick 4-26-2018 3:23 AM (27 comments)
Want To Blog In Tanzania, Or Read Social Media In Uganda? Pay The Government, Please by Glyn Moody 4-24-2018 7:43 PM (8 comments)
The Washington Post Thinks Overpaying For Broadband Bundles Is A Hoot by Karl Bode 4-24-2018 6:23 AM (64 comments)

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