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Portland Police Review Board Says It's OK For Officers To Lie To Get Someone To Stop Filming Them by Tim Cushing 10-16-2019 3:53 PM (45 comments)
Top Myths About Content Moderation by Eric Goldman 10-16-2019 6:38 AM (90 comments)
It's Time For The Academic World To See The Positive Side Of Negative Results by Glyn Moody 10-10-2019 7:55 PM (20 comments)
FBI Director Deploys Straw Men While Calling For The End Of Straw Men Arguments In The Encryption War by Tim Cushing 10-07-2019 10:52 AM (78 comments)
Deputy Attorney General Rosen: Companies Like Facebook Are Making Everyone Less Safe By Offering Encryption by Tim Cushing 10-07-2019 6:23 AM (90 comments)
Senator Mark Warner Repeats Senator Ted Cruz's Mythical, Made Up, Incorrect Claims About Section 230 by Mike Masnick 10-03-2019 9:42 AM (12 comments)
US Courts Rep Ignores Everything About The Internet, Says PACER Access Can Never Be Free Because It Costs Money To Operate by Tim Cushing 10-02-2019 11:56 AM (23 comments)
Comcast Apparently Feels Qualified To Give Google Lectures On Monopoly Power by Karl Bode 10-02-2019 6:11 AM (36 comments)
Elizabeth Warren Wants Congress To Be Smarter About Tech... While Grossly Overstating Google & Facebook's Market Power by Mike Masnick 10-01-2019 3:40 PM (71 comments)
Top Oracle Lawyer Attempting To Gaslight Entire Software Community: Insists APIs Are Executable by Mike Masnick 9-30-2019 10:44 AM (181 comments)
Senator Hawley Responds To Techdirt With A Bunch Of Nonsense And Lies About His Own Bill That He Doesn't Seem To Understand by Mike Masnick 9-18-2019 10:44 AM (94 comments)
Intellectual Property Is Neither Intellectual, Nor Property: Discuss by Mike Masnick 9-12-2019 9:26 AM (64 comments)
Much Of The Assault On 'Big Tech' Is Being Driven By 'Big Telecom' by Karl Bode 9-10-2019 6:15 AM (27 comments)
Pinterest's Way Of Dealing With Anti-Vax Nonsense And Scams Is Only Possible Because Of Section 230 by Mike Masnick 9-04-2019 11:59 AM (115 comments)
Bedbug Privilege: Bret Stephens Uses His NY Times Column To Suggest Jokingly Comparing Him To A Bedbug Is Prelude To Ethnic Genocide by Mike Masnick 9-03-2019 9:34 AM (50 comments)
Josh Hawley Continues To Pretend That Silicon Valley Isn't Innovative by Mike Masnick 8-30-2019 10:43 AM (63 comments)
Missouri Attorney General Claims The First Amendment Allows Him To Withhold Public Records by Tim Cushing 8-26-2019 9:34 AM (27 comments)
Federal Elections Committee Chair Is Sick Of Donald Trump's Bullshit: Put Up Or Shut Up About Voter Fraud by Mike Masnick 8-23-2019 1:42 PM (89 comments)
Shut Up David Boies, You Hypocritical, Censorial Oaf by Mike Masnick 8-23-2019 9:30 AM (12 comments)
The Barlowian Internet: The Faults Of The Internet Are Also Its Opportunity, But It's Up To Us To Embrace Them by Mike Masnick 8-22-2019 10:48 AM (9 comments)
Federal Prosecutor Blames Philadelphia DA For Shootout That Wounded Six Philly PD Officers by Tim Cushing 8-21-2019 3:44 PM (19 comments)
Potentially Big News: Top CEOs Realizing That 'Maximizing Shareholder Value' Isn't A Great Idea by Mike Masnick 8-21-2019 1:22 PM (64 comments)
Attorney General William Barr Declares War On The General Public by Tim Cushing 8-15-2019 11:58 AM (108 comments)
Is There A Conspiracy Among Legacy Media Companies To Push A False Narrative About Big Tech? by Mike Masnick 8-15-2019 9:41 AM (23 comments)
Fox News Commentator Calls For A 'Backlash' Against Big Tech... Because Wikileaks Released His Phone Number by Mike Masnick 8-14-2019 9:34 AM (68 comments)
Be Careful What You Wish For In Asking Silicon Valley To Police Speech Online by Mike Masnick 8-14-2019 3:23 AM (74 comments)
Indian Counseling Company Files Criminal Complaint Against Blogger Who Informed It About A Sensitive Data Leak by Tim Cushing 8-12-2019 12:11 PM (21 comments)
Elsevier Tries To Lie About University Of California's Contract Negotiation; UC Shows Its Receipts by Mike Masnick 8-09-2019 2:24 PM (10 comments)
UK Lobbyist's Long-Running Astroturf Efforts Shows Facebook Will Never Be Able To Stop Fake News, Ban All Conservatives by Tim Cushing 8-05-2019 2:19 PM (27 comments)
NY Times Calls Out Politicians For Lying About Section 230 by Mike Masnick 7-29-2019 9:33 AM (45 comments)

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