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Letting Newspapers Band Together To Demand Payments From Internet Companies Is Bad For The Internet And Bad For Journalism by Mike Masnick 6-18-2021 5:52 AM (45 comments)
Recent Antitrust Push Is Weirdly Narrow, Pretends Telecom And Banking Don't Exist by Karl Bode 6-17-2021 5:54 AM (6 comments)
Consumer Groups Get Punchy As Biden Team Lags On Staffing FCC, Restoring Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 6-15-2021 12:02 PM (6 comments)
Will Congress' Big New Push On Antitrust Actually Solve Any Competition Issues? by Mike Masnick 6-11-2021 3:30 PM (40 comments)
Former FCC Boss Wheeler Says Trump FCC Napped On Cybersecurity by Karl Bode 6-11-2021 11:55 AM (8 comments)
Senator Wicker Introduces Bill To Guarantee The Internet Sucks by Mike Masnick 6-11-2021 10:52 AM (142 comments)
Are Partial Liability Rules The Path Forward For Intermediary Liability Regimes? Lessons Learned From Brazil by Bruna Martins dos Santos and Diego Canabarro 6-01-2021 8:32 PM (9 comments)
27 'Right To Repair' Laws Proposed This Year. Giants Like Apple Have Ensured None Have Passed So Far. by Karl Bode 5-26-2021 6:12 AM (19 comments)
Rep. Zoe Lofgren Recognizes The Nuances And Complexities Of Regulating Internet Companies by Mike Masnick 5-24-2021 10:41 AM (12 comments)
G7 And Technical Standards: Blink And You Might Have Missed The New Battleground by Konstantinos Komaitis and Dominique Lazanski 5-20-2021 3:42 PM (7 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 283: Debating Section 230, With WIRED's Gilad Edelman by Leigh Beadon 5-18-2021 1:30 PM (17 comments)
Biden Revokes Trump's Silly Executive Order On Section 230; But It Already Did Its Damage by Mike Masnick 5-17-2021 12:06 PM (12 comments)
Bipartisan FTC Study Confirms Everything 'Right to Repair' Advocates Have Been Saying For Years by Karl Bode 5-13-2021 12:05 PM (10 comments)
Bad Section 230 Bills Come From Both Sides Of The Aisle: Schakowsky/Castor Bill Would Be A Disaster For The Open Internet by Mike Masnick 5-12-2021 9:44 AM (31 comments)
Canadian Government Wants To Regulate Social Media Like Broadcast by Leigh Beadon 4-30-2021 12:11 PM (17 comments)
Not All Tech Regulatory Desires Are Equal: And We Should Stop Pretending They Are by Mike Masnick 4-21-2021 12:04 PM (5 comments)
Republican's 'Big Tech Accountability' Platform Calls For Both More And Less Moderation, And A 'Not Fairness Doctrine' Fairness Doctrine by Mike Masnick 4-16-2021 10:45 AM (50 comments)
Driven Mad By Its Hatred For Big US Internet Companies, French Government Implements EU Digital Services Act Before It Even Exists by Glyn Moody 4-07-2021 12:04 PM (6 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 277: Section 230 & The PACT Act by Leigh Beadon 4-06-2021 1:30 PM (1 comments)
Beware Of Facebook CEOs Bearing Section 230 Reform Proposals by Mike Masnick 3-24-2021 12:05 PM (63 comments)
House Republicans Want To Flip Section 230 On Its Head, Bring Back Distributor Liability by Mike Masnick 3-19-2021 12:11 PM (49 comments)
The Internet Is Not Just Facebook, Google & Twitter: Creating A 'Test Suite' For Your Great Idea To Regulate The Internet by Mike Masnick 3-18-2021 9:38 AM (71 comments)
Misguided Crusade For Tech Antitrust Will Exacerbate Inequality by Rachel Chiu 3-08-2021 1:38 PM (45 comments)
The Unasked Question In Tech Policy: Where Do We Get The Lawyers? by Cathy Gellis 3-02-2021 4:22 PM (22 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 272: Section 230 Matters, With Ron Wyden & Chris Cox by Leigh Beadon 3-02-2021 1:30 PM (23 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 270: Regulating The Internet Won't Fix A Broken Government by Leigh Beadon 2-16-2021 1:30 PM (3 comments)
How To Think About Online Ads And Section 230 by Cathy Gellis 2-10-2021 1:46 PM (6 comments)
In The Rush To Strengthen Antitrust Law, We Could Kill Useful Mergers And Acquisitions by Mike Masnick 2-09-2021 9:35 AM (11 comments)
FTC's Misses Opportunity To Understand Social Media; Instead Goes For Weird Fishing Expedition Against Odd Grouping Of Companies by Mike Masnick 12-15-2020 9:33 AM (42 comments)
Biden's Top Tech Advisor Trots Out Dangerous Ideas For 'Reforming' Section 230 by Mike Masnick 12-09-2020 9:32 AM (100 comments)

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