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No, 'Big Tech' Should Not Give 'Big Telecom' Billions Of Dollars For No Reason by Karl Bode 6-18-2021 8:58 AM (13 comments)
FBI's Recovery Of Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin Ransom Highlights How The 'Ban Crypto To Stop Ransomware' Cries Were Wrong Again by Mike Masnick 6-16-2021 1:47 PM (31 comments)
Map Of The Internet Exposes The Lie That 'Big Tech' Controls The Internet by Mike Masnick 6-09-2021 11:58 AM (51 comments)
Time Magazine Lauds Clearview AI Despite Its Sketchy Facial Recognition Tech by Freddy Martinez 5-18-2021 3:34 PM (6 comments)
Wired's Big 230 Piece Has A Narrative To Tell by Mike Masnick 5-07-2021 10:45 AM (148 comments)
What If The Media And Politicians Tried To Hold A Techlash... And No One Joined Them by Mike Masnick 5-05-2021 12:10 PM (18 comments)
Wall Street Journal Editorial Tries To Pretend That Fixing Repair Monopolies Is Bad For Your Health by Karl Bode 5-05-2021 5:31 AM (37 comments)
From Jurassic Park To Telepathic Monkeys, Elon Musk Press Hype Is Getting A Bit Thick by Karl Bode 4-19-2021 3:31 PM (29 comments)
NSA Director Says More Domestic Surveillance Might Stop Foreign Hacking; Fails To Explain Why NSA Isn't Stopping Much Foreign Hacking by Tim Cushing 4-01-2021 10:57 AM (7 comments)
Telecom Using Veterans As Props To Demonize California's New Net Neutrality Law by Karl Bode 3-26-2021 6:03 AM (12 comments)
Despite A Decade Of Complaints, US Wireless Carriers Continue To Abuse The Word 'Unlimited' by Karl Bode 3-24-2021 6:39 AM (10 comments)
Deepfake Of Tom Cruise Has Everyone Freaking Out Prematurely by Timothy Geigner 3-10-2021 8:01 PM (32 comments)
The Most Important Part Of The Facebook / Oversight Board Interaction Happened Last Week And Almost No One Cared by Mike Masnick 3-02-2021 9:35 AM (14 comments)
Australian News Sites Shocked & Upset To Learn They Don't Need To Rely On Facebook For Traffic! by Mike Masnick 2-22-2021 10:44 AM (50 comments)
The Bizarre Reaction To Facebook's Decision To Get Out Of The News Business In Australia by Mike Masnick 2-18-2021 9:37 AM (127 comments)
Gun Trafficking Investigation Shows The FBI Is Still Capable Of Accessing Communications On Encrypted Devices by Tim Cushing 2-11-2021 10:45 AM (4 comments)
Steam Becomes Available In China, Offers 53 Whole Games To Customers by Timothy Geigner 2-10-2021 8:28 PM (8 comments)
The Wall Street Journal Kisses Big Telecom's Ass In Whiny Screed About 'Big Tech' by Karl Bode 1-28-2021 6:27 AM (13 comments)
Lindsey Graham's Latest Attack On Section 230: Reform It By 2023, Or We Take It Away by Mike Masnick 12-16-2020 10:51 AM (77 comments)
Half Of Smartphone Users Incorrectly Think They Already Have 5G by Karl Bode 10-16-2020 6:19 AM (26 comments)
Verizon's New 'Nationwide' 5G Isn't Nationwide, Barely Faster Than 4G by Karl Bode 10-15-2020 6:25 AM (9 comments)
Verizon Is Still Abusing The Hell Out Of The Word 'Unlimited' by Karl Bode 10-01-2020 6:42 AM (11 comments)
Josh Hawley Is A Lying Demagogue Who Has Built A Fake Fantasy World About 'Evil Big Tech' by Mike Masnick 9-25-2020 9:54 AM (81 comments)
The TikTok 'Deal' Was A Grift From The Start: Accomplishes None Of The Stated Goals; Just Helps Trump & Friends by Mike Masnick 9-21-2020 9:39 AM (45 comments)
AT&T Says It's Eyeing 'Wireless Discounts For Ads.' But It's Not Going To Be What You Think. by Karl Bode 9-17-2020 6:33 AM (12 comments)
Josh Hawley Isn't 'Helping' When It Comes To TikTok by Karl Bode 9-16-2020 6:26 AM (27 comments)
Oracle Doesn't Buy TikTok, But Gets A Lucrative Hosting Deal, And Trump & Friends Will Pretend This Means Something by Mike Masnick 9-14-2020 9:38 AM (17 comments)
Auto Industry Pushes Bullshit Claim That 'Right To Repair' Laws Aid Sexual Predators by Karl Bode 9-11-2020 6:33 AM (41 comments)
Fake 'Russian Hack' Of Public Michigan Voter Rolls Gets Absurdly Overhyped On The Interwebs by Karl Bode 9-01-2020 10:48 AM (9 comments)
Hypocritical AT&T Makes A Mockery Of Itself; Says 230 Should Be Reformed For Real Net Neutrality by Mike Masnick 8-31-2020 11:08 AM (26 comments)

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