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Music Publishers Sue Roblox In Full Frontal Assault On The DMCA by Mike Masnick 6-11-2021 6:25 AM (46 comments)
UK Music Rights Group Demands Payment From A Pub That Isn't Playing Any Music Because It's Closed Due To COVID by Mike Masnick 1-06-2021 9:34 AM (34 comments)
How Years Of Copyright Maximalism Is Now Killing Pop Music by Mike Masnick 1-13-2020 9:30 AM (58 comments)
Music Piracy Continues To Drop Dramatically, But The Industry Hates To Admit That Because It Ruins The Narrative by Mike Masnick 10-07-2019 9:25 AM (39 comments)
Dumbest 'Gotcha' Story Of The Week: Google, Genius And The Copying Of Licensed Lyrics by Mike Masnick 6-18-2019 6:25 AM (69 comments)
A True Story Of 'Copyright Piracy': Why The Verve Will Only Start Getting Royalties Now For Bittersweet Symphony by Mike Masnick 5-28-2019 6:20 AM (65 comments)
Legacy Music Industry Shouldn't Get To Watch Over The Royalties Of Independent Songwriters by Mike Masnick 4-16-2019 10:44 AM (124 comments)
As Recording Industry Announces Massive Growth, Why Do We Need Article 13 Again? by Mike Masnick 3-19-2019 3:21 AM (112 comments)
Only 12% Of Music Revenue Goes To Actual Artists by Mike Masnick 8-21-2018 9:32 AM (103 comments)
Canadian Music Industry Pitches 'You Must Be A Pirate' Tax On Smartphones by Tim Cushing 6-14-2018 9:29 AM (43 comments)
How The Record Labels Screwed Up The Music Industry, And The Tech Industry Saved Them by Mike Masnick 5-18-2018 10:41 AM (26 comments)
RIAA Reports Music Industry Is Making All The Money Just As New Study Says Piracy Has Never Been More Widespread by Timothy Geigner 3-29-2018 10:44 AM (21 comments)
Copyright Madness: Blurred Lines Mess Means Artists Now Afraid To Name Their Inspirations by Timothy Geigner 7-13-2017 3:24 AM (82 comments)
Spotify (Basically) Tells Its Free Users, 'Go Pirate!' by Ross Pruden 3-31-2017 11:51 AM (34 comments)
Elton John, Anti-YouTube Crusader, Partners With YouTube For Public Music Competition by Timothy Geigner 12-14-2016 1:11 PM (18 comments)
Former UMG Exec: Major Label Music Should Cost More And DMCA Safe Harbors Should Be Destroyed by Tim Cushing 9-19-2016 9:34 AM (46 comments)
The Ridiculous Concept Of The 'Value Gap' In Music Services... And How It Could Harm Both The Tech Industry And The Music Industry by Mike Masnick 8-08-2016 10:44 AM (47 comments)
Even The Usual Defenders Of The RIAA Are Pointing Out They're Simply Lying About YouTube by Mike Masnick 8-04-2016 9:25 AM (97 comments)
China's Home-Grown Version Of Spotify Shows How To Make Money In A World Of Digital Abundance by Glyn Moody 8-04-2016 3:23 AM (14 comments)
Lessons From Prince's Legacy And Struggle With Digital Music Markets by Zach Graves 4-28-2016 11:39 AM (19 comments)
Despite Massive Streaming Revenue Gains, RIAA Still Lying & Crying by Timothy Geigner 3-24-2016 8:31 AM (36 comments)
Tidal Sued For Unpaid Royalties And Cooking The Streaming Counts by Timothy Geigner 3-01-2016 3:33 PM (20 comments)
No, The Internet Hasn't Destroyed Quality Music Either by Mike Masnick 1-15-2016 9:42 AM (49 comments)
Time To Say Goodbye To All Pre-1972 Music? by Mike Masnick 9-15-2015 9:30 AM (83 comments)
Early YouTube Musician Explains How Signing Major Label Deal 'Nearly Destroyed My Career' by Mike Masnick 9-11-2015 7:39 PM (29 comments)
BMI Records Record Revenue... While Whining To DOJ That It Can't Function Under Antitrust Agreement by Mike Masnick 9-11-2015 2:07 PM (47 comments)
PRS To Increase Members' Fees To Fund Legal Expedition Against TV Station by Timothy Geigner 8-19-2015 10:53 PM (28 comments)
Funny How Recording Industry Only Likes A 'Free Market' When It's To Their Advantage by Matt Schruers 8-19-2015 9:35 AM (14 comments)
Split Works Debate Raises Thorny Issues For Music Companies (And For The Rest Of Us) by Mike Godwin and Sasha Moss 8-14-2015 9:01 AM (41 comments)
Taylor Swift's Streaming Rant Nearly Identical To Garth Brooks' Used CD Rant by Parker Higgins 7-31-2015 12:21 PM (56 comments)

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