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Netflix Sees First Subscriber Losses Ever by Karl Bode 7-19-2019 6:18 AM (55 comments)
Watch: The Latest Avengers Movie Is Already On Torrent Sites, But That Won't Stop A Torrent Of Sold Theater Tickets by Timothy Geigner 4-25-2019 1:33 PM (54 comments)
Steven Spielberg Demands Netflix Get Off His Damn Lawn by Karl Bode 3-04-2019 12:12 PM (112 comments)
Hollywood Accounting Rears Its Ugly Head Again: Fox's 'False Testimony' And 'Aversion For The Truth' Leads To $179M Fine by Mike Masnick 2-28-2019 10:44 AM (43 comments)
Movie Torrents Shown To Actually Boost Box Office Sales For Post-Release Movies by Timothy Geigner 2-13-2019 7:53 PM (36 comments)
There Are Several Good Reasons To End Entertainment Industry Subsidies, But Blasphemy Isn't One Of Them by Tim Cushing 4-18-2018 3:41 PM (64 comments)
MPAA Apparently Silently Shut Down Its Legal Movies Search Engine by Timothy Geigner 4-16-2018 3:27 PM (158 comments)
Netflix Bows Out Of Cannes After Festival Tells Streaming Services To Get Off Its Lawn by Karl Bode 4-12-2018 10:41 AM (26 comments)
MPAA Report Shows How The Internet Is Saving The Film Industry, Not Destroying It by Timothy Geigner 4-11-2018 12:06 PM (55 comments)
Film Director's Op-Ed Ignores Reality To Push Hollywood Lobbying Talking Points by Tim Cushing 8-07-2017 10:40 AM (30 comments)
Piracy Killing Hollywood So Bad That Disney Made More Money In 2016 Than Any Studio Ever by Mike Masnick 5-26-2017 9:41 AM (63 comments)
Chris Dodd 'Stepping Down' From MPAA by Mike Masnick 5-01-2017 3:05 PM (44 comments)
Movie Studios Considering Tightening Release Windows When They Should Be Eliminating Them by Timothy Geigner 3-27-2017 1:22 PM (39 comments)
China Finds Something Else To Regulate, Brings In Its First Law For The Film Industry by Glyn Moody 11-14-2016 11:31 PM (20 comments)
Theater Association Boss Reminds Theater Owners, Netflix To Stay In Their Own Lanes by Tim Cushing 10-13-2016 6:28 AM (39 comments)
Hateful Eight Pirated Leak Harms Film All The Way To Box Office Records by Timothy Geigner 1-13-2016 8:38 AM (50 comments)
Once Again, Piracy Is Destroying The Movie Industry... To Ever More Records At The Box Office by Mike Masnick 1-11-2016 11:42 AM (81 comments)
Hateful Eight Pirated From The Inside, Widely Available, And It Won't Stop Its Success At The Box Office by Timothy Geigner 12-23-2015 11:30 AM (70 comments)
Viacom Once Sued YouTube For A Billion Dollars; Now It's Just Released Over 100 Movies For Free On YouTube by Mike Masnick 10-15-2015 8:29 AM (48 comments)
More Creative Hollywood Accounting Revealed In Goodfellas Lawsuit by Mike Masnick 9-23-2015 10:41 AM (56 comments)
Hollywood Keeps Breaking Box Office Records... While Still Insisting That The Internet Is Killing Movies by Mike Masnick 8-18-2015 3:06 AM (111 comments)
The Out And Out Corruption Of Hollywood's State Subsidies by Mike Masnick 6-05-2015 8:24 AM (37 comments)
Indian Film Industry To Punish Pirates Paying Customers With 3-Month Film Release Boycott by Karl Bode 3-10-2015 9:22 AM (41 comments)
Theater Chains Pout, Boycott Netflix's New Movie To Protect Antiquated Release Windows by Karl Bode 3-05-2015 11:35 AM (61 comments)
Despite Losing Money Year After Year, States Still Wondering How They Can Hand Out BIGGER Subsidies To Hollywood by Tim Cushing 2-26-2015 8:06 AM (24 comments)
Studios Fed Up With Funding The MPAA: Changes May Be Coming by Mike Masnick 2-06-2015 8:20 AM (26 comments)
The MPAA Isn't About Helping Hollywood. It's About Preserving Its Own Need To Exist. by Mike Masnick 1-22-2015 8:10 AM (112 comments)
Hollywood Desperate To Blame Bad Opening Box Office Of Expendables 3 On Piracy Rather Than The Fact That It Sucked by Mike Masnick 8-18-2014 10:16 AM (77 comments)
Jeffrey Katzenberg: The New Pricing Model For Movies Will Be Based On The Viewer's Screen Size by Timothy Geigner 4-30-2014 1:16 PM (89 comments)
Hollywood Hires New Person To Make Same Old Mistakes In Fighting Against The Future by Mike Masnick 4-01-2014 7:41 AM (47 comments)

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