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Appeals Court Tosses Cop's Attempt To Hold Twitter Responsible For Him Being Shot By A Gunman by Tim Cushing 6-24-2021 5:24 AM (8 comments)
Iowa's Top Court Says Cops Can't Search People's Garbage Without A Warrant by Tim Cushing 6-23-2021 3:30 PM (28 comments)
As Everyone Rushes To Change Section 230, New GAO Report Points Out That FOSTA Hasn't Lived Up To Any Of Its Promises by Mike Masnick 6-23-2021 10:49 AM (30 comments)
Kansas Court Rejects Government's 'Reverse Warrant,' Sets Ground Rules For Future Requests by Tim Cushing 6-23-2021 9:38 AM (12 comments)
Shake Shack Manager Sues NYPD Officers, Union Reps For Falsely Claiming His Business Sold Cops Poisoned Shakes by Tim Cushing 6-21-2021 3:36 PM (29 comments)
DOJ Asks DC Court To Compel Decryption Of Device Seized In A Capitol Raid Case by Tim Cushing 6-21-2021 12:02 PM (23 comments)
No, Facebook's Argument In Response To Muslim Advocates' Lawsuit Is Not 'Awkward'; Facebook Caving On 230 Is What's Awkward by Mike Masnick 6-21-2021 9:27 AM (30 comments)
Cop Who Led Strike Team Into Wrong House During Drug Raid Granted Immunity By Eleventh Circuit by Tim Cushing 6-18-2021 3:35 PM (29 comments)
New Jersey Supreme Court Says Attorney General Can Publish The Names Of Cops Who Committ Serious Misconduct by Tim Cushing 6-17-2021 3:29 PM (17 comments)
After Eight Years And Three Reviews Of The Case, Indiana Supreme Court Rules Police Must Return Seized Car To Its Owner by Tim Cushing 6-16-2021 8:48 PM (23 comments)
FBI Ignored Its Own Warrant And Search Policies To Seize Millions From People's Safety Deposit Boxes by Tim Cushing 6-16-2021 10:45 AM (28 comments)
Biden, DOJ Say No More Targeting Journalists, But Aren't Doing Anything To Keep It From Happening Again by Tim Cushing 6-15-2021 10:59 AM (4 comments)
Two States Pass Laws Limiting Law Enforcement Access To Private DNA Services by Tim Cushing 6-14-2021 5:26 AM (5 comments)
Not As Surprising As You May Think: Garland DOJ Says That Trump Denying Raping E. Jean Carroll Was Official Presidential Business by Mike Masnick 6-10-2021 9:35 AM (12 comments)
After Multiple Reports Of DOJ Targeting Journalists' Communications, The DOJ Finally Says It Will Stop Targeting Journalists by Tim Cushing 6-09-2021 10:47 AM (12 comments)
Three Years After An Officer Killed A Suicidal Teen, Law Enforcement Releases Report That Raises More Questions by Tim Cushing 6-08-2021 8:05 PM (21 comments)
Ohio Files Bizarre And Nonsensical Lawsuit Against Google, Claiming It's A Common Carrier; But What Does That Even Mean? by Mike Masnick 6-08-2021 12:03 PM (62 comments)
Conservatives Want Common Carriage. They're Not Going to Like It. by Kir Nuthi 6-08-2021 10:43 AM (63 comments)
FBI Ignores Internal Guidelines To Target Readers Of Reporting On The Shooting Of FBI Agents (Updated) by Tim Cushing 6-08-2021 3:28 AM (12 comments)
Alabama Deputy Sued After Cuffing An Arrestee So Tightly His Hand Had To Be Amputated by Tim Cushing 6-07-2021 3:45 PM (34 comments)
Following DC Circuit Ruling In Public Records Case, New Request Demands Senate Intel Committee Reveal Full CIA Torture Report by Mike Masnick 6-04-2021 6:11 PM (20 comments)
Supreme Court Finally Limits Widely Abused Computer Hacking Law... But Just A Bit by Mike Masnick 6-04-2021 12:17 PM (7 comments)
Corporations Are Being Forced To Take Consumer Complaints Back To Court After Arbitration Push Backfires Spectacularly by Karl Bode 6-03-2021 12:05 PM (11 comments)
Supreme Court Says The Community Caretaking Exception Doesn't Apply To Warrantless Searches Of People's Homes by Tim Cushing 6-03-2021 3:20 AM (9 comments)
Judge Dumps Iowa Prosecutors' Attempt To Jail An Activist For Sharing A Law Enforcement Document With Journalists by Tim Cushing 6-01-2021 10:50 AM (16 comments)
WhatsApp Sues The Indian Government Over New Laws That Would Force It To Break Encryption by Mike Masnick 5-28-2021 2:00 PM (15 comments)
Citizen -- The App That Wants To Be A Cop -- Offered A $30,000 Bounty For The Apprehension Of An Innocent Person by Tim Cushing 5-28-2021 9:14 AM (20 comments)
A Second Cambrian Explosion of Open Source Licenses Or Is it Time For Open Source Lawyers to Have Fun Again? by Michael Weinberg 5-27-2021 3:33 PM (18 comments)
EFF Tells Court Defendants Must Be Allowed To Examine The DNA Software Used To Convict Them by Tim Cushing 5-26-2021 12:11 PM (13 comments)
DC Court Says Recordings Of Capitol Rioters Must Be Made Public, But Only On A Case-By-Case Basis by Tim Cushing 5-26-2021 9:34 AM (1 comments)

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