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CDT First Out The Gate In Suing To Block Donald Trump's Silly Executive Order On Section 230 by Mike Masnick 6-04-2020 9:48 AM (48 comments)
Bangladeshi Government Decides There's No Time Like The Present To Censor/Arrest More Journalists by Tim Cushing 6-02-2020 3:22 AM (7 comments)
Cops -- Newly Wary Of Looking Like Authoritarian Assholes -- Open Fire On, Arrest Journalists by Tim Cushing 6-01-2020 5:33 PM (86 comments)
Joe Biden Wastes A Huge Opportunity To Support Free Speech; Still Wants To 'Revoke' Section 230 by Mike Masnick 6-01-2020 10:40 AM (85 comments)
California Anti-SLAPP Law Gives Rachel Maddow An Early Exit From Conservative News Network's Bogus Libel Lawsuit by Tim Cushing 6-01-2020 3:35 AM (32 comments)
New Zealand Government Seeking To Expand Its Internet Censorship Powers by Tim Cushing 5-29-2020 3:33 AM (12 comments)
When The Problem Isn't Twitter But President Trump by Cathy Gellis 5-27-2020 6:01 PM (173 comments)
Trump, Twitter, And Free Speech by Mike Masnick 5-27-2020 10:16 AM (86 comments)
If You're Reporting On Trump's Supposed Plans For 'Anti-Conservative Bias' Panel, Shouldn't You Mention The 1st Amendment? by Mike Masnick 5-26-2020 11:09 AM (172 comments)
Philippines Government Uses Cybercrime Law To Arrest A Citizen For Calling The President An 'Asshole' by Tim Cushing 5-21-2020 3:21 AM (23 comments)
No, CDA 230 Isn't The Only Thing Keeping Conservatives Off YouTube by Josh King 5-19-2020 1:37 PM (100 comments)
French Government Passes Hate Speech Law, Will Allow Law Enforcement To Run The Internet by Tim Cushing 5-19-2020 12:10 PM (18 comments)
Hungary's Government Using Pandemic Emergency Powers To Silence Critics by Tim Cushing 5-18-2020 1:29 PM (27 comments)
One Of The Few Government Officials Who Actually Can 'Police Speech' Whines Ridiculously About Facebook's Oversight Board by Mike Masnick 5-15-2020 9:33 AM (35 comments)
Cambodian Government Using Fake News Law To Silence Critics And Coronavirus Reporting by Tim Cushing 5-04-2020 9:04 AM (8 comments)
If You're Complaining About COVID-19 Misinformation Online AND About Section 230, You're Doing It Wrong by Mike Masnick 5-01-2020 1:41 PM (36 comments)
China Tried To Get The EU Not To Release A Report On China's COVID-19 Disinformation Efforts by Mike Masnick 4-30-2020 3:27 PM (21 comments)
How Can Anyone Argue With A Straight Face That China's Approach To Speech Online Is Better Than The US's During A Pandemic by Mike Masnick 4-30-2020 9:46 AM (43 comments)
Reluctant To Block Embarrassing Coronavirus Material Held On GitHub, China Targets The People Who Put It There by Glyn Moody 4-29-2020 3:38 AM (26 comments)
Sean Hannity Hires Charles Harder To Threaten The NY Times And Its Reporters, Because Of Course He Does by Mike Masnick 4-28-2020 12:08 PM (128 comments)
The Supreme Court Needs To Reverse The Fifth Circuit's Awful Ruling In The DeRay McKesson Case by Tim Cushing 4-28-2020 9:37 AM (44 comments)
New Jersey Corrections Officials (Temporarily) Banned Released Prisoners From Talking To Journalists by Tim Cushing 4-27-2020 1:33 PM (9 comments)
Public Colleges Are Violating The 1st Amendment In Using Facebook Filters by Mike Masnick 4-24-2020 11:56 AM (23 comments)
Sheriff Sued After Threatening To Arrest A High School Student Over Her Coronavirus-Related Instagram Posts by Tim Cushing 4-24-2020 10:44 AM (24 comments)
Censorship Kills: US Government's Focus On COVID-19 'Messaging' Over Actual Protection Did Real Damage by Mike Masnick 4-23-2020 3:34 AM (86 comments)
Chinese Embassy Gets Briefly Suspended From Twitter; Insists 'Free Speech Must Be Honored' On Platform Banned Across China by Mike Masnick 4-21-2020 12:33 PM (41 comments)
Disgraced Former NASCAR Boss, Brian France, Uses SLAPP Suit To Silence Parody Twitter Account by Mike Masnick 4-21-2020 9:47 AM (24 comments)
Texas Attorney General's Office Says It Can Toss People In Jail For Suggesting Coronavirus Fears Are A Legit Reason To Vote From Home by Tim Cushing 4-21-2020 3:23 AM (60 comments)
The Geopolitical Streisand Effect: The More China And The WHO Try To Silence Taiwan, The More Attention Its Success Fighting COVID-19 Gets by Mike Masnick 4-20-2020 10:43 AM (34 comments)
Facebook Tells Court Laura Loomer's Defamation Allegations All Target Protected Opinions by Tim Cushing 4-20-2020 9:24 AM (24 comments)

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