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NY Senator Pulls Sponsorship From 'Right To Be Forgotten' Bill, Effectively Killing It by Tim Cushing 3-24-2017 2:23 PM (4 comments)
Swiss Government Blows Off Turkish President's Demands For Prosecution After He's 'Insulted' By A Local Tabloid by Tim Cushing 3-22-2017 4:14 PM (20 comments)
Just Prior To Hearing Over NSL Gag Orders, Court Allows Cloudflare & CREDO Mobile To Be Named As Plaintiffs by Mike Masnick 3-21-2017 2:41 PM (7 comments)
Judge Decides Free Speech Is Still A Right; Dumps Prior Restraint Order Against Mattress Review Site by Tim Cushing 3-20-2017 2:55 PM (34 comments)
California Lawmakers Looking To Make Bad Law Worse By Banning 'False' Political Speech by Tim Cushing 3-20-2017 6:30 AM (49 comments)
Lawyer's Association Asks New California Attorney General To Drop Its Abusive Prosecution Of Backpage by Tim Cushing 3-17-2017 7:39 PM (34 comments)
China Clamps Down On Another Serious Threat To The Middle Kingdom: Western Animal Cartoon Books For Children by Glyn Moody 3-17-2017 4:46 PM (7 comments)
NY Legislators Looking At Installing A Free Speech-Stomping 'Right To Be Forgotten' by Tim Cushing 3-15-2017 9:30 AM (48 comments)
Oil Company Files Bogus Libel Lawsuit Over 'Substantially True' Facebook Comment By Local Activist by Tim Cushing 3-10-2017 6:35 AM (14 comments)
First Amendment Lawyer Apparently Surprised That The First Amendment Covers Everyone by Mike Masnick 3-08-2017 9:23 AM (84 comments)
Utah Judge Won't Let The Constitution Get In The Way Of A Little Prior Restraint by Tim Cushing 3-06-2017 1:15 PM (21 comments)
Digital Homicide's $10 Million Lawsuit Against Game Critic Gone by Timothy Geigner 3-02-2017 5:16 PM (21 comments)
Arizona House Kills Bill That Would Punish Protesters By Seizing Their Assets by Tim Cushing 2-28-2017 9:27 AM (38 comments)
Arizona Legislators Approve Bill That Would Allow Government To Seize Assets From Protesters by Tim Cushing 2-24-2017 9:40 AM (124 comments)
Judge Blocks California's IMDb-Targeting 'Ageism'' Law, Citing Free Speech Concerns by Tim Cushing 2-23-2017 1:02 PM (19 comments)
China's Latest Target For Online Crackdown: Live-Streaming Foreigners by Glyn Moody 2-23-2017 3:42 AM (8 comments)
Another Free Speech Win In Libel Lawsuit Disguised As A Trademark Complaint by Tim Cushing 2-22-2017 2:42 PM (11 comments)
Techdirt's Readers Kept This German Comedian Out Of Prison by David Meyer Lindenberg 2-22-2017 1:20 PM (24 comments)
Appeals Court Says Filming The Police Is Protected By The First Amendment by Tim Cushing 2-21-2017 11:52 AM (25 comments)
Techdirt Survival Fund: I Support Journalism by Mike Masnick 2-17-2017 3:44 PM (247 comments)
Court Says Google Has A First Amendment Right To Delist Competitor's 'Spammy' Content by Tim Cushing 2-16-2017 3:40 AM (11 comments)
Landmark Court Decision Means Canada Has Now Joined The 'Right To Be Forgotten Globally' Club by Glyn Moody 2-09-2017 3:36 AM (29 comments)
Australian Guy Demands Techdirt Story Be Blocked In Australia Over Comments by Mike Masnick 2-08-2017 9:24 AM (44 comments)
Good News: Nevada's Strong Anti-SLAPP Law Is Constitutional by Mike Masnick 2-03-2017 4:01 PM (4 comments)
Bad Idea Or The Worst Idea? Having The FTC Regulate 'Fake News' by Mike Masnick 2-02-2017 11:03 AM (50 comments)
Germany Finally Dumps Law That Says It's A Crime To Insult Foreign Leaders by Mike Masnick 1-26-2017 5:16 PM (15 comments)
Legal Threats By Charles Harder & Shiva Ayyadurai Targeting More Speech by Mike Masnick 1-26-2017 9:34 AM (61 comments)
Six Journalists Arrested, Charged While Covering Trump Inauguration Protests by Timothy Geigner 1-25-2017 10:48 AM (137 comments)
Trump Not Even Waiting To Get Into Office Before Threatening The First Amendment, Press Freedoms by Timothy Geigner 1-12-2017 1:13 PM (98 comments)
Getty's French Office Sends Out Letters To US Websites Demanding They Take Down Anything Linking It To 'Legalized Extortion' by Tim Cushing 1-12-2017 9:32 AM (18 comments)

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