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Congressman Introduces Legislation To Criminalize Protesting In A Mask by Timothy Geigner 7-13-2018 10:42 AM (96 comments)
SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Problematic Opinion On Anti-SLAPP Laws by Mike Masnick 7-12-2018 11:59 AM (25 comments)
Malaysian Government Decides To Dump Its Terrible Anti-Fake News Law by Tim Cushing 7-06-2018 1:20 PM (7 comments)
Police Union Upset Not All Books Paint Cops As Heroes, Calls For Removal Of Titles From School's Reading List by Tim Cushing 7-06-2018 9:30 AM (40 comments)
California Court Not Yet Ready To Undermine The Entire Internet; Rules Yelp Can't Be Forced To Delete A Review by Cathy Gellis 7-03-2018 1:33 PM (21 comments)
NY Times, Winner Of A Key 1st Amendment Case, Suddenly Seems Upset That 1st Amendment Protects Conservatives Too by Mike Masnick 7-03-2018 3:23 AM (104 comments)
Pennsylvania Cops Abusing A Bad Law To Arrest People For Saying Angry Things To Them by Tim Cushing 6-29-2018 10:45 AM (41 comments)
EFF Launches Lawsuit To Stop FOSTA/SESTA by Mike Masnick 6-29-2018 3:22 AM (18 comments)
China Censors John Oliver Because President Xi Looks A Bit Like Winnie The Pooh by Karl Bode 6-26-2018 10:44 AM (28 comments)
Australian Parliament Sends Ethics Committee After A Citizen For Mocking Gov't Official On Twitter by Tim Cushing 6-26-2018 9:46 AM (32 comments)
Supposed 'Free Speech' Warrior Jordan Peterson Sues University Because Silly Professor Said Some Mean Things About Him by Mike Masnick 6-22-2018 12:02 PM (373 comments)
Lawsuit Argues Honking Your Car Horn Is Protected By The First Amendment by Tim Cushing 6-21-2018 3:44 PM (56 comments)
Activism & Doxing: Stephen Miller, ICE And How Internet Platforms Have No Good Options by Mike Masnick 6-21-2018 10:40 AM (82 comments)
Minnesota's Vague Ban On 'Political' Wear At Polling Places Shut Down By The Supreme Court by Tim Cushing 6-20-2018 3:34 PM (14 comments)
NY Senate Passes Bill That Would Make It A Crime To Publish Photos Of The Elderly Without Their Consent by Tim Cushing 6-15-2018 1:41 PM (49 comments)
Tanzania Forces 'Unregistered Bloggers' To Disappear Themselves by Timothy Geigner 6-15-2018 12:09 PM (12 comments)
UN Free Speech Expert: EU's Copyright Directive Would Be An Attack On Free Speech, Violate Human Rights by Mike Masnick 6-15-2018 3:38 AM (17 comments)
French President Pushing 'Fake News' Bill That Would Demand Decisions From Judges In 48 Hours by Tim Cushing 6-13-2018 9:33 AM (16 comments)
Unpublished Censorship Guidelines Lay Bare The Deepest Fears Of The Chinese Government by Glyn Moody 6-07-2018 8:13 PM (44 comments)
Press Wakes Up To The Fact That DNC's Lawsuit Against Wikileaks Could Harm Press Freedoms by Mike Masnick 6-06-2018 1:32 PM (7 comments)
Court Not At All Impressed By Chuck Johnson's Silly Lawsuit Against Twitter, Plans To Grant Anti-SLAPP Win To Twitter by Mike Masnick 6-06-2018 10:44 AM (25 comments)
FlightSimLabs Installs More Questionable Stuff On Users' Machines, Then Threatens Reddit by Timothy Geigner 6-06-2018 3:40 AM (42 comments)
Court Says It's Unconstitutional For Trump To Block People On Twitter, But Doesn't Actually Order Him To Stop by Mike Masnick 5-24-2018 12:05 PM (87 comments)
Facebook Moderation Ramps Up In Germany And Everything Keeps Getting Worse For Its Users by Tim Cushing 5-23-2018 9:40 AM (20 comments)
Turkish President Visits UK To Remind Everyone He Still Wants To Punish Critical Speech by Tim Cushing 5-18-2018 7:39 PM (30 comments)
DOJ Still Wants To Lock People Up For Protesting The Government, Or Even Just Talking About It by Tim Cushing 5-18-2018 9:33 AM (78 comments)
New Malaysian Prime Minister Who Promised To Kill 'Fake News' Law Decides It Might Be Useful Now That He's In Power by Tim Cushing 5-17-2018 12:13 PM (27 comments)
Congressional Members Decide It's Time To Make Assaulting A Police Officer A Federal Hate Crime by Tim Cushing 5-16-2018 10:52 AM (66 comments)
California Gov't Thinks It Might Be Able To Regulate Fake News Sometime Before 2020 by Tim Cushing 5-14-2018 11:59 AM (38 comments)
China Outlaws Telling The Truth About Communist Party 'Heroes And Martyrs' by Tim Cushing 5-04-2018 12:04 PM (51 comments)

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