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Human Rights Organization Issues Press Freedom Alert Over UK Government's Refusal To Speak To Critical Journalists by Tim Cushing 9-17-2020 3:32 AM (8 comments)
Get Your Otherwise Objectionable Gear Before The Senate Takes It Away! by Leigh Beadon 9-12-2020 12:00 PM (2 comments)
Apparently The New Litmus Test For Trump's FCC: Do You Promise To Police Speech Online by Mike Masnick 9-11-2020 12:00 PM (112 comments)
French Government To Make Insulting Mayors A Criminal Offense by Tim Cushing 9-09-2020 3:36 PM (60 comments)
Trump Gets Mad That Twitter Won't Take Down A Parody Of Mitch McConnell; Demands Unconstitutional Laws by Mike Masnick 9-08-2020 12:19 PM (65 comments)
Tinpot Administration Is Apparently 'Building Dossiers' On Journalists Who Criticize Trump by Tim Cushing 9-02-2020 3:14 AM (36 comments)
Appeals Court: City Employee's Horrific Facebook Posts About Tamir Rice Shooting Were Likely Protected Speech by Tim Cushing 8-24-2020 10:40 AM (38 comments)
The Supreme Court's Failure To Protect The Right To Assemble Has Led Directly To Violence Against Protesters by Tim Cushing 8-21-2020 9:33 AM (89 comments)
Washington Court Says First Amendment Protects Teen's Emoji-Laden Rant About Her Mother by Tim Cushing 8-21-2020 3:32 AM (15 comments)
California Fusion Center Tracked Anti-Police Protests, Sent Info To 14,000 Police Officers by Tim Cushing 8-20-2020 12:11 PM (22 comments)
Not A Good Look: Facebook's Public Policy Director In India Files A Criminal Complaint Against A Journalist For A Social Media Post by Mike Masnick 8-19-2020 1:20 PM (2 comments)
Court Says First Amendment Protects Ex-Wife's Right To Publicly Discuss Her Ex-Husband On Her Personal Blog by Tim Cushing 8-19-2020 10:49 AM (23 comments)
DC Police Union Sues To Block The Release Of Names Of Officers Involved In Shootings by Tim Cushing 8-18-2020 3:41 PM (21 comments)
Why Keep Section 230? Because People Need To Be Able To Complain About The Police by Cathy Gellis 8-18-2020 10:44 AM (30 comments)
Devin Nunes Is Still Suing A Satirical Cow & A Political Consultant, But Judge Rejects Attempt To Bring Twitter Back by Mike Masnick 8-14-2020 10:44 AM (32 comments)
Tweeters Were Criminally Charged For The Crime Of Trying To Identify A Police Officer... Who The Police Revealed In The Charging Docs by Tim Cushing 8-13-2020 12:39 PM (19 comments)
Hong Kong Uses New National Security Law To Arrest Prominent Pro-Democracy Media Tycoon by Tim Cushing 8-11-2020 10:43 AM (54 comments)
Trump Issues Ridiculous Executive Orders Banning TikTok And WeChat by Mike Masnick 8-07-2020 9:53 AM (28 comments)
Georgia School District Inadvertently Begins Teaching Lessons In First Amendment Protections After Viral Photo by Timothy Geigner 8-06-2020 1:26 PM (73 comments)
Judge Rejects Devin Nunes' SLAPP Suit Over The Esquire Article He Really, Really Doesn't Want You To Read by Mike Masnick 8-06-2020 10:44 AM (12 comments)
Turkey Passes New Internet Censorship Law, Cites Germany's Awful 'Hate Speech' Law As Its Inspiration by Tim Cushing 8-05-2020 3:04 AM (7 comments)
Tennessee Court Strikes Down Law Criminalizing Calling Political Candidates 'Literally Hitler' by Tim Cushing 8-04-2020 3:13 AM (22 comments)
Federal Court Can't See Any First Amendment Implications In Local Ordinance Blocking The Photography Of Children by Tim Cushing 7-31-2020 9:33 AM (17 comments)
Portland Journalists Ask For Sanctions As Federal Agents Continue To Assault Reporters And Legal Observers by Tim Cushing 7-30-2020 10:42 AM (75 comments)
ProPublica Releases NYPD Discipline Records Its Union Thought It Had Talked A Court Into Keeping Secret by Tim Cushing 7-28-2020 3:47 PM (11 comments)
NTIA Follows Trump's Unconstitutional Order To Request The FCC Review Section 230 by Mike Masnick 7-28-2020 1:34 PM (25 comments)
Philippines Senator Targets Critics With 'Cyberlibel' Law, Gets Hailed As A Son Of A Bitch By Thousands Of Citizens by Tim Cushing 7-24-2020 11:57 AM (5 comments)
About Time: New York Finally Passes Anti-SLAPP Bill by Mike Masnick 7-24-2020 10:53 AM (8 comments)
Judge Says The Bureau Of Prisons Violated Michael Cohen's 1st Amendment Rights In Sending Him Back To Prison by Mike Masnick 7-23-2020 10:47 AM (15 comments)
Third Circuit Court Of Appeals: Fuck Cheer, Indeed by Tim Cushing 7-20-2020 1:46 PM (25 comments)

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