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Incentivizing Better Speech, Rather Than Censoring 'Bad' Speech by Mike Masnick 10-18-2017 1:33 PM (12 comments)
The 'Gawker Effect' Is Chilling Investigative Reporting Across The US by Mike Masnick 10-17-2017 9:31 AM (57 comments)
New York Considers Barring Agreements Barring Victims From Speaking by Cathy Gellis 10-16-2017 9:33 AM (46 comments)
Trump May Not Be Serious About His NBC Threats... But He May Have Violated The First Amendment by Mike Masnick 10-13-2017 9:33 AM (129 comments)
Miami Beach Police Unaware Of The First Amendment, Arrest Guy For Twitter Parody Account by Mike Masnick 10-11-2017 10:44 AM (12 comments)
Salt Lake Comic Con Fights Back Against Judge's 'Unprecedented' Gag Order by Timothy Geigner 10-06-2017 10:38 AM (12 comments)
Never Enough: EU Demands Social Media Companies Do The Impossible Even Faster by Timothy Geigner 9-28-2017 11:56 AM (26 comments)
Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing (Once Again) Demonstrates Why Demanding Platforms Censor Bad Speech Creates Problems by Mike Masnick 9-26-2017 12:01 PM (24 comments)
How The RIAA Helped Pave The Way For Spain To Undermine Democracy by Mike Masnick 9-25-2017 10:38 AM (42 comments)
Insanity: Theresa May Says Internet Companies Need To Remove 'Extremist' Content Within 2 Hours by Mike Masnick 9-21-2017 9:33 AM (77 comments)
Vermont State Police Rewrite Press Rules To Withhold As Much Information As Possible by Tim Cushing 9-14-2017 7:20 PM (13 comments)
Critic-Raiding Sheriff Settles With Bloggers Who Sued Him Over His Unconstitutional Actions by Tim Cushing 9-13-2017 3:55 PM (13 comments)
Dear Government Employees: Asking Questions - Even Dumb Ones - Is Not A Criminal Offense by Mike Masnick 9-13-2017 9:45 AM (52 comments)
Las Vegas Police Union Fire Off Whining, Flag-Dripping Request To The NFL To 'Investigate' Michael Bennett For Saying Things by Timothy Geigner 9-12-2017 3:34 PM (52 comments)
Screen Actors Guild Tells Court There's Nothing Unconstitutional About Curbing IMDB's Publication Of Facts by Tim Cushing 9-08-2017 10:46 AM (65 comments)
Police Chief Says He'll Decide Who Is Or Isn't A Real Journalist by Tim Cushing 9-07-2017 3:41 PM (36 comments)
Bill Introduced That Would Make Arrested Protesters Pay Police Overtime, Gov't Expenses by Tim Cushing 9-07-2017 10:42 AM (57 comments)
Black Lives Matter Sues Police Department Over Illegal Surveillance Based On First Amendment Activities by Tim Cushing 9-05-2017 6:32 AM (111 comments)
Pakistani School Drops Lennon's 'Imagine' From Concert Amid Protest By Vocal Minority by Timothy Geigner 9-01-2017 11:58 AM (50 comments)
Nazis, The Internet, Policing Content And Free Speech by Mike Masnick 8-25-2017 10:54 AM (288 comments)
YouTube Personality Upset About Criticism Of His Video Loses Infringement/Defamation Lawsuit by Tim Cushing 8-24-2017 11:57 AM (14 comments)
Trump's Latest Nonsensical Announcement About Censoring The Internet by Mike Masnick 8-24-2017 10:46 AM (38 comments)
Louisiana's Criminal Defamation Law Abused Again, But This Time The Gov't Gets Away With It by Tim Cushing 8-18-2017 6:46 AM (16 comments)
Saudi Government Looking To Jail More Citizens For 'Harming Public Order' With Their Religious Tweets by Tim Cushing 8-15-2017 6:46 PM (9 comments)
One Twitter Account's Mission To Make White Supremacists Very, Very Famous by Timothy Geigner 8-15-2017 3:33 PM (256 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 134: The Problems With SESTA And Why Section 230 Matters by Leigh Beadon 8-15-2017 1:30 PM (0 comments)
Defending Hateful Speech Is Unpleasant But Essential, Even When Violence Is The End Result by Tim Cushing 8-15-2017 9:47 AM (322 comments)
Florida City Ignores All Legal Precedent As It Attempts To Silence & Identify Mild Critic by Mike Masnick 8-14-2017 9:28 AM (23 comments)
Should Social Media Sites Be Forced To Pull Pastor Calling For War With North Korea? by Mike Masnick 8-11-2017 10:45 AM (112 comments)
ACLU Sues DC Metro For Banning 'First Amendment' (Literally) And Other Controversial Content by Mike Masnick 8-10-2017 10:37 AM (44 comments)

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