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Copyright Companies Want Memes That Are Legal In The EU Blocked Because They Now Admit Upload Filters Are 'Practically Unworkable' by Glyn Moody 9-16-2020 3:27 AM (66 comments)
Would You Believe That Infamous Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Is In Trouble Again? by Mike Masnick 9-14-2020 10:47 AM (49 comments)
Addison Cain Really Doesn't Want You Watching This Video About Her Attempts To Silence Another Wolf Kink Erotica Author by Mike Masnick 9-10-2020 12:05 PM (24 comments)
Game Creator Has His YouTube Video Of Game Demonetized Over Soundtrack He Also Created by Timothy Geigner 9-08-2020 7:47 PM (34 comments)
The Next Register Of Copyrights Must Realize That Copyright Serves The Public by Joshua Lamel 9-04-2020 1:36 PM (11 comments)
On Appeal, 'Star Trek Discovery' Still Doesn't Infringe On Video Game's Copyright by Timothy Geigner 8-26-2020 7:26 PM (26 comments)
Judge Recommends Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Be Removed From Roll Of The Court For Misconduct In Default Judgment Case by Mike Masnick 8-21-2020 10:44 AM (31 comments)
Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Reveals His Retainer Agreement: He Gets Most Of The Money by Mike Masnick 8-20-2020 9:43 AM (60 comments)
Judge Denies Copyright Troll Malibu Media's Request For A Default Judgment by Mike Masnick 8-14-2020 9:35 AM (49 comments)
Another Day, Another Judge Is Wondering Whether Or Not A Richard Liebowitz Client Knows He's A Richard Liebowitz Client by Mike Masnick 8-13-2020 2:40 PM (35 comments)
Judge Tosses Out Genius' Laughable Lawsuit Against Google Over Licensed Lyric Copying by Mike Masnick 8-12-2020 10:45 AM (13 comments)
Internet Archive Responds To Publishers Lawsuit: Libraries Lend Books, That's What We Do by Mike Masnick 7-31-2020 11:12 AM (12 comments)
2nd Circuit Refuses To Stop Sanctions Order On Troll Richard Liebowitz, So He Files Required Notices With Petulant Note Attached by Mike Masnick 7-28-2020 11:04 AM (13 comments)
Viacom's Copyright Bots Take Down 'Star Trek' Comic-con Panel Because These Bots Suck Out Loud by Timothy Geigner 7-27-2020 7:46 PM (6 comments)
Judge Benchslaps Richard Liebowitz Again Over His Request To Not Have To Tell Everyone About Previous Sanctions by Mike Masnick 7-23-2020 3:30 PM (55 comments)
Japan's Top Court Says 45 Million Twitter Users Must Check That Anything They Retweet Is Not A Copyright Infringement by Glyn Moody 7-23-2020 12:05 PM (23 comments)
Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Says It's Really Unfair That He Should Have To Tell Clients And Courts How Frequently He's Been Caught Lying In Court by Mike Masnick 7-22-2020 11:59 AM (40 comments)
If Twitter Shuts Down Trump's Account For Repeat Infringement Then Will Trump Fans Finally Realize That Copyright Is The Problem? by Mike Masnick 7-22-2020 9:35 AM (40 comments)
Yet Another 'Stranger Things' Copyright Suit Over A String Of Likely Non-Protectable Elements by Timothy Geigner 7-20-2020 3:44 PM (17 comments)
Copyright Trolling Evolved: Okularity Accused Of DMCAing Social Media Accounts, Then Demanding MILLIONS To Reinstate by Mike Masnick 7-17-2020 1:38 PM (20 comments)
Richard Liebowitz's 'Client' Sends Judge A Letter Saying He Was Totally Unaware Of Multiple Lawsuits Filed In His Name by Mike Masnick 7-15-2020 9:35 AM (32 comments)
Top EU Court Says Online Platforms Must Only Provide Postal Addresses Of People Who Upload Unauthorized Copies Of Copyright Material by Glyn Moody 7-15-2020 3:32 AM (14 comments)
What A Shock: Scammers Are Abusing YouTube's Notice And Takedown System With DMCA Claims by Timothy Geigner 7-14-2020 12:00 PM (13 comments)
How Absolutely Desperate Must You Be To Try To Claim That The Answer To 'Cancel Culture' Is Stronger Copyright? by Mike Masnick 7-14-2020 10:51 AM (49 comments)
When Piracy Literally Saves Lives by Mike Masnick 7-13-2020 10:43 AM (16 comments)
Twitch Faces Sudden Stream of DMCA Notices Over Background Music by Timothy Geigner 7-10-2020 12:01 PM (18 comments)
Estate Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Alleges Copyright Infringement Over Sherlock's Emotional Awakening by Timothy Geigner 7-08-2020 8:24 PM (36 comments)
News Company's 'Digital Audience Director' Fails To Understand Embedding, Issues Bogus DMCA Takedown Notices by Tim Cushing 7-08-2020 10:53 AM (20 comments)
Research Libraries Tell Publishers To Drop Their Awful Lawsuit Against The Internet Archive by Mike Masnick 7-02-2020 7:39 PM (116 comments)
Rather Than Attacking Section 230, Why Aren't Trump Supporters Angry About The DMCA That's Actually Causing Issues? by Mike Masnick 7-02-2020 9:28 AM (49 comments)

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