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Top EU Court's Adviser Regrettably Fails To Recommend Throwing Out Upload Filters, But Does Say They Should Block Only "Identical" Or "Equivalent" Copies by Glyn Moody 7-16-2021 10:46 AM (21 comments)
Japanese Police Arrest Man For Selling Modded Save Files For Single-Player Nintendo Game by Timothy Geigner 7-14-2021 8:47 PM (51 comments)
Law Enforcement Officer Openly Admits He's Playing Copyrighted Music To Prevent Citizen's Recording From Being Uploaded To YouTube by Tim Cushing 7-06-2021 9:41 AM (24 comments)
LA Court Abusing Copyright Law To Take Down (Unauthorized) Recording Of Britney Spears Hearing by Mike Masnick 7-02-2021 6:20 AM (31 comments)
Denmark's Media Companies Form 'Copyright Collective' To Force Google And Facebook To Pay More For Sending Them Traffic by Glyn Moody 7-01-2021 10:51 AM (14 comments)
Did The Supreme Court Just Take A Sledge Hammer To Copyright's Statutory Damages? by Mike Masnick 6-30-2021 10:50 AM (21 comments)
Ubisoft Teams Up With Mystery Rights Holder To Remove Fun Fan-Made 'GoldenEye 007' Maps From 'Far Cry' by Timothy Geigner 6-29-2021 7:52 PM (27 comments)
2nd Circuit Upholds Non-Monetary Sanctions Against Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz by Mike Masnick 6-28-2021 1:32 PM (14 comments)
Top EU Court Rules Online Platforms Are Not Liable For Copyright Infringements Of User Uploads, Unless They Actively Intervene by Glyn Moody 6-25-2021 1:50 PM (12 comments)
Chief Publishing Lobbyist Maria Pallante Claims Copyright Is 'Under Assault' At Annual Meeting by Timothy Geigner 6-08-2021 1:31 PM (35 comments)
European Commission Betrays Internet Users By Cravenly Introducing Huge Loophole For Copyright Companies In Upload Filter Guidance by Glyn Moody 6-07-2021 8:05 PM (24 comments)
Twitch Manages To Get Out Some 'Disappointment' With Music Industry Over Latest Round Of DMCA Claims by Timothy Geigner 6-03-2021 8:08 PM (22 comments)
Unofficial Amiibo Guidebook Will Be Released With Changes To Appease Nintendo by Timothy Geigner 5-28-2021 7:39 PM (6 comments)
High School Teacher's Copyright Suit Against Netflix Gets Dismissed Because Coincidence Isn't Protectable by Timothy Geigner 5-27-2021 8:07 PM (26 comments)
EFF Sues California Law Enforcement Training Entity Over Its BS Use Of Copyright Law To Deny Public Records Requests by Tim Cushing 5-24-2021 9:31 AM (6 comments)
Rachel Dolezal's Copyright Follies: Sues CBS For Copyright Infringement In Case That Won't End Well by Mike Masnick 5-21-2021 10:47 AM (23 comments)
Angry Joe Tears Into Twitch Over Its One-Sided Approach To DMCA Takedowns by Timothy Geigner 5-14-2021 7:39 PM (44 comments)
One Developer Gets GTA3 And Vice City Source Code Un-DMCAd On GitHub by Timothy Geigner 5-11-2021 8:03 PM (11 comments)
Twitch Takes Steps To Make It Even Easier To Issue DMCA Strikes Against Streamers by Timothy Geigner 5-10-2021 1:45 PM (16 comments)
Why Is A Congressional Staffer Teaming Up With A Hollywood Lobbyist To Celebrate Expansion Of Criminal Copyright Laws? by Mike Masnick 5-06-2021 12:07 PM (18 comments)
If You're Going To Defend A Satirical Song From A Copyright Lawsuit, Don't Try A Bunch Of Stupid Alternative Arguments First by Leigh Beadon 5-05-2021 9:40 AM (21 comments)
Anatomy Of A Bogus DMCA Scam Run By A Plagiarizing Website by Timothy Geigner 4-30-2021 7:39 PM (20 comments)
EFF, College Student Sue Proctorio Over DMCAs On Fair Use Critique Tweets Of Software by Timothy Geigner 4-23-2021 7:39 PM (30 comments)
European Commission's Attempt To Backtrack On Its Promise To Defend Fundamental Rights In Upload Filter Implementations May Backfire Badly by Glyn Moody 4-22-2021 12:10 PM (5 comments)
France Plans To Repeat Hadopi's Costly Mistakes By Turning It Into An Even Bigger, Even More Wrong-headed Anti-Piracy Body Called Arcom by Glyn Moody 4-15-2021 1:43 PM (21 comments)
Oh Look, Here's Some More Culture Being Canceled, Now Thanks To The Second Circuit by Cathy Gellis 4-12-2021 12:01 PM (15 comments)
Khloe Kardashian Streisands A Photo She Wanted Taken Down By Issuing Takedowns by Timothy Geigner 4-09-2021 7:39 PM (25 comments)
TorrentFreak Continues To Get DMCA Takedown Notices Despite Not Hosting Infringing Material by Timothy Geigner 4-07-2021 7:31 PM (27 comments)
Activision Once Again Abuses DMCA To Try To Bury Leak Of New 'CoD' Content by Timothy Geigner 4-06-2021 8:03 PM (9 comments)
Supreme Court Sides With Google In Decade-Long Fight Over API Copyright; Google's Copying Of Java API Is Fair Use by Mike Masnick 4-05-2021 9:37 AM (67 comments)

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