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Man Sues Multiple Social Media Services, Claims Banning His Accounts Violates The Civil Rights Act by Tim Cushing 8-04-2021 10:44 AM (19 comments)
Social Network GETTR, Which Promised To Support 'Free Speech' Now Full Of Islamic State Jihadi Propaganda by Mike Masnick 8-03-2021 10:46 AM (74 comments)
Disentangling Disinformation: Not As Easy As It Looks by Jillian York 7-30-2021 12:08 PM (83 comments)
Top German Court Says Facebook Must Inform Users About Deleting Their Posts Or Suspending Their Account, Explain Why, And Allow Them To Respond by Glyn Moody 7-30-2021 10:44 AM (15 comments)
Freaking Out About Nazi Content On The Internet Archive Is Totally Missing The Point by Mike Masnick 7-28-2021 9:25 AM (28 comments)
Anti-Vaxxers Countermeasures Show Why It's Not So Simple To Just 'Delete' Anti-Vax Misinfo On Social Media by Mike Masnick 7-26-2021 9:35 AM (112 comments)
Learning About Content Moderation From Ghosts In Virtual Reality by Will Duffield 7-22-2021 8:45 PM (2 comments)
Content Moderation Case Study: Spotify Comes Under Fire For Hosting Joe Rogan's Podcast (2020) by Copia Institute 7-21-2021 3:45 PM (62 comments)
Content Moderation Case Study: Twitter Experiences Problems Moderating Audio Tweets (2020) by Copia Institute 7-14-2021 3:48 PM (6 comments)
It Appears That Jason Miller's GETTR Is Speed Running The Content Moderation Learning Curve Faster Than Parler by Mike Masnick 7-12-2021 10:53 AM (168 comments)
Content Moderation Case Study: Dealing With 'Cheap Fake' Modified Political Videos (2020) by Copia Institute 7-08-2021 3:48 PM (9 comments)
Texas Legislature Sees Florida's Social Media Bill Go Down In Unconstitutional Flames; Decides 'We Can Do That Too!' by Mike Masnick 7-08-2021 12:09 PM (83 comments)
Facebook Is Banning Anyone Charged With Participating In Capitol Hill Insurrection by Mike Masnick 7-06-2021 10:47 AM (95 comments)
Content Moderation Case Study: Facebook Removes Image Of Two Men Kissing (2011) by Copia Institute 7-01-2021 3:35 PM (13 comments)
Trump Allegedly Demanded Parler Kick Off His Critics If It Wanted Him On The Platform by Mike Masnick 7-01-2021 12:10 PM (39 comments)
As Expected: Judge Grants Injunction Blocking Florida's Unconstitutional Social Media Law by Mike Masnick 6-30-2021 5:24 PM (188 comments)
Ninth Circuit Appeals Court Says Some Disturbing Stuff About Section 230 While Dumping Another Two 'Sue Twitter For Terrorism' Lawsuits by Tim Cushing 6-30-2021 9:29 AM (24 comments)
Once Again: Content Moderation Often Mistakes Reporting On Bad Behavior With Celebrating Bad Behavior by Mike Masnick 6-29-2021 9:38 AM (64 comments)
Stop Using Content Moderation Demands As An Effort To Hide The Government's Social Policy Failures by Mike Masnick 6-25-2021 9:30 AM (22 comments)
Streamer Raptors Continue To Test Twitch's Appropriate Content Guideline Fencing by Timothy Geigner 6-24-2021 7:28 PM (13 comments)
Content Moderation Case Study: Instagram Takes Down Instagram Account Of Book About Instagram (2020) by Copia Institute 6-24-2021 3:23 PM (90 comments)
Reason Shows How To Properly Respond To A Questionable Social Media Takedown: By Calling It Out by Mike Masnick 6-24-2021 9:13 AM (70 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 287: Regulating Amplification Is A Lot Harder Than You Think by Leigh Beadon 6-23-2021 1:30 PM (9 comments)
Changing Section 230 Won't Make The Internet A Kinder, Gentler Place by Joe Mullin 6-22-2021 12:09 PM (339 comments)
Content Moderation Case Study: YouTube Relocates Video Accused Of Inflated Views (2014) by Copia Institute 6-16-2021 3:49 PM (2 comments)
If David Cicilline Gets His Way; It Would Destroy Content Moderation by Mike Masnick 6-15-2021 9:37 AM (128 comments)
Content Moderation Case Study: Pretty Much Every Platform Overreacts To Content Removal Stimuli (2015) by Copia Institute 6-09-2021 3:34 PM (23 comments)
Facebook Says Trump's 'Indefinite' Suspension Is Now Two Years Off The Platform, And Then It'll See If He'll Behave by Mike Masnick 6-08-2021 6:31 AM (16 comments)
Does Taking Down Content Lead Ignorant People To Believe It's More Likely To Be True? by Mike Masnick 6-07-2021 1:33 PM (88 comments)
Content Moderation Case Study: Roblox Tries To Deal With Adult Content On A Platform Used By Many Kids (2020) by Copia Institute 6-04-2021 4:03 PM (0 comments)

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