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FCC Blocks Elon Musk From Getting Millions In Subsidies For Delivering Broadband To Traffic Medians by Karl Bode 8-04-2021 3:40 PM (8 comments)
Telecom Lobbyists Easily Weakened Language In 'Bipartisan' Broadband Infrastructure Bill by Karl Bode 8-03-2021 1:40 PM (3 comments)
After Exploiting Covid Broadband Program, Verizon Faces Unsurprising Opposition To Tracfone Merger by Karl Bode 8-02-2021 5:46 AM (13 comments)
Broadband Portion Of Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Appears Watered Down But Still Helpful by Karl Bode 7-30-2021 6:22 AM (9 comments)
ISPs Abuse FCC Covid Broadband Discount Program, Showing It's A Band Aid On A Much Bigger Problem by Karl Bode 7-28-2021 6:24 AM (4 comments)
AT&T Gets Loyal Lawmakers To Push A Broadband Tax For 'Big Tech' by Karl Bode 7-27-2021 5:01 AM (27 comments)
Axios Parrots A Lot Of Dumb, Debunked Nonsense About Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 7-21-2021 4:55 AM (54 comments)
GAO Tells US Government Its Speed Definition For Broadband Sucks by Karl Bode 7-16-2021 5:58 AM (21 comments)
Community Broadband Dominates List Of Fastest US ISPs by Karl Bode 7-08-2021 6:14 AM (14 comments)
Even Elon Musk Makes It Clear Starlink Could Have Limited Impact, May Not Be Financially Viable by Karl Bode 7-06-2021 1:40 PM (20 comments)
AT&T Has DC Pushing The Idea That 'Big Tech' Should Give 'Big Telecom' Billions For No Coherent Reason by Karl Bode 7-02-2021 9:27 AM (13 comments)
Ohio Republicans Forced To Back Off Unpopular Ban On Community Broadband by Karl Bode 6-30-2021 6:22 AM (25 comments)
Support For Community Broadband Could Be On Chopping Block As 'Bipartisan Broadband Negotiations' Continue by Karl Bode 6-29-2021 10:59 AM (11 comments)
Cable Giant Altice Demonstrates Why A Lack Of Broadband Competition Matters by Karl Bode 6-28-2021 9:29 AM (19 comments)
New NTIA Broadband Map Exposes Expensive, Patchy US Broadband by Karl Bode 6-24-2021 10:43 AM (7 comments)
Ohio Republicans Are Using State Budget Battle To Kill Community Broadband by Karl Bode 6-22-2021 10:47 AM (20 comments)
Glitches And Greed Mar Effort To Bring COVID Relief To US Broadband Users by Karl Bode 6-21-2021 10:45 AM (8 comments)
FCC Gives ISP $8,000 To Deliver Broadband Five Feet From Apple's $5 Billion Campus by Karl Bode 6-17-2021 12:03 PM (17 comments)
AT&T Whines About Biden Focus On Community Broadband by Karl Bode 6-16-2021 9:42 AM (21 comments)
Detroit The Latest City Forced To Cobble Together Working Internet Thanks To Telecom Market Failure by Karl Bode 6-10-2021 5:27 AM (18 comments)
Limited Competition Means US Broadband Prices Can Vary Drastically On The Same Block by Karl Bode 6-07-2021 6:35 AM (9 comments)
Broadband Industry Keeps (Falsely) Claiming US Broadband Prices Are Dropping by Karl Bode 6-02-2021 6:37 AM (10 comments)
Experts Fear Biden Broadband Plan Won't Fix The Real Problem: Monopolization by Karl Bode 6-01-2021 5:29 AM (28 comments)
Starlink Reviews Show The Limitations Of Musk's Broadband Play by Karl Bode 5-28-2021 11:23 AM (11 comments)
FCC's Carr Thinks 'Big Tech' Should Subsidize His Pals In 'Big Telecom' by Karl Bode 5-25-2021 12:08 PM (38 comments)
Biden Cuts $35 Billion From New Broadband Plan To Appease The GOP by Karl Bode 5-25-2021 6:37 AM (34 comments)
US Telecoms Keep Getting Wrist Slaps For Repeatedly Ripping Off The US Government by Karl Bode 5-24-2021 6:30 AM (8 comments)
Frontier Communications Sued Yet Again For Lying About Its Pathetic Broadband Speeds by Karl Bode 5-21-2021 6:36 AM (7 comments)
Elon Musk Makes It Clear Starlink Won't Have The Capacity To Disrupt U.S. Broadband by Karl Bode 5-19-2021 1:34 PM (34 comments)
Microsoft Data Shows That The FCC's Broadband Maps Are Fantasy by Karl Bode 5-14-2021 4:46 AM (4 comments)

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