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Broadband ISP CenturyLink Is Blocking Users' Internet Access Just To Show An Ad by Karl Bode 12-19-2018 10:44 AM (38 comments)
Bahnhof Now Facing Net Neutrality Investigation Over Its 'Protest' Blocking Of Elsevier by Mike Masnick 12-19-2018 3:24 AM (22 comments)
As A Final Fuck You To Free Speech On Tumblr, Verizon Blocked Archivists by Mike Masnick 12-18-2018 11:58 AM (87 comments)
YouTube's $100 Million Upload Filter Failures Demonstrate What A Disaster Article 13 Will Be For The Internet by Mike Masnick 12-18-2018 9:35 AM (62 comments)
Sony Released Its Playstation Classic Console In A Way That Makes It Eminently Hackable by Timothy Geigner 12-14-2018 3:45 PM (28 comments)
FCC Does Wireless Carriers Another Favor By Reclassifying Text Messages by Karl Bode 12-14-2018 1:30 PM (19 comments)
Inspector General: FBI Lost Six Months Of Important Text Messages Because Its Retention System Sucks by Tim Cushing 12-14-2018 12:01 PM (12 comments)
When Not Hiding Cameras In Traffic Barrels And Streetlights, The DEA Is Shoving Them Into... Vacuums? by Tim Cushing 12-11-2018 12:04 PM (24 comments)
Microsoft Posts List Of Facial Recognition Tech Guidelines It Thinks The Government Should Make Mandatory by Tim Cushing 12-11-2018 3:23 AM (14 comments)
Denuvo-Protected Just Cause 4 Cracked In A Day, Suffering From Shitty Reviews by Timothy Geigner 12-10-2018 7:03 PM (53 comments)
Atlanta Cops Caught Deleting Body Cam Footage, Failing To Activate Recording Devices by Tim Cushing 12-10-2018 2:09 PM (34 comments)
Australian Government Passes Law Forcing Tech Companies To Break Encryption by Tim Cushing 12-10-2018 9:39 AM (72 comments)
AT&T Finds Yet Another Way To Nickel-And-Dime Its Broadband, TV Customers by Karl Bode 12-10-2018 6:40 AM (20 comments)
The TV Sector's Latest Bad Idea: Ads That Play When You Press Pause by Karl Bode 12-06-2018 10:44 AM (70 comments)
Man Shot By Cops Claims Shotspotter Found Phantom 'Gunshot' To Justify Officer's Deadly Force by Tim Cushing 12-06-2018 3:15 AM (71 comments)
EternalSuffering: NSA Exploits Still Being Successfully Used To Hijack Computers More Than A Year After Patching by Tim Cushing 12-05-2018 3:22 AM (24 comments)
Lawsuit: Boston PD's 'Gang Database' Says People Who Wear Nikes And Have Been Beat Up By Gang Members Are 'Gang Associates' by Tim Cushing 12-04-2018 3:23 AM (46 comments)
Woman Sues Georgia Deputies After Their Field Drug Test Said Her Cotton Candy Was Meth by Tim Cushing 12-03-2018 10:45 AM (82 comments)
GCHQ Propose A 'Going Dark' Workaround That Creates The Same User Trust Problem Encryption Backdoors Do by Tim Cushing 12-03-2018 3:22 AM (48 comments)
App Developers Suing Facebook Suffer Redaction Failure, Expose Discussions About Pay-For-Play API Access by Tim Cushing 11-30-2018 3:23 AM (16 comments)
French Tax Officials To Start Digging Through Social Media Posts For Expensive Cars It Thinks You Can't Afford by Tim Cushing 11-26-2018 9:35 AM (45 comments)
Kid Tracking 'Smart' Watches, Like Most IOT Devices, Prove Not So Smart, Easy To Hack by Karl Bode 11-20-2018 7:37 PM (8 comments)
Prosecutors Charge Suspect With Evidence Tampering After A Seized iPhone Is Wiped Remotely by Tim Cushing 11-19-2018 12:07 PM (46 comments)
Blockchain Voting: Solves None Of The Actual Problems Of Online Voting; Leverages None Of The Benefits Of Blockchain by Mike Masnick 11-16-2018 7:39 PM (65 comments)
Facebook's Use Of Smear Merchants Is The Norm, Not The Exception by Karl Bode 11-15-2018 12:14 PM (107 comments)
Sprint Throttled Skype Without Telling Anyone... And Nobody Seems To Care Much by Karl Bode 11-15-2018 6:28 AM (17 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 189: What The Hell Is Initiative Q? by Leigh Beadon 11-13-2018 1:30 PM (12 comments)
Manhattan DA Cy Vance Says The Only Solution To Device Encryption Is Federally-Mandated Backdoors by Tim Cushing 11-09-2018 10:46 AM (22 comments)
Governor Of Tanzania's Capital Announces Plan To Round Up Everyone Who Was Too Gay On Social Media by Timothy Geigner 11-09-2018 3:33 AM (45 comments)
After Being Sued To Block Sci-Hub; Swedish ISP Blocks Court's And Elsevier's Website In Protest by Mike Masnick 11-07-2018 3:24 AM (44 comments)

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