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Chicago Agrees To Make Red Light Camera System Barely Less Corrupt By Increasing Grace Period By 0.2 Seconds by Timothy Geigner 3-28-2017 3:23 AM (14 comments)
Streaming Video Competition Slowly Begins Killing The Bloated, Pricey Cable Bundle by Karl Bode 3-27-2017 6:27 AM (35 comments)
Encryption Workarounds Paper Shows Why 'Going Dark' Is Not A Problem, And In Fact Is As Old As Humanity Itself by Glyn Moody 3-24-2017 7:39 PM (11 comments)
Homeland Security Starts Banning Laptops & Tablets On Planes From The Middle East by Mike Masnick 3-21-2017 10:45 AM (51 comments)
Industry-Hated Game Emulators Save Two Video Games For Posterity by Timothy Geigner 3-20-2017 5:34 PM (35 comments)
This Won't Be Abused At All: Google Offers Tool To Flag And Downrank 'Offensive' Search Results by Mike Masnick 3-20-2017 3:23 AM (72 comments)
How Drones Help Transparency Activists To See Things The Hungarian Government Wants To Hide by Glyn Moody 3-17-2017 2:58 PM (19 comments)
Chatbot That Helped Beat $4 Million In Bogus Parking Tickets Now Handling Asylum Applications by Tim Cushing 3-13-2017 5:24 PM (10 comments)
Extra Digit Accidentally Typed By Officer Turns UK Man Into A Pedophile by Tim Cushing 3-13-2017 11:53 AM (46 comments)
Consumer Reports Proposes Open Source Security Standard To Keep The Internet Of Things From Sucking by Karl Bode 3-10-2017 4:33 PM (22 comments)
New Accountability Add-On Triggers Cameras When Police Officers Unholster Their Guns by Tim Cushing 3-10-2017 2:34 PM (26 comments)
Congressman Introduces Bill That Would Allow People And Companies To 'Hack Back' After Attacks by Tim Cushing 3-09-2017 4:24 PM (23 comments)
Body Cameras Used By UK Local Government To Catch People Dropping Litter And Walking Dogs by Glyn Moody 3-08-2017 3:15 AM (36 comments)
ESPN On-Air Talent About To Care About The Cord-Cutters The Execs Aren't Concerned About by Timothy Geigner 3-07-2017 2:45 PM (48 comments)
CIA Leak Shows Mobile Phones Vulnerable, Not Encryption by Mike Masnick 3-07-2017 10:45 AM (68 comments)
Here's A Tip: If You're Desiging Special Apps To Hide From Regulators, You're Going To Get In Trouble by Mike Masnick 3-03-2017 7:39 PM (97 comments)
California City Finds Optimum Balance Between Safety And Profit, Trims Yellow Light Times To Produce Spike In Citations by Tim Cushing 3-02-2017 9:30 AM (30 comments)
Body Worn Cameras Continue To Reduce Police Misconduct, Citizen Complaints In San Diego by Tim Cushing 3-01-2017 2:52 PM (22 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 111: The Miracle Of Booking Flights by Leigh Beadon 3-01-2017 1:22 PM (1 comments)
Tim Berners-Lee Endorses DRM In HTML5, Offers Depressingly Weak Defense Of His Decision by Glyn Moody 3-01-2017 10:43 AM (85 comments)
Sean Spicer Launches Witch Hunt Over The 'Secure' App He Just Said Was No Big Deal by Mike Masnick 2-28-2017 11:49 AM (58 comments)
'Smart' Stuffed Animal Company Leaves Voice, Other Data Of Millions Publicly Exposed by Karl Bode 2-28-2017 10:51 AM (9 comments)
Sony, Microsoft Lobby Against Right To Repair Bills (Yet Refuse To Talk About It) by Karl Bode 2-27-2017 1:20 PM (31 comments)
Apple Wants To Stop You Fixing Your iPhone And iPad: Source Says It Will Testify Against 'Right To Repair' Legislation by Glyn Moody 2-15-2017 11:58 AM (60 comments)
Counterpoint: As Denuvo Lauds Its Weeks-Long Control, 20 Year Old Game Still Selling Due To Its Modding Community by Timothy Geigner 2-14-2017 5:19 PM (25 comments)
Court Orders Small Ohio Speed Trap Town To Refund $3 Million In Unconstitutional Speeding Tickets by Tim Cushing 2-13-2017 6:24 AM (51 comments)
US Secret Service Prefers Belt Sanders And Third-Party Vendors To Cell Phone Encryption Backdoors by Tim Cushing 2-13-2017 3:23 AM (10 comments)
Ohio Arsonist Gets Busted By His Own Pacemaker by Karl Bode 2-10-2017 12:39 PM (23 comments)
FBI Changes FOIA Policies, Tries To Route More Requesters To Fax Machines, Mailboxes by Tim Cushing 2-08-2017 12:51 PM (25 comments)
Windows DRM: Now An (Unwitting) Ally In Efforts To Expose Anonymous Tor Users by Tim Cushing 2-07-2017 9:29 AM (24 comments)

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