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NYPD Tells Judge Its $25 Million Forfeiture Database Has No Backup by Tim Cushing 10-20-2017 7:39 PM (64 comments)
Multiple Titles Using Denuvo Cracked On Release Day As Other Titles Planning To Use It Bail On It Completely by Timothy Geigner 10-20-2017 3:42 PM (17 comments)
New Whistleblowers Highlight How Russia's Information War On U.S. Was Larger Than Initially Reported by Karl Bode 10-19-2017 1:36 PM (113 comments)
Australian Police Ran A Dark Web Child Porn Site For Eleven Months by Tim Cushing 10-13-2017 3:23 AM (48 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 140: WTF With Tim O'Reilly by Leigh Beadon 10-10-2017 1:30 PM (4 comments)
Hackers Grab More NSA Exploits, Possibly With Assistance Of Russian Antivirus Developer by Tim Cushing 10-06-2017 3:25 AM (20 comments)
Sex Toys Are Just As Poorly-Secured As The Rest Of The Internet of Broken Things by Karl Bode 10-05-2017 3:40 PM (36 comments)
More Prisons Banning In-Person Visits, Adding To Securus Tech's Pile Of Cash by Tim Cushing 10-03-2017 7:50 PM (33 comments)
Denuvo Game Cracked In Mere Hours by Timothy Geigner 10-02-2017 6:51 PM (39 comments)
Auto Location Tracking Company Leaves Customer Data Exposed Online by Karl Bode 10-02-2017 1:23 PM (15 comments)
Elsevier Launching Rival To Wikipedia By Extracting Scientific Definitions Automatically From Authors' Texts by Glyn Moody 9-29-2017 3:42 PM (33 comments)
Showtime Won't Explain Why Its Website Was Hijacking User Browsers To Covertly Mine Cryptocurrency by Karl Bode 9-29-2017 6:38 AM (42 comments)
'Smart' Hospital IV Pump Vulnerable To Remote Hack Attack by Karl Bode 9-22-2017 7:39 PM (15 comments)
CCleaner Hack May Have Been A State-Sponsored Attack On 18 Major Tech Companies by Karl Bode 9-21-2017 3:26 PM (32 comments)
NSA Employees Routinely Undermined 'Non-Attributable' Web Access With Personal Web Use by Tim Cushing 9-20-2017 11:55 AM (14 comments)
HP Brings Back Obnoxious DRM That Cripples Competing Printer Cartridges by Karl Bode 9-19-2017 3:35 PM (46 comments)
EFF Resigns From W3C After DRM In HTML Is Approved In Secret Vote by Mike Masnick 9-18-2017 7:10 PM (97 comments)
The Most Popular Mod For Fallout 4 Is The One That Removes The Title Screen Crawl For Bethesda's 'Creation Club' by Timothy Geigner 9-18-2017 4:01 PM (19 comments)
Virginia (Again) Dumps Electronic Voting Devices Over Concerns About Election Interference by Tim Cushing 9-12-2017 11:59 AM (32 comments)
Tesla Remotely Extended The Range Of Drivers In Florida For Free... And That's NOT A Good Thing by Mike Masnick 9-11-2017 1:33 PM (96 comments)
Ugandan Government Obtains Mysterious, South Korean-Built Anti-Porn Machine by Tim Cushing 9-08-2017 3:17 AM (30 comments)
UK Police Test Facial Recognition Tech At Carnival, Rack Up 35 Bogus 'Hits' And One Wrongful Arrest by Tim Cushing 9-05-2017 1:33 PM (13 comments)
Al Jazeera Gives A 'Voice To The Voiceless' By Killing News Comments by Karl Bode 9-01-2017 1:34 PM (119 comments)
The Epic Crime Spree Unleashed By Onity's Ambivalence To Its Easily Hacked Hotel Locks by Timothy Geigner 9-01-2017 3:32 AM (23 comments)
FDA, Homeland Security Issue First Ever Recall, Warnings About Flimsy Pacemaker Security by Karl Bode 8-31-2017 1:31 PM (8 comments)
Sega Releases 'Sonic Mania' Without Informing PC Customers Of Denuvo Inclusion And Always Online Requirements by Timothy Geigner 8-30-2017 7:12 PM (20 comments)
The Scale Of Moderating Facebook: It Turns Off 1 Million Accounts Every Single Day by Mike Masnick 8-30-2017 10:49 AM (33 comments)
NPR Gives Up On News Comments; After All, Who Cares What Your Customers Have To Say? by Karl Bode 8-29-2017 7:04 PM (99 comments)
Lawmakers Want The GAO To Investigate The FCC's Flimsy DDoS Claim by Karl Bode 8-22-2017 10:16 AM (13 comments)
Welcome To The Technological Incarceration Project, Where Prison Walls Are Replaced By Sensors, Algorithms, And AI by Glyn Moody 8-18-2017 7:39 PM (62 comments)

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