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France Says 'No' To Company Hack-Backs Following Online Attacks -- But Wants To Keep The Option Open For Itself by Glyn Moody 2-20-2018 8:40 PM (6 comments)
Facebook 'Security': A New VPN That's Spyware And Two-Factor Authentication That Spams You by Karl Bode 2-20-2018 12:02 PM (30 comments)
NSA Exploit Now Powering Cryptocurrency Mining Malware by Tim Cushing 2-20-2018 3:25 AM (26 comments)
DOJ Russia Indictment Again Highlights Why Internet Companies Can't Just Wave A Magic Wand To Make Bad Stuff Go Away by Mike Masnick 2-16-2018 2:43 PM (66 comments)
Cryptocurrency Mining Company Coinhive Shocked To Learn Its Product Is Being Abused by Karl Bode 2-15-2018 10:44 AM (31 comments)
Congress Pressures FCC Boss Over His Total Failure To Police Net Neutrality Comment Fraud by Karl Bode 2-15-2018 6:30 AM (63 comments)
Verizon Begins Locking Down Its Phones Again, Purportedly To 'Stop Theft' by Karl Bode 2-14-2018 10:40 AM (34 comments)
More Than 4,000 Government Websites Infected With Covert Cryptocurrency Miner by Karl Bode 2-13-2018 11:57 AM (26 comments)
White Paper Points Out Just How Irresponsible 'Responsible Encryption' Is by Tim Cushing 2-13-2018 9:25 AM (22 comments)
Camera Makers Still Showing Zero Interest In Protecting Users With Built-In Encryption by Tim Cushing 2-13-2018 3:23 AM (59 comments)
Consumer Reports: Your 'Smart' TV Remains A Privacy & Security Dumpster Fire by Karl Bode 2-12-2018 11:58 AM (39 comments)
Will Cy Vance's Anti-Encryption Pitch Change Now That The NYPD's Using iPhones? by Tim Cushing 2-12-2018 3:24 AM (36 comments)
An English-Language, Algorithmically-Personalized News Aggregator, Based In China -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by Glyn Moody 2-08-2018 7:51 PM (21 comments)
Blizzard Still Trying To Take Down WoW Vanilla Fan Servers While Refusing To Offer A Competing Product by Timothy Geigner 2-08-2018 3:58 PM (34 comments)
Single-Pixel Tracker Leads Paranoid Turkish Authorities To Wrongly Accuse Over 10,000 People Of Treason by Glyn Moody 2-07-2018 10:39 AM (26 comments)
Moderation Is The Commodity by Tarleton Gillespie 2-06-2018 12:02 PM (16 comments)
Ohio Appeals Court Says Speed Trap Town Must Pay Back $3 Million In Unconstitutional Speed Camera Tickets by Tim Cushing 2-02-2018 3:24 AM (36 comments)
My Question To Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein On Encryption Backdoors by Cathy Gellis 1-31-2018 9:08 AM (32 comments)
Minnesota Supreme Court Says Unlocking A Phone With A Fingerprint Isn't A Fifth Amendment Issue by Tim Cushing 1-30-2018 3:33 PM (41 comments)
Fitness Tracker Data Exposes Military Operations, Shows What Damage That Can Be Done With 'Just Metadata' by Tim Cushing 1-29-2018 11:55 AM (26 comments)
New York Police Union Sues NYPD To Block Public Release Of Body Camera Footage by Tim Cushing 1-26-2018 1:45 PM (21 comments)
Senate IT Tells Staffers They're On Their Own When It Comes To Personal Devices And State-Sponsored Hackers by Tim Cushing 1-26-2018 10:44 AM (23 comments)
FBI Director Chris Wray Says Secure Encryption Backdoors Are Possible; Sen. Ron Wyden Asks Him To Produce Receipts by Tim Cushing 1-26-2018 9:32 AM (80 comments)
Denuvo Sold To Irdeto, Which Boasts Of Acquiring 'The World Leader In Gaming Security' by Timothy Geigner 1-24-2018 3:38 PM (20 comments)
China's Solution To The VPN Quandary: Only Authorized, And Presumably Backdoored, Crypto Links Allowed by Glyn Moody 1-23-2018 11:56 AM (19 comments)
The Constant Pressure For YouTube To Police 'Bad' Content Means That It's Becoming A Gatekeeper by Mike Masnick 1-19-2018 1:32 PM (58 comments)
Kodak's Supposed Cryptocurrency Entrance Appears To Be Little More Than A Rebranded Paparazzi Copyright Trolling Scheme... With The Blockchain by Mike Masnick 1-16-2018 10:44 AM (22 comments)
Shareholder Groups Say Apple Should Do More To Address Gadget 'Addiction' Among Young People: Should It? by Glyn Moody 1-11-2018 7:35 PM (37 comments)
The Stasi's Tiny Torn-Up Analog Files Defeat Modern Digital Technology's Attempts To Re-Assemble East Germany's Surveillance Records by Glyn Moody 1-08-2018 7:39 PM (25 comments)
Could It Be? Congress Actually Wants To Do The Right Thing On Electronic Voting! by Mike Masnick 1-04-2018 3:33 PM (13 comments)

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