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The FBI Tried To Get A Secure Phone Company To Create A Backdoor In Its Encrypted Network by Tim Cushing 9-20-2019 1:34 PM (5 comments)
Tech Companies Are Leading The Fight Against Child Porn While The FBI And DOJ Complain About Encryption Helping Child Abusers by Tim Cushing 9-20-2019 9:21 AM (16 comments)
University Of Alabama Is Using A Location-Tracking App To Punish Students For Leaving Football Games Early by Tim Cushing 9-18-2019 9:34 AM (44 comments)
You'd Think The FBI Would Be More Sensitive To Protecting Encrypted Communications Now That We Know The Russians Cracked The FBI's Comms by Mike Masnick 9-17-2019 11:58 AM (43 comments)
Content Moderation Is Impossible: Facebook Settles Legal Fight Over Famous Painting Of A Woman's Genitals by Mike Masnick 9-13-2019 10:45 AM (23 comments)
Encryption Working Group Releases Paper To 'Move The Conversation Forward' by Mike Masnick 9-12-2019 3:30 PM (27 comments)
White House Pushing Proposal That Would Subject Mentally Ill People To Increased Surveillance by Tim Cushing 9-10-2019 9:31 AM (121 comments)
Ring Has A 'Head Of Face Recognition Tech,' Says It's Not Using Facial Recognition Tech. Yet. by Tim Cushing 9-10-2019 3:11 AM (9 comments)
How The Cyber Insurance Industry's Bottom Line Is Fueling Ransomware by Timothy Geigner 9-09-2019 3:37 PM (10 comments)
Cops Digitally Erase Suspect's Facial Tattoos To Make Him Look More Like The Robbery Suspect Caught On Camera by Tim Cushing 9-06-2019 3:33 PM (64 comments)
MoviePass Left Tens Of Thousands Of Credit Card Numbers Exposed Online by Karl Bode 9-06-2019 1:37 PM (8 comments)
Federal Gov't Gives Customs Officers Permission To Break Social Media Platform Rules Forbidding Fake Accounts by Tim Cushing 9-06-2019 9:17 AM (19 comments)
Ring Let Cops Know How Often Their Requests For Camera Footage Were Ignored by Tim Cushing 9-06-2019 3:12 AM (12 comments)
White House Now Thinks Harvesting Fitness Tracker Data Could Stop The Next Mass Shooting by Tim Cushing 9-04-2019 10:45 AM (97 comments)
Sony Is Feverishly Battling Vita Tinkerers Despite Vita Being Discontinued by Timothy Geigner 9-03-2019 3:28 PM (26 comments)
Just As Attorney General Barr Insists iPhone Users Have Too Much Security, We Learn They Don't Have Nearly Enough by Mike Masnick 9-03-2019 1:35 PM (13 comments)
TSA's Expensive Scanners Can't Figure Out Afros Or Turbans, So Guess Who's Getting Searched More Often by Tim Cushing 8-30-2019 9:34 AM (20 comments)
Another Bad PR Sign: Indie Developer Shuns Epic Store, Saying 'My Word Means Something' by Timothy Geigner 8-26-2019 7:23 PM (44 comments)
Millions Of Biometric Records Collected By Companies And Governments Left Exposed On The Web by Tim Cushing 8-26-2019 11:52 AM (10 comments)
Rogue 'Smart' Ovens Again Highlight How Dumb Tech Is Often The Smarter Choice by Karl Bode 8-23-2019 3:32 AM (41 comments)
What3words Is A Clever Way Of Communicating Position Very Simply, But Do We Really Want To Create A Monopoly For Location Look-ups? by Glyn Moody 8-22-2019 8:00 PM (37 comments)
Huawei Busted Helping African Governments Spy On The Press, Political Opponents by Karl Bode 8-21-2019 3:22 AM (26 comments)
Moviepass Changed User Passwords So They Couldn't Use The Flopping Service by Karl Bode 8-19-2019 1:36 PM (26 comments)
Prosecutor Tosses Charges Against Driver After Field Drug Test Claims Bird Poop On A Car's Hood Is Cocaine by Tim Cushing 8-16-2019 3:23 AM (38 comments)
Consumer Reports Finds Numerous Home Routers Lack Even Basic Security Protections by Karl Bode 8-08-2019 8:02 PM (24 comments)
They Grow Up So Fast These Days: Facial Recognition Tech Edition by Tim Cushing 8-08-2019 3:34 AM (15 comments)
Microsoft Nabs Russian Hackers Exploiting Flimsy IOT Security by Karl Bode 8-07-2019 2:11 PM (49 comments)
Gizmodo: Why Can't YouTube Do 'Good' Content Moderation? Answer: Because It's Fucking Impossible by Timothy Geigner 8-06-2019 12:13 PM (76 comments)
Trump Calls On Social Media Companies To Become Pre-Crime Agents by Timothy Geigner 8-06-2019 10:41 AM (53 comments)
Cisco Shells Out $8.6 Million For Selling The Government Easily Hackable Tech by Karl Bode 8-05-2019 4:02 PM (8 comments)

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