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Facial Recognition Software Brings Personalized Ads To The Supermarket by Glyn Moody 6-22-2017 6:50 PM (25 comments)
GOP Data Firm Left The Personal Data Of 198 Million American Voters On Openly-Accessible Amazon Server by Karl Bode 6-19-2017 10:43 AM (32 comments)
Russia Stumbles Forth In Quest To Ban VPNs, Private Messenger Apps by Karl Bode 6-16-2017 9:46 AM (26 comments)
Decade-Old GTA4 Modding Tool Suddenly Taken Down After Take-Two Interactive's Threat by Timothy Geigner 6-15-2017 6:30 PM (36 comments)
Islamic State Using Small Drones Routinely In Iraq For Scouting And Dropping Explosives by Glyn Moody 6-14-2017 6:33 PM (36 comments)
Theresa May Tries To Push Forward With Plans To Kill Encryption, While Her Party Plots Via Encrypted Whatsapp by Mike Masnick 6-12-2017 3:24 AM (56 comments)
New Cracking Group May Have Delivered Denuvo Its Death Blow by Timothy Geigner 6-09-2017 1:33 PM (29 comments)
Cheap DNA Testing Is Giving Some Insurers Even More Ways To Deny Coverage [UPDATED] by Tim Cushing 6-07-2017 3:29 PM (41 comments)
Report Falsely Blames The EFF For Fraudulent Net Neutrality Comments by Karl Bode 6-07-2017 1:28 PM (34 comments)
VMProtect Accuses Denuvo Of Using Unlicensed Software In Its Antipiracy DRM by Timothy Geigner 6-07-2017 3:24 AM (57 comments)
How Document-Tracking Dots Helped The FBI Track Down Russian Hacking Doc Leaker by Tim Cushing 6-06-2017 6:11 PM (48 comments)
Rime's Denuvo Defeated: Developer Gets To Work On DRM Free Version As Performance Hit Details Emerge by Timothy Geigner 6-05-2017 3:01 PM (22 comments)
Game Developer: Just Wait Until The Game Is Cracked And Then We'll Patch Denuvo Out; Game Gets Cracked Immediately by Timothy Geigner 6-02-2017 3:18 PM (22 comments)
DHS, TSA To Make Boarding A Plane Even More Of A Pain In The Ass by Tim Cushing 5-30-2017 10:45 AM (70 comments)
Samsung's 'Airtight' Iris Scanning Technology For The S8 Defeated With A Camera, Printer, And Contact Lens by Timothy Geigner 5-26-2017 5:48 PM (44 comments)
UK Government Using Manchester Attacks As An Excuse To Kill Encryption by Mike Masnick 5-25-2017 10:44 AM (102 comments)
Titan Note Continues Trying To Sell Its Questionable Device; Its Own Actions Keep Raising More Questions by Mike Masnick 5-24-2017 6:31 PM (23 comments)
Boston Globe Blocks Readers Using Privacy Modes In Browsers by Timothy Geigner 5-24-2017 1:41 PM (21 comments)
RNC, Chamber Of Commerce Want Robocallers To Be Able To Spam Your Voicemail Without Your Phone Ringing by Karl Bode 5-24-2017 11:55 AM (61 comments)
Congressional Rep Pushes His 'Hack Back' Bill By Claiming It Would Have Prevented The WannaCry Ransomware Attack by Tim Cushing 5-24-2017 9:21 AM (21 comments)
The FCC Doesn't Care That Somebody's Spamming Its Net Neutrality Proceeding With Fraudulent Comments by Karl Bode 5-24-2017 6:16 AM (68 comments)
Yet Another Bad Idea: Dropping Facial Recognition Software Into Police Body Cameras by Tim Cushing 5-22-2017 1:16 PM (43 comments)
NSA Was Concerned About Power Of Windows Exploit Long Before It Was Leaked by Tim Cushing 5-22-2017 3:25 AM (28 comments)
Russian Military Apparently Using Cell Tower Spoofers To Send Propaganda Directly To Ukrainian Soldiers' Phones by Tim Cushing 5-19-2017 1:25 PM (29 comments)
As The Battleground For Warfare Moves To Cyberspace, DOD Contemplates Altering Recruitment Requirements by Timothy Geigner 5-18-2017 1:16 PM (27 comments)
New Netflix DRM Blocks Rooted Phone Owners From Downloading The Netflix App by Karl Bode 5-16-2017 11:51 AM (47 comments)
Nier Automata Modder Includes Piracy Checks In Mod, Causing An Uproar, But Should It? by Timothy Geigner 5-15-2017 6:34 PM (34 comments)
Leaked NSA Hacking Tool On Global Ransomware Rampage by Mike Masnick 5-12-2017 7:39 PM (70 comments)
This Makes No Sense: US To Ban Laptops On All Flights From Europe by Mike Masnick 5-10-2017 3:18 PM (86 comments)
A Bot Is Flooding The FCC Website With Fake Anti-Net Neutrality Comments... In Alphabetical Order by Karl Bode 5-10-2017 10:39 AM (36 comments)

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