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NJ Courts Impose Ridiculous Password Policy 'To Comply With NIST' That Does Exactly What NIST Says Not To Do by Cathy Gellis 8-17-2018 9:25 AM (47 comments)
Voting Machine Vendors, Election Officials Continue To Look Ridiculous, As Kids Hack Voting Machines In Minutes by Mike Masnick 8-16-2018 9:40 AM (35 comments)
Australian Gov't Floats New Batch Of Compelled Access Legislation With An Eye On Encryption by Tim Cushing 8-15-2018 3:15 AM (24 comments)
Third Comcast Website Flaw Exposes User Data In As Many Months by Karl Bode 8-10-2018 6:31 AM (9 comments)
Voting By Cell Phone Is A Terrible Idea, And West Virginia Is Probably The Last State That Should Try It Anyway by Karl Bode 8-08-2018 10:56 AM (108 comments)
Wells Fargo Admits 'Computer Glitch' May Have Contributed to 400 Foreclosures by Karl Bode 8-07-2018 11:56 AM (31 comments)
Bill Says US Tech Companies Must Let The Feds Know When Foreign Companies Poke Around In Their Source Code by Tim Cushing 8-07-2018 3:08 AM (33 comments)
BBC Migrates Everything To HTTPS, Immediately Finds Itself Blocked By The Chinese Government by Tim Cushing 8-06-2018 1:35 PM (14 comments)
Surprisingly Rational TSA Plan To Drop Screening At Small Airports Has Almost Zero Chance Of Getting Off The Ground by Tim Cushing 8-06-2018 10:48 AM (36 comments)
Election Security Has Become A Partisan Issue As Senate Votes Down Funding by Mike Masnick 8-02-2018 2:01 PM (60 comments)
Congress Members Demand Answers From, Investigation Of Federal Facial Rec Tech Users by Tim Cushing 8-01-2018 3:23 AM (37 comments)
Chinese Law Enforcement Alchemists Turn Shit To Drug Bust Gold by Tim Cushing 7-27-2018 1:38 PM (24 comments)
Congress Members Want Answers After Amazon's Facial Recognition Software Says 28 Of Them Are Criminals by Tim Cushing 7-27-2018 9:09 AM (88 comments)
WhatsApp Rightly Refuses Indian Government's Silly Demand To Break Encryption by Mike Masnick 7-26-2018 10:44 AM (18 comments)
New Report Says The Feds' Focus On Device Encryption Is Holding Local Law Enforcement Back by Tim Cushing 7-26-2018 3:28 AM (13 comments)
Senators Wyden & Rubio Ask Google And Amazon To Bring Back Domain Fronting by Mike Masnick 7-25-2018 1:33 PM (43 comments)
Risky Click: Adding Undercover Cop As Friend Nets Man Conviction For Gun Charges by Tim Cushing 7-23-2018 3:34 PM (30 comments)
Wireless Carriers Have A SIM Hijacking Problem They Don't Want To Talk About by Karl Bode 7-20-2018 9:37 AM (23 comments)
'Smart' TVs Remain The Poster Child For Dismal Privacy, Transparency & Security Standards by Karl Bode 7-18-2018 11:58 AM (37 comments)
Biggest Voting Machine Maker Admits -- Ooops -- That It Installed Remote Access Software After First Denying It by Mike Masnick 7-18-2018 10:44 AM (55 comments)
Latest Denuvo Version Cracked Again By One Solo Hacker On A Personal Mission by Timothy Geigner 7-11-2018 3:47 PM (198 comments)
How We Can 'Free' Our Facebook Friends by Kevin Bankston 7-11-2018 10:46 AM (15 comments)
Blaming The Messenger (App): WhatsApp Takes The Blame In India Over Violence by Mike Masnick 7-09-2018 1:36 PM (7 comments)
Uganda Bans VPNs To Prevent Users From Dodging Its Absurd New Social Media Tax by Karl Bode 7-06-2018 6:31 AM (34 comments)
The Death Of Google Reader And The Rise Of Silos by Mike Masnick 7-05-2018 11:58 AM (35 comments)
Police Chief Tries To Blame Newspaper Shooting On The Loss Of Social Media Monitoring Tool, But It Doesn't Add Up by Tim Cushing 7-05-2018 10:39 AM (22 comments)
Researchers Reveal Details Of Printer Tracking Dots, Develop Free Software To Defeat It by Glyn Moody 7-02-2018 7:48 PM (40 comments)
Threats To Pull Database Access Increasing Misuse Reporting By Cali Law Enforcement Agencies by Tim Cushing 7-02-2018 11:59 AM (7 comments)
Facial Recognition Company Says It Won't Sell To Law Enforcement, Knowing It'll Be Abused by Mike Masnick 6-29-2018 1:30 PM (20 comments)
A Twitter Leak Scuttled An NBA Draft Day Trade This Year by Timothy Geigner 6-28-2018 1:31 PM (5 comments)

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