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Trademark Has Come To This: Tinder Opposes Dating App With Only One Lonely Dude On Its Dating Roster by Timothy Geigner 5-23-2017 6:23 PM (10 comments)
If Net Neutrality Dies, Comcast Can Just Block A Protest Site Instead Of Sending A Bogus Cease-And-Desist by Mike Masnick 5-23-2017 3:00 PM (36 comments)
Tough Mudder Threatens Local Rotary Club Over 'Significant Use Of The Color Orange' by Timothy Geigner 5-12-2017 11:57 AM (33 comments)
Bethesda's Pete Hines Shrugs His Shoulders About Trademark Dispute With No Matter Studios by Timothy Geigner 5-11-2017 5:08 PM (17 comments)
Bethesda Trademark Bullying Results In Indie Game Adding A Whole Letter To Its Name, But Not Its Logo by Timothy Geigner 5-10-2017 6:11 PM (11 comments)
US Entertainment Firm Milks Croatian Concert Promoter With Trademark Rights It May Never Have Owned by Timothy Geigner 5-05-2017 3:25 PM (7 comments)
Sad Raiders Fans Fail To Keep Team In Oakland By Squatting On Trademark by Timothy Geigner 5-04-2017 2:52 PM (14 comments)
More IP Attorneys Predict More Craft Beer Trademark Disputes As The Industry Continues To Grow by Timothy Geigner 4-25-2017 6:28 PM (11 comments)
British Columbia Winery Has Trademark Opposed By Pre-Packaged Foods Company For Some Reason by Timothy Geigner 4-21-2017 4:12 PM (7 comments)
Trademark Bullying Works: Mooselick Brewing Co. Becomes Granite Roots Brewing Out Of Fear Of Moosehead Breweries by Timothy Geigner 4-13-2017 3:17 PM (15 comments)
Q&A With Wine Country IP Attorneys Shows Just How Problematic Trademark Is Becoming by Timothy Geigner 4-12-2017 5:59 PM (7 comments)
Dear CD Projekt Red: Please Stop Trying To Get Trademarks On The Common Name Of A Genre by Timothy Geigner 4-11-2017 3:26 AM (22 comments)
Brewery Looks To Reform Trademark Practices After Its Lawyers Bully A Pub Over Its Name by Timothy Geigner 3-31-2017 4:49 PM (10 comments)
Monster Energy Attempts To Run From Laughable Trademark Spat It Started With Thunder Beast Root Beer by Timothy Geigner 3-30-2017 4:35 PM (19 comments)
Broadway Play Changes Set Design Over Cafe Trademark Threat And, No, That Doesn't Make Any Damned Sense by Timothy Geigner 3-27-2017 5:09 PM (14 comments)
Trademark Censoring: Hungary Considering Banning Heineken Red Star Trademark Because Communism by Timothy Geigner 3-24-2017 4:23 PM (13 comments)
'Thru Dropbox' Trademark Registrant's 'Bad Faith' Litigation Results In $2 Million Fee Award To Dropbox by Tim Cushing 3-13-2017 2:56 PM (11 comments)
China Busily Approving 'Trump' Trademarks With Stunning Speed by Timothy Geigner 3-09-2017 2:49 PM (44 comments)
UK Intellectual Property Office Refuses Beer Brewery's Request To Block Trademark Application For Whisky by Timothy Geigner 3-08-2017 5:16 PM (17 comments)
Wolfgang Puck Battles Elon Musk's Brother Over Trademark Rights For 'The Kitchen' In Restaurant Industry by Timothy Geigner 3-07-2017 5:39 PM (26 comments)
Florida City Sends Bogus Trademark C&D To Blogger Because It Doesn't Like Its Logo Parodied by Tim Cushing 3-06-2017 9:28 AM (22 comments)
Soundcloud Tells Guy It Needs To Kill His Account Of 8 Years Because Someone Else Trademarked His Name by Mike Masnick 3-01-2017 11:48 AM (47 comments)
Chinese Trademarks And The Emoluments Clause: Do They Intersect In The Trump Presidency? by Timothy Geigner 2-17-2017 1:45 PM (61 comments)
Pro-Marijuana Student Organization Wins Court Case Over Using School Logos by Timothy Geigner 2-16-2017 6:07 PM (31 comments)
Wawa Versus Dawa: Trademark Dispute Blamed On A Need To Police That Doesn't Exist by Timothy Geigner 2-06-2017 5:35 PM (18 comments)
HowStuffWorks Attempts To Explain Why Advertisers Use Super Bowl Euphemisms, But I Have A Simpler Explanation by Timothy Geigner 2-03-2017 7:39 PM (26 comments)
Nine Years Later, Patriots Get '19-0' And 'Perfect Season' Trademarks, Despite Doing Neither by Mike Masnick 2-02-2017 2:24 PM (19 comments)
Jose Cuervo Loses Bid To Block Trademark Registration For Il Corvo Wine by Timothy Geigner 1-27-2017 3:01 PM (8 comments)
Trump Campaign Wants To Trademark 'Keep America Great' by Mike Masnick 1-25-2017 9:42 AM (40 comments)
Supreme Court Delves Into Question Of Whether Or Not You Can Trademark 'Disparaging' Terms by Mike Masnick 1-19-2017 1:19 PM (17 comments)

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