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Failed Cybersquatter Asks Supreme Court To Declare 'Google' A Generic Term by Tim Cushing 8-23-2017 3:39 AM (32 comments)
NFL Tells ICE That Parody Shirts Are Counterfeits by Mike Masnick 8-18-2017 10:46 AM (32 comments)
NY Mets Oppose Trademark For Medical Exam Tracking System (METS) Claiming Potential Customer Confusion by Timothy Geigner 8-07-2017 7:41 PM (18 comments)
Canadian Man Somehow Gets Trademark On His Own County's Name, Govt. Says Legal Action Is The Only Remedy by Timothy Geigner 8-03-2017 6:39 AM (29 comments)
Would You Confuse 'Pierogi Fest' With 'Edwardsville Pierogi Festival'? Neither Would We by Timothy Geigner 8-02-2017 6:40 PM (20 comments)
MLB Comes To Its Senses And Declines To Oppose Overwatch League Trademark by Timothy Geigner 7-31-2017 6:36 PM (7 comments)
Cigar City Brewing Sues Cigar City Salsa Over Trademark Despite Being In Different Marketplaces by Timothy Geigner 7-28-2017 3:40 PM (18 comments)
E And J Gallo Sends Cease And Desist Trademark Notice To E And B Beer by Timothy Geigner 7-27-2017 6:27 PM (24 comments)
Titleist Tees Up Lawsuit Against Parody Clothier Because Golf Doesn't Have A Sense Of Humor by Timothy Geigner 7-26-2017 6:44 PM (25 comments)
Terrible Ruling Allows Untied To Keep Its Domain But Not Its Soul by Timothy Geigner 7-25-2017 11:56 AM (36 comments)
MLB Mulls Over Opposing Trademark For New Overwatch League Logo by Timothy Geigner 7-21-2017 3:33 PM (18 comments)
Olive Garden Asks Olive Garden Reviewer Not To Refer To Olive Garden Due To Trademarks by Timothy Geigner 7-21-2017 10:47 AM (40 comments)
BrewDog's Trademark Application For 'Elvis Juice' Brew Blocked By The Elvis Presley Estate by Timothy Geigner 7-18-2017 6:41 PM (26 comments)
Canadian Rapper Sends Rap Video Cease & Desist Letter To Coca Cola For 'Jacking' His Catchphrase by Mike Masnick 7-13-2017 11:56 AM (17 comments)
Two Wangs Of Ireland Battle Over Trademarks Nobody Will Confuse by Timothy Geigner 7-06-2017 6:36 PM (12 comments)
King Has 'Crush' Trademark Opposed By Dr. Pepper by Timothy Geigner 6-23-2017 3:47 PM (22 comments)
The Salt Lake City Comic Con Trademark Dispute Is Still Going And Just Went To Deposition by Timothy Geigner 6-22-2017 10:42 AM (17 comments)
Small Irish Craft Beer Joint Has Actually Original Trademark Opposed By Holder Of A Purely Geographic Mark by Timothy Geigner 6-20-2017 6:28 PM (15 comments)
Comicmix Wins Against Dr. Seuss Estate On Trademark Infringement Claim, Copyright Claim In Serious Jeopardy by Timothy Geigner 6-16-2017 12:07 PM (12 comments)
Trademark Bullying Works: Dawa Food Mart Agrees To Name Change After Trademark Suit From Wawa by Timothy Geigner 6-09-2017 3:23 PM (4 comments)
Kellogg's Takes Australian Tennis Player To Court For Branding Himself 'Special K' by Timothy Geigner 6-08-2017 11:50 AM (49 comments)
Brewery Sues Competitor Over Schooner Logos And Use Of The Word 'Head' by Timothy Geigner 6-07-2017 6:29 PM (51 comments)
Aussie Catering Company Pokes Brewery Over Trademark Spat, Now Finds Itself Potentially Losing The Mark Entirely by Timothy Geigner 5-31-2017 6:24 PM (13 comments)
PayPal Sues Pandora Over Yawn-Inducing Logos And Tweets About People Opening The Wrong App by Timothy Geigner 5-26-2017 1:32 PM (26 comments)
Trademark Has Come To This: Tinder Opposes Dating App With Only One Lonely Dude On Its Dating Roster by Timothy Geigner 5-23-2017 6:23 PM (21 comments)
If Net Neutrality Dies, Comcast Can Just Block A Protest Site Instead Of Sending A Bogus Cease-And-Desist by Mike Masnick 5-23-2017 3:00 PM (58 comments)
Tough Mudder Threatens Local Rotary Club Over 'Significant Use Of The Color Orange' by Timothy Geigner 5-12-2017 11:57 AM (33 comments)
Bethesda's Pete Hines Shrugs His Shoulders About Trademark Dispute With No Matter Studios by Timothy Geigner 5-11-2017 5:08 PM (17 comments)
Bethesda Trademark Bullying Results In Indie Game Adding A Whole Letter To Its Name, But Not Its Logo by Timothy Geigner 5-10-2017 6:11 PM (11 comments)
US Entertainment Firm Milks Croatian Concert Promoter With Trademark Rights It May Never Have Owned by Timothy Geigner 5-05-2017 3:25 PM (7 comments)

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