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The DMV Is Selling Your Data To Vast Array Of Third Parties by Karl Bode 9-12-2019 11:56 AM (22 comments)
DOJ Wants Apple, Google To Hand Over Names And Phone Numbers Of 10,000 App Users by Tim Cushing 9-11-2019 10:44 AM (27 comments)
FTC's Latest Fine Of YouTube Over COPPA Violations Shows That COPPA And Section 230 Are On A Collision Course by Mike Masnick 9-06-2019 10:47 AM (16 comments)
Feds Used A 'Reverse' Warrant To Try To Track Down Bank Robbers In Wisconsin by Tim Cushing 9-05-2019 3:41 AM (29 comments)
Facebook And Twitter Hope To Fix California's Troubled Privacy Law With...Misleading Ads? by Karl Bode 9-04-2019 6:49 AM (8 comments)
The Conflict Between Social Media Transparency And Bad Privacy Laws Is Going To Get Worse by Mike Masnick 8-29-2019 9:15 AM (13 comments)
As The NSA Declares Phone Record Program Dead, Trump Administration Asks For A Permanent Reauthorization by Tim Cushing 8-19-2019 6:22 AM (17 comments)
NYPD Used Reverse Warrants To Round Up Proud Boys Members Suspected Of Beating Antifa Members by Tim Cushing 8-16-2019 10:49 AM (110 comments)
The GDPR Is A Wide Open Vulnerability For Identity Fraud And Scams by Mike Masnick 8-16-2019 9:33 AM (32 comments)
Ring Is Teaching Cops How To Obtain Doorbell Camera Footage Without A Warrant by Tim Cushing 8-08-2019 12:16 PM (7 comments)
Capital One Gets In On The Data Breach Action, Coughs Up Info On 100 Million Customers To A Single Hacker by Tim Cushing 7-30-2019 10:44 AM (22 comments)
The Newest Growth Market For License Plate Readers Is Those Assholes Running The Local Homeowners Association by Tim Cushing 7-26-2019 10:45 AM (53 comments)
Google Finally Settles Lawsuit Over Decade-Old WiFi Snooping Accusations by Karl Bode 7-24-2019 1:49 PM (10 comments)
FTC's Privacy Settlement With Facebook Gets Pretty Much Everything Backwards; Probably Helps Facebook by Mike Masnick 7-24-2019 10:45 AM (25 comments)
Instead Of Parents Spying On Their Kids Online, Why Not Teach Them How To Be Good Digital Citizens by Mike Masnick 7-23-2019 9:32 AM (68 comments)
Steve Bannon The Latest To Abuse Consumer Location Data by Karl Bode 7-23-2019 6:27 AM (10 comments)
FTC's YouTube Privacy Settlement Pisses Everyone Off; Perhaps We're Doing Privacy Wrong by Mike Masnick 7-22-2019 6:23 AM (63 comments)
Public Records Request Nets User's Manual For Palantir's Souped-Up Surveillance Software by Tim Cushing 7-19-2019 10:44 AM (13 comments)
London Metropolitan Police's Facial Recognition System Is Now Only Misidentifying People 81% Of The Time by Tim Cushing 7-19-2019 3:15 AM (19 comments)
FBI, ICE Are Running Facial Recognition Searches Against State Drivers' Databases by Tim Cushing 7-18-2019 3:33 AM (42 comments)
Idaho Magistrate Judge Shoots Down Another Government Request For Compelled Fingerprint Production by Tim Cushing 7-17-2019 3:30 PM (16 comments)
Russian Spy Discovers The Hard Way How Much His Smartphone's Metadata Reveals About His Activities by Glyn Moody 7-16-2019 3:23 AM (13 comments)
EFF Posts New White Paper On Stingray Device Capabilities by Tim Cushing 7-15-2019 3:41 PM (9 comments)
The FTC And Facebook: Why The $5 Billion Fine Is Both Too Little And Too Much by Mike Masnick 7-15-2019 10:44 AM (25 comments)
Thinking Of Privacy As A Property Right Will End Badly by Mike Masnick 7-10-2019 10:44 AM (21 comments)
Somerville, Massachusetts Becomes The Second US City To Ban Facial Recognition Tech by Tim Cushing 7-01-2019 1:37 PM (9 comments)
Another Report Shows The GDPR Benefited Google And Facebook, And Hurt Everyone Else by Mike Masnick 6-27-2019 3:27 AM (43 comments)
Once Again: It's Not Clear The Internet Needs Creepy Targeted Ads by Mike Masnick 6-25-2019 10:44 AM (37 comments)
Australian Home Affairs Minister Says Government Still Considering Spying On Its Own Citizens by Tim Cushing 6-20-2019 3:22 AM (14 comments)
Oversight Says FBI's Facial Recognition System Has Gotten Bigger, But Not Better by Tim Cushing 6-12-2019 3:19 PM (7 comments)

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