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Florida Cops Shut Down Secret Spy Plane Plan After Backlash By Locals by Tim Cushing 6-22-2017 3:34 PM (7 comments)
Legislators Want To Open Up Wiretap Laws To Target Sex Workers And Their Customers by Tim Cushing 6-22-2017 11:56 AM (50 comments)
Unnamed Tech Company Challenged 702 Surveillance Order by Tim Cushing 6-15-2017 10:44 AM (1 comments)
Senator Tom Cotton Introduces Bill That Would Renew Section 702 Forever With Zero Changes by Tim Cushing 6-07-2017 9:22 AM (27 comments)
Supreme Court To Consider Fourth Amendment Implications Of Cell Site Location Info by Tim Cushing 6-06-2017 11:56 AM (26 comments)
Sixth Circuit Appeals Court Latest To Say Real-Time Cellphone Location Tracking Not A Fourth Amendment Issue by Tim Cushing 6-06-2017 9:31 AM (10 comments)
DHS Steps Up Demands For Visa Applicants' Social Media Account Info by Tim Cushing 6-02-2017 3:17 AM (57 comments)
Court Says Password Protection Doesn't Restore An Abandoned Phone's Privacy Expectations by Tim Cushing 6-01-2017 11:43 AM (25 comments)
Appeals Court: An IP Address And Some Alternative Facts Are A 'Reasonable' Basis For A Search by Tim Cushing 5-31-2017 1:36 PM (20 comments)
ISP-Loyal Marsha Blackburn Pushing New Broadband Privacy Law, But It's A Hollow PR Show Pony With No Chance Of Passing by Karl Bode 5-31-2017 6:07 AM (36 comments)
Fifth Circuit Says No Warrants Needed To Obtain Near-Real Time Cell Site Location Info by Tim Cushing 5-31-2017 3:08 AM (26 comments)
Congress Fast-Tracks Bill That Would Give DHS Agencies Access To NSA Collections by Tim Cushing 5-30-2017 3:17 PM (23 comments)
ICE Using Stingrays To Track Down Immigrants Because Of Course It Is by Tim Cushing 5-23-2017 9:31 AM (20 comments)
Senate Given The Go-Ahead To Use Encrypted Messaging App Signal by Tim Cushing 5-19-2017 7:39 PM (128 comments)
FCC Commissioner Wants To Ban States From Protecting Consumer Broadband Privacy by Karl Bode 5-18-2017 6:30 AM (79 comments)
Inspector General's Report Shows Section 702 Isn't The Only Thing Being Abused By The NSA by Tim Cushing 5-17-2017 3:16 AM (8 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 121: The Crypto Wars May Never End by Leigh Beadon 5-09-2017 1:30 PM (1 comments)
Mounting Privacy Problems In Europe For Facebook's Acquisition Of WhatsApp by Glyn Moody 5-03-2017 6:30 PM (2 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 120: The Surveillance State by Leigh Beadon 5-02-2017 1:15 PM (2 comments)
The NSA's 702 Shutdown Is Good News, But There Are A Whole Lot Of Caveats by Tim Cushing 5-01-2017 3:39 AM (13 comments)
The Email Collection The NSA Shut Down Has Been Abused For Years by Tim Cushing 4-28-2017 7:39 PM (14 comments)
NSA Makes Pitch For Section 702 Approval While Its 702 Requests Aren't Being Approved By The Court by Tim Cushing 4-27-2017 10:45 AM (10 comments)
Bose Lawsuit For Collecting Headphone Data Is Flimsy, But Highlights Continued Lack Of Real Transparency by Karl Bode 4-26-2017 1:21 PM (17 comments)
Legislators, School Administrators Back Off Cellphone Search Bill After Running Into ACLU Opposition by Tim Cushing 4-24-2017 3:08 PM (27 comments)
Yes, There Are Other Laws That Protect Privacy, But FCC's Rules Were Still Helpful by Mike Masnick 4-12-2017 9:30 AM (12 comments)
Canada's National Police Force Officially Confirms Ownership, Use Of Stingray Devices by Tim Cushing 4-10-2017 2:58 PM (13 comments)
Oh, Sure, Now Congress Is Serious About Asking NSA About Surveillance On Americans by Mike Masnick 4-07-2017 3:33 PM (27 comments)
State Appeals Court Says There's An Expectation Of Privacy In Vehicle Data Recorders by Tim Cushing 4-06-2017 2:50 PM (22 comments)
FCC, FTC Bosses Pen Misleading Editorial Falsely Claiming The Best Way To Protect Your Privacy Moving Forward... Is To Gut Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 4-05-2017 11:46 AM (25 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 116: The Truth About VPNs by Leigh Beadon 4-04-2017 1:15 PM (13 comments)

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