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DHS Probably Didn't Clone Phones To Intercept Protesters' Communications by Tim Cushing 9-28-2020 1:33 PM (21 comments)
Senator Blumenthal Warns AT&T Not To Make Wireless Privacy A Luxury Option by Karl Bode 9-25-2020 6:22 AM (16 comments)
Fourth Circuit Appeals Court Seems Skeptical That Baltimore's Aerial Surveillance System Violates The Fourth Amendment by Tim Cushing 9-21-2020 7:54 PM (6 comments)
Mass Biometric Scanning Of Students Is COVID-19's Latest Dystopian Twist by Tim Cushing 8-27-2020 1:49 PM (5 comments)
CBP Is Still Buying Location Data From A Company Currently Being Investigated By Congress by Tim Cushing 8-26-2020 9:37 AM (3 comments)
Secret Service Latest To Use Data Brokers To Dodge Warrant Requirements For Cell Site Location Data by Tim Cushing 8-24-2020 9:21 AM (15 comments)
UK Says South Wales Police's Facial Recognition Program Is Unlawful by Tim Cushing 8-20-2020 3:46 AM (4 comments)
Google Responds To Hong Kong's New National Security Law By Rejecting Its Government's Requests For Data by Tim Cushing 8-17-2020 1:40 PM (24 comments)
Clearview Hires Prominent First Amendment Lawyer To Argue For Its Right To Sell Scraped Data To Cops by Tim Cushing 8-14-2020 1:33 PM (23 comments)
CBP Privacy Impact Assessment Says It Can Pull All Sorts Of Data And Communications From Peoples' Devices At The Border by Tim Cushing 8-13-2020 3:17 AM (18 comments)
Congressional Reps Want To Know Why The California DMV Is Making $50 Million A Year Selling Driver Data by Tim Cushing 8-11-2020 2:57 AM (21 comments)
Baltimore's Aerial Surveillance Program Has Logged 700 Flight Hours, One (1) Arrest by Tim Cushing 8-10-2020 9:37 AM (11 comments)
The Latest Targets Of DHS Surveillance Are Journalists Who Published Leaked Documents by Tim Cushing 8-03-2020 6:23 AM (42 comments)
Banning TikTok Will Accomplish Nothing. Fix Our Broader Security & Privacy Problems Instead. by Karl Bode 7-29-2020 12:13 PM (8 comments)
CBP Has Access To Billions Of License Plate Images Collected By Private Companies by Tim Cushing 7-24-2020 3:23 AM (16 comments)
Good News: ACLU Calls On Californians To VOTE NO On Bogus 'Consumer Privacy' Proposition 24 by Mike Masnick 7-23-2020 1:34 PM (4 comments)
DNA Company Accidentally Exposes Opted Out Users' Data To Law Enforcement by Tim Cushing 7-23-2020 2:36 AM (12 comments)
DHS Is Engaging In Domestic Surveillance To Protect The Homeland Against Threats To Statues by Tim Cushing 7-22-2020 10:44 AM (79 comments)
As Expected, US Surveillance Of Social Media Leads To EU Court Of Justice Rejecting EU/US Privacy Shield by Mike Masnick 7-16-2020 12:12 PM (17 comments)
CBP Updates Privacy Impact Assessment On License Plate Readers; Says Opting Out Involves Not Driving by Tim Cushing 7-16-2020 3:36 AM (11 comments)
Companies Are Selling Cops Access To Personal Data Harvested From Malicious Hacking And Data Breaches by Tim Cushing 7-14-2020 3:49 PM (29 comments)
Clearview Calls It Quits In Canada While Under Investigation By The Privacy Commissioner by Tim Cushing 7-10-2020 2:34 PM (2 comments)
ICE The Latest Agency To Be Blessed By The Administration With The 'Security Agency' Accountability Shield by Tim Cushing 7-09-2020 9:34 AM (16 comments)
Indiana Supreme Court Says Compelled Decryption Of Smartphones Violates The Fifth Amendment by Tim Cushing 6-30-2020 3:23 AM (22 comments)
UK Information Commissioner Says Police Are Grabbing Too Much Data From Phones Owned By Crime Victims by Tim Cushing 6-25-2020 3:18 AM (23 comments)
Top German Court Rules Facebook's Collection And Use Of Data From Third-Party Sources Requires 'Voluntary' Consent by Glyn Moody 6-24-2020 8:03 PM (18 comments)
New York City Residents Turn City's Traffic Cameras Into Cop-Watching Tools by Tim Cushing 6-19-2020 1:43 PM (15 comments)
Privacy Concerns Lead To Deletion Of All Data Collected By Norway's Contact Tracing App by Glyn Moody 6-18-2020 3:10 AM (7 comments)
DEA Wants In On The Fun, Asks DOJ To Give It Permission To Surveil George Floyd Protests by Tim Cushing 6-10-2020 3:20 AM (35 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 245: Pandemic Privacy by Leigh Beadon 6-09-2020 1:30 PM (4 comments)

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