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Intelligence Oversight Committees Are Being Stocked With Former Intelligence Agency Employees by Tim Cushing 9-08-2017 4:14 PM (17 comments)
Large ISP & Silicon Valley CEOs Were Too Afraid To Publicly Testify On Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 9-06-2017 6:36 AM (24 comments)
Intelligence Committee Pins A 'Surveil Me' Sign On Wikileaks' Back In Latest Authorization Bill by Tim Cushing 8-24-2017 9:29 AM (28 comments)
FOIA Lawsuit Filed Over DOJ Data Complainant Is Pretty Sure Doesn't Even Exist by Tim Cushing 8-17-2017 3:34 AM (12 comments)
House Oversight Head Still Concerned Surveillance He Approves Of Is Being Used Against His Party by Tim Cushing 8-03-2017 1:23 PM (14 comments)
Canada Appoints Lobbyist To Top Telecom Regulator, Follows US Down The Regulatory Capture Rabbit Hole by Karl Bode 7-31-2017 3:34 PM (11 comments)
Here Comes The Big Push For A Really Shitty New Net Neutrality Law by Karl Bode 7-26-2017 6:25 AM (31 comments)
Trump's Pick For FBI Head Sounds A Lot Like The Guy He Fired When It Comes To Encryption by Tim Cushing 7-14-2017 7:39 PM (24 comments)
EU's Brexit Strategy Shows How Aggressive Transparency Can Be Used To Gain The Upper Hand In Negotiations by Glyn Moody 7-12-2017 6:36 PM (54 comments)
Trump Hopes To Use AT&T Time Warner Merger As 'Leverage' Over CNN by Karl Bode 7-12-2017 10:40 AM (28 comments)
House Appropriation Committee Demolishes Hollywood's Excuses For Moving Copyright Office Out Of Library Of Congress by Mike Masnick 7-07-2017 1:34 PM (12 comments)
NSA Appears To Be Seducing Sen. John Cornyn With Personal Tours And One-On-One Meetings by Tim Cushing 6-28-2017 6:35 PM (7 comments)
Three Thoughts On EU's $2.7 Billion Antitrust Google Fine by Mike Masnick 6-28-2017 10:44 AM (55 comments)
Deputy Attorney General Asks Congress For $21 Million To Solve The FBI's 'Going Dark' Problem by Tim Cushing 6-21-2017 12:03 PM (24 comments)
Sen. Feinstein Calls For Section 702 Reforms, No 'Forever' Reauthorization by Tim Cushing 6-12-2017 10:42 AM (22 comments)
Trump Lawyer Threatens To Report A Former FBI Employee To The Inspector General by Tim Cushing 6-12-2017 6:21 AM (113 comments)
Mozilla Poll Again Shows Net Neutrality Has Broad, Bipartisan Support by Karl Bode 6-09-2017 6:24 AM (31 comments)
Congress Getting Pissed Off Over Failure Of Intel Community To Reveal How Many Americans Are Being Spied On by Mike Masnick 6-08-2017 9:32 AM (32 comments)
Frontier Fires State Senate Leader (Who Also Worked For Frontier) For Supporting Attempts To Improve Broadband Competition by Karl Bode 6-08-2017 6:42 AM (35 comments)
Intelligence Community Leaks Are Normalizing Domestic Surveillance Abuses by Tim Cushing 5-30-2017 6:30 AM (26 comments)
Congress Busted Using Cable Lobbyist Talking Points In Attacks On Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 5-26-2017 6:35 AM (39 comments)
NSA Boss: Section 702 Should Be Renewed Because It Helped Prove Russia Hacked Election by Tim Cushing 5-15-2017 3:28 AM (18 comments)
FCC Temporarily Stops Taking Net Neutrality Comments So FCC Can 'Reflect' by Mike Masnick 5-12-2017 1:46 PM (18 comments)
Roku Hires DC Lobbyists For First Time To Fight For Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 4-19-2017 6:18 PM (5 comments)
Comcast Paid Civil Rights Groups To Support Killing Broadband Privacy Rules by Karl Bode 4-05-2017 6:24 AM (29 comments)
Privacy And National Security Concerns Play Second Fiddle To Administration's Attempts To Control The Narrative by Tim Cushing 4-03-2017 6:26 AM (34 comments)
All That On-Off Excitement About CETA Last Year? It's Happening Again by Glyn Moody 3-30-2017 3:36 AM (4 comments)
Australian Govt.: Just Kidding On That Whole Safe Harbors Reform Thing, Guys by Timothy Geigner 3-24-2017 3:03 AM (11 comments)
Majority Of Intuit's Lobbying Dollars Spent Trying To Stop IRS From Making It Easier To File Your Taxes by Timothy Geigner 3-23-2017 9:24 AM (28 comments)
Federal Election Commission Member Quits, Says Agency Refuses To Address Campaign Finance Violations by Tim Cushing 2-24-2017 10:49 AM (36 comments)

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