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Congress Busted Using Cable Lobbyist Talking Points In Attacks On Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 5-26-2017 6:35 AM (38 comments)
NSA Boss: Section 702 Should Be Renewed Because It Helped Prove Russia Hacked Election by Tim Cushing 5-15-2017 3:28 AM (18 comments)
FCC Temporarily Stops Taking Net Neutrality Comments So FCC Can 'Reflect' by Mike Masnick 5-12-2017 1:46 PM (18 comments)
Roku Hires DC Lobbyists For First Time To Fight For Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 4-19-2017 6:18 PM (5 comments)
Comcast Paid Civil Rights Groups To Support Killing Broadband Privacy Rules by Karl Bode 4-05-2017 6:24 AM (29 comments)
Privacy And National Security Concerns Play Second Fiddle To Administration's Attempts To Control The Narrative by Tim Cushing 4-03-2017 6:26 AM (34 comments)
All That On-Off Excitement About CETA Last Year? It's Happening Again by Glyn Moody 3-30-2017 3:36 AM (4 comments)
Australian Govt.: Just Kidding On That Whole Safe Harbors Reform Thing, Guys by Timothy Geigner 3-24-2017 3:03 AM (11 comments)
Majority Of Intuit's Lobbying Dollars Spent Trying To Stop IRS From Making It Easier To File Your Taxes by Timothy Geigner 3-23-2017 9:24 AM (28 comments)
Federal Election Commission Member Quits, Says Agency Refuses To Address Campaign Finance Violations by Tim Cushing 2-24-2017 10:49 AM (36 comments)
In Latest Twist To The Global Trade Deal Saga, EU Now Looking To Fill The Gap Left By US In Exiting TPP by Glyn Moody 2-24-2017 3:28 AM (11 comments)
Freshman Representative Serves Up Immigration Bill That Would Make The DHS Do Things It Already Does by Tim Cushing 2-17-2017 10:49 AM (26 comments)
Canada-EU Trade Deal Ratified By European Union; Now Needs Approval By All Member States' National Parliaments by Glyn Moody 2-15-2017 5:44 PM (11 comments)
Get Ready For 'Leak Investigations' In The Trump White House by Mike Masnick 2-14-2017 12:09 PM (56 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 107: Changing Government Starts With You by Leigh Beadon 1-31-2017 1:30 PM (12 comments)
Not Only Is Steve Bannon Sitting In On National Security Meetings, The Usual Paper Trail Is Disappearing by Tim Cushing 1-31-2017 12:07 PM (83 comments)
Trump Muzzles Federal Employees; Reporters Start Asking For Leaks by Mike Masnick 1-24-2017 2:46 PM (159 comments)
US Is Officially Out Of The TPP, Though Not For Any Of The (Many) Good Reasons by Mike Masnick 1-23-2017 10:46 AM (26 comments)
US Government To Start Working On NAFTA 2.0 Immediately; What Will It Do On Corporate Sovereignty? by Glyn Moody 1-20-2017 10:45 AM (24 comments)
Dear Lawmakers: Five Years Ago The Internet Rose Up In Protest & We're Still Watching by Mike Masnick 1-18-2017 9:37 AM (9 comments)
Rudy Giuliani To Head Up Trump's Cybersecurity Team As The Internet Laughs At Giuliani's Security Bona Fides by Timothy Geigner 1-13-2017 9:40 AM (44 comments)
Iceland Forms A New Government... Without The Pirate Party by Mike Masnick 1-10-2017 5:46 PM (20 comments)
Donald Trump Demonstrating How Much Of Our Political System Is Based On Tradition & Custom, Not Rules by Mike Masnick 1-06-2017 11:54 AM (114 comments)
Congressman Goodlatte Decides To Refill The Swamp By Gutting Congressional Ethics Office... But Drops It After Bad Publicity by Mike Masnick 1-03-2017 9:37 AM (37 comments)
Whether Or Not You Believe Russia Interfered In The Election, We Should All Be Worried About Escalation Based On Secret Info by Mike Masnick 1-03-2017 8:29 AM (29 comments)
White House Kicks Russian Diplomats Out Of The Country, Releases Preliminary Report On Russian Hacking With More To Come by Mike Masnick 12-30-2016 4:13 AM (88 comments)
Trump's Pick For Attorney General A Big Fan Of Civil Asset Forfeiture by Tim Cushing 12-29-2016 11:02 AM (34 comments)
Ridiculous Congressional Proposal Would Fine Reps Who Live Stream From The Floor by Mike Masnick 12-29-2016 9:04 AM (33 comments)
Obama Pulls Cybercommand Control From NSA; Changes To Take Effect Whenever by Tim Cushing 12-27-2016 7:06 AM (9 comments)
The Surveillance Oversight Board Is Dead And It's Unlikely President Trump Will Revive It by Tim Cushing 12-23-2016 12:16 PM (7 comments)

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