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Elizabeth Warren's Feud With Facebook Over 'False' Ads Just Highlights The Impossibility Of Content Moderation At Scale by Mike Masnick 10-15-2019 9:33 AM (83 comments)
The DOJ Is Conflating The Content Moderation Debate With The Encryption Debate: Don't Let Them by Mike Masnick 10-08-2019 9:23 AM (24 comments)
People Freaking Out About Amazon Copying A Shoe Are Totally Missing The Point by Mike Masnick 9-23-2019 10:45 AM (60 comments)
Verizon Can't Stop Over-hyping 5G; This Time In NFL Stadiums by Karl Bode 9-11-2019 6:21 AM (26 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 223: Bedbugs & Beyond, With David Karpf by Leigh Beadon 9-04-2019 1:30 PM (6 comments)
The Oakland PD's Dramatic Drop In Use-Of-Force Incidents Is All Bullshit by Tim Cushing 8-23-2019 3:36 PM (6 comments)
Cracks Showing In Epic Store's PR War As Developers Have To Plead With Public To Not Harass Them by Timothy Geigner 8-21-2019 7:50 PM (109 comments)
Twitter And Facebook Removing Chinese Disinfo Campaigns Shows That, Contrary To Popular Opinion, They Do Moderate Against Disinfo by Mike Masnick 8-19-2019 3:36 PM (21 comments)
The FBI Can't Get Into The Dayton Shooter's Phone. So What? by Tim Cushing 8-13-2019 10:44 AM (49 comments)
The Great Hack Wasn't A Hack And Big Tech's Problems Aren't Really About Big Tech by Mike Masnick 7-30-2019 9:35 AM (46 comments)
Early 5G Plans Show Cell Carriers Haven't Learned Much About Misleading 'Unlimited' Plans by Karl Bode 7-24-2019 6:35 AM (30 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 218: Don't Panic by Leigh Beadon 7-23-2019 1:30 PM (0 comments)
For All Of Trump's Complaints About Social Media 'Censorship', The White House Itself Moderates Content Similarly To Social Media Sites by Mike Masnick 7-22-2019 10:44 AM (87 comments)
Latest Huawei 'Smoking Gun' Still Doesn't Prove Global Blackball Effort's Primary Justification by Karl Bode 7-18-2019 1:31 PM (27 comments)
Claims Of 5G Health Risks Are Frequently Based On A Single, 20 Year Old Flawed Graph by Karl Bode 7-18-2019 6:35 AM (42 comments)
AT&T Breaks Another Merger Promise In Making 'Friends' Exclusive by Karl Bode 7-12-2019 6:22 AM (23 comments)
The Press Needs An Intervention When It Comes To Over-Hyping 5G by Karl Bode 7-02-2019 6:26 AM (23 comments)
Why Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency Is Both More Interesting Than Expected And Less Interesting Than I Hoped by Mike Masnick 6-26-2019 10:44 AM (26 comments)
Verizon Now Pretending That 5G Will Help Cure Cancer by Karl Bode 6-26-2019 6:30 AM (42 comments)
No, Your Kid Isn't Growing Horns Because Of Cellphone Use by Karl Bode 6-20-2019 12:08 PM (34 comments)
There Are Lots Of Ways To Punish Big Tech Companies, But Only A Few Will Actually Help Improve The Internet by Mike Masnick 6-14-2019 9:27 AM (88 comments)
FCC Pats Itself On The Back For 'New' Robocall Plan That Isn't New, Has No Real Teeth by Karl Bode 6-13-2019 6:37 AM (20 comments)
If You Think The Reason Internet Companies Snarf Up Your Data Is Because Their Services Are Free, Allow Me To Introduce You To The Telcos by Mike Masnick 6-11-2019 9:32 AM (17 comments)
Whining About Big Tech Doesn't Protect Journalism by Mike Masnick 6-10-2019 11:57 AM (32 comments)
This is Silly: Pelosi Says Facebook Is A 'Willing Enabler' Of Russian Election Meddling. It Is Not by Mike Masnick 5-30-2019 9:37 AM (131 comments)
Foxconn Still Trying To Tap Dance Around Its Ever-Shrinking Wisconsin Promises by Karl Bode 5-17-2019 7:39 PM (13 comments)
Like Clockwork After A Big Tragedy, People Rush In To Blame... Social Media by Mike Masnick 4-23-2019 10:44 AM (118 comments)
Trump's Chinese Telecom Protectionism Always Seems To Be Lacking Evidence by Karl Bode 4-23-2019 6:23 AM (24 comments)
T-Mobile's 'Revolutionary' New TV Service Looks Like The Same Old Crap by Karl Bode 4-15-2019 1:36 PM (12 comments)
Verizon's 'World First' 5G Launch Was A Bit of a Dud by Karl Bode 4-10-2019 6:37 AM (9 comments)

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