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You Know That Mobile Phone Tracking Data You Used As Evidence In Over 10,000 Court Cases? Turns Out Some Of It Was Wrong, But We're Not Sure Which Yet by Glyn Moody 8-30-2019 12:08 PM (16 comments)
The CIA Wants To Make It Easier To Jail Journalists And No One In Congress Is Stopping It From Happening by Tim Cushing 7-17-2019 12:06 PM (22 comments)
UK ISPs Vilify Mozilla For Trying To Secure The Internet by Karl Bode 7-09-2019 6:35 AM (26 comments)
Bill Introduced To Create A Warrant Requirement For Border Device Searches by Tim Cushing 5-30-2019 7:56 PM (66 comments)
Portland Trailblazers Streisand Stupid Local Article Into National Spotlight For No Reason At All by Timothy Geigner 5-23-2019 7:33 PM (7 comments)
SFPD Earning Universal Condemnation For Raiding A Journalist's Home During Its Internal Leak Investigation by Tim Cushing 5-23-2019 3:43 AM (27 comments)
Washington State Supreme Court Tries, Fails To Protect The Rights Of The State's Residents by Tim Cushing 5-02-2019 3:44 PM (8 comments)
If Epic Vs Steam Is To Be A PR War, Epic's Boss Just Issued A Brilliant Retaliatory Strike by Timothy Geigner 4-29-2019 7:42 PM (102 comments)
Canadian ISPs Call For Standardization And Fines For Copyright Trolls Ignoring Changes To Copyright Law by Timothy Geigner 4-09-2019 3:42 PM (16 comments)
Judge Ruling In AT&T Merger Again Highlights Broken Antitrust Enforcement, Court Myopia by Karl Bode 2-26-2019 3:28 PM (12 comments)
David Assman Invalidates Canadian Government's Reason For Refusing Him His Name-Based Vanity License Plate by Timothy Geigner 2-19-2019 7:44 PM (35 comments)
Sony: We Are Totally Open For Crossplay, Game Developers: No, You Totally Are Not by Timothy Geigner 2-14-2019 8:02 PM (16 comments)
EU's New 'Open By Default' Rules For Data Generated By Public Funding Subverted At The Last Minute by Glyn Moody 2-12-2019 7:34 PM (7 comments)
EU Court Adviser Says Google Shouldn't Have To Enforce A French RTBF Request Anywhere But In Europe by Tim Cushing 1-10-2019 10:44 AM (19 comments)
Gov't Used An Ambiguously-Worded Tweet As The Basis For The Raid Of NSA Contractor's House by Tim Cushing 1-02-2019 12:17 PM (12 comments)
Blizzard's Sudden Shuttering Of Heroes Of The Storm Demonstrates Why eSports Needs Its Next Evolutionary Step by Timothy Geigner 12-26-2018 7:39 PM (32 comments)
EFF, ACLU Petition Court To Unseal Documents From DOJ's Latest Anti-Encryption Efforts by Tim Cushing 11-29-2018 1:36 PM (6 comments)
Activists Make One Last Push To Restore Net Neutrality Via Congressional Review Act by Karl Bode 11-28-2018 3:37 PM (32 comments)
School Security Software Decides Innocent Parent Is Actually A Registered Sex Offender by Tim Cushing 11-27-2018 3:47 PM (57 comments)
Israeli Exploit Developer Caught Negotiating Spyware Sales With Saudi Government by Tim Cushing 11-27-2018 10:43 AM (23 comments)
Homicide, Sexual Assault Cases On The Line After Crime Lab Discovers Tech Using The Wrong Tools For The Job by Tim Cushing 11-26-2018 1:48 PM (25 comments)
House To Investigate Whether DOJ's AT&T Antitrust Lawsuit Was Political by Karl Bode 11-14-2018 6:10 AM (23 comments)
Gov't Says Accused CIA Hacking Tools Leaker Leaking Even More Classified Info From Behind Bars by Tim Cushing 11-02-2018 10:44 AM (23 comments)
Consumer Groups Say FCC Deregulatory Fever Harming Hurricane Michael Recovery by Karl Bode 10-22-2018 12:10 PM (14 comments)
Denuvo Announces Plan To Fail To Combat Online Game Cheaters After Failing To Stop Piracy With Its DRM by Timothy Geigner 8-27-2018 12:33 PM (24 comments)
Aloha Poke Co. Rewarded For Trademark Bullying With Protests Outside Its Headquarters In Chicago by Timothy Geigner 8-09-2018 8:09 PM (13 comments)
Universal Retracts DMCA On Journalist Video Of Prince Fans Singing Purple Rain by Timothy Geigner 8-01-2018 3:37 PM (17 comments)
Another Day, Another Pile Of Voter Data Left Laying Around On A Public Server by Karl Bode 7-19-2018 10:45 AM (18 comments)
Voodoo Brewery Changes Beer Name By Dipping It In Snark In Response To Pitt Trademark C&D by Timothy Geigner 6-26-2018 7:48 PM (30 comments)
Studios Remove 'Spyware' From Several Games As Gaming Public Revolts by Timothy Geigner 6-22-2018 2:29 AM (57 comments)

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