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Court Says Government Needs Better Excuses If It Wants To Keep Hiding DEA Surveillance Docs by Tim Cushing 12-27-2016 4:03 AM (7 comments)
Merry Christmas: Kamala Harris Files Brand New Criminal Charges Against Backpage Execs After Last Ones Were Tossed Out by Mike Masnick 12-23-2016 3:57 PM (38 comments)
Court Won't Grant Immunity To Officer Who Issued A 'Be On The Lookout' Order On Whistleblowing Cop by Tim Cushing 12-23-2016 3:16 AM (24 comments)
House Oversight Committee Calls For Stingray Device Legislation by Tim Cushing 12-22-2016 12:56 PM (18 comments)
Government Agency Says It Will Cost $1.5 Million To Compile Birth/Death Data, Then Refuses To Release It At All by Tim Cushing 12-21-2016 2:40 PM (15 comments)
South Carolina Senator Wants To Charge Computer Purchasers $20 To Access Internet Porn by Tim Cushing 12-21-2016 9:39 AM (111 comments)
Kurt Eichenwald Sues Twitter Troll Over Alleged 'Epileptic' Image Assault by Mike Masnick 12-20-2016 11:41 AM (64 comments)
Families Of Orlando Shooting Victims Sue Twitter, Facebook, And Google For 'Supporting Terrorism' by Tim Cushing 12-20-2016 10:40 AM (38 comments)
Bad Info In Law Enforcement Database Turned Former Cop Into A 'Suspected Gang Member' by Tim Cushing 12-19-2016 2:39 PM (27 comments)
Now Germany Wants To Criminalize Fake News by Mike Masnick 12-19-2016 8:23 AM (88 comments)
How The DMCA And The CFAA Are Preventing People From Saving Their Soon-To-Be-Broken Pebble Watches by Mike Masnick 12-16-2016 4:05 PM (19 comments)
Team Prenda Finally Goes To Jail: Hansmeier & Steele Indicted & Arrested by Mike Masnick 12-16-2016 2:34 PM (67 comments)
Coinbase User (Also, Class Action Lawyer) Files To Intervene In Case Where IRS Wants Info On All Coinbase Users by Mike Masnick 12-14-2016 5:08 PM (7 comments)
Judge: Using Publicly-Available Twitter Profile Info Is Like Stealing Social Security Numbers by Tim Cushing 12-14-2016 11:52 AM (24 comments)
Google Publishes Eight National Security Letters That Have Been Freed From Their Gag Orders by Tim Cushing 12-14-2016 9:37 AM (3 comments)
Ohio Legislature Passes Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill That Removes Lots Of Bad Incentives by Tim Cushing 12-13-2016 5:01 PM (21 comments)
Iowa Taxpayers Handing Out $60K Settlement To California Gamblers Who Were Legally Robbed Of $100K By State Troopers by Tim Cushing 12-13-2016 11:54 AM (52 comments)
Judge Says FBI's Child Porn Investigation Bordered On 'Outrageous,' Lets It Keep All Of Its Evidence by Tim Cushing 12-13-2016 3:26 AM (28 comments)
State Court Tells Cops Obtaining Consent Not Enough To Fix Suspicionless Vehicle Search by Tim Cushing 12-12-2016 2:41 PM (10 comments)
Two Former Senators Call On Obama To Save The Full CIA 'Torture Report' From Being Buried by Tim Cushing 12-12-2016 1:09 PM (30 comments)
If You're Worried About What President Trump Can Do To The Press, Blame President Obama by Mike Masnick 12-12-2016 8:31 AM (65 comments)
Judge Tosses Charges Against Backpage Execs, Tells Kamala Harris To Take It Up With Congress by Tim Cushing 12-12-2016 6:29 AM (16 comments)
More Prosecutors Refuse To Accept Guilty Pleas Based On Faulty $2 Field Drug Tests by Tim Cushing 12-12-2016 3:25 AM (15 comments)
US Government Gives $11,000 Back To College Student Three Years After The DEA Took It From Him by Tim Cushing 12-09-2016 2:46 PM (25 comments)
South Korea To Tackle Video Game Cheating By Criminalizing Breaking A Game's ToS by Timothy Geigner 12-09-2016 8:37 AM (20 comments)
Lawsuit Against Courts Massively Overcharging For Documents Moves Forward by Mike Masnick 12-08-2016 5:18 PM (16 comments)
Bethesda Bullies One Of Its Creative Fans Over Website Metatags by Timothy Geigner 12-08-2016 2:48 PM (19 comments)
Court Tells Family Services Worker 'I Don't Approve Of Your Lifestyle' Isn't A Valid Warrant Exception by Tim Cushing 12-08-2016 8:27 AM (29 comments)
Cops Who Repeatedly Treated Refusal As Consent Watch Their Seized Evidence Vanish by Tim Cushing 12-07-2016 2:47 PM (33 comments)
Law Passed To Protect Customers From Non-Disparagement Clauses And Other Ridiculous Restrictions by Tim Cushing 12-07-2016 1:03 PM (16 comments)

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