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Another Lawsuit And Another Loss For Plaintiffs Trying To Make Twitter Pay For Terrorism by Tim Cushing 11-05-2018 3:23 AM (27 comments)
Michigan Cops Destroying Drug Cartels With Microscopic Drug Busts, Seizures Of 20-Year-Old Vehicles by Tim Cushing 11-02-2018 3:40 PM (28 comments)
Judge Says Memphis PD's Surveillance Of Protesters Violated 40-Year-Old Consent Decree by Tim Cushing 11-01-2018 2:08 PM (22 comments)
Cop Sued For Bogus Arrest Of Man Who Broke Up The PD's Distracted Driving Sting by Tim Cushing 10-31-2018 3:36 PM (90 comments)
Harvard Opens Up Its Massive Caselaw Access Project by Mike Masnick 10-31-2018 1:36 PM (18 comments)
Court Tells Cops Playing Hunch Roulette Is No Way To Run An Investigation by Tim Cushing 10-31-2018 10:44 AM (33 comments)
Seventh Circuit Appeals Court Hands Fifth 'Good Faith' Win To FBI's Invalid Playpen Warrant by Tim Cushing 10-31-2018 3:27 AM (34 comments)
Florida Appeals Court Says Producing Passwords Is Testimonial And Protected By The Fifth Amendment by Tim Cushing 10-30-2018 12:08 PM (25 comments)
EFF Sues California Law Enforcement Agency For Refusing To Hand Over Stingray Documents by Tim Cushing 10-30-2018 3:30 AM (10 comments)
Court Tells Deputy He Can't Lie About Reasons For A Traffic Stop And Expect To Keep His Evidence by Tim Cushing 10-29-2018 1:39 PM (39 comments)
California Agrees To Delay Net Neutrality Law Pending Outcome Of Federal Lawsuit by Karl Bode 10-29-2018 12:06 PM (17 comments)
Appeals Court Judge Tears Into ATF's Life-Wrecking, Discriminatory Stash House Stings by Tim Cushing 10-26-2018 3:36 PM (42 comments)
Victims' Rights Laws Being Abused To Hide The Identities Of Cops Involved In Use Of Force Incidents by Tim Cushing 10-25-2018 3:44 PM (23 comments)
Interpol Alert Issued By Turkey For Exiled Journalists President Erdogan Wants To Toss In Jail by Tim Cushing 10-24-2018 1:48 PM (31 comments)
Ninth Circuit Aligns With Other Circuits: The FBI's Playpen Warrant Was Bad, But The FBI's Faith Was Good by Tim Cushing 10-24-2018 12:01 PM (15 comments)
CEO Gets Nine Months In Prison For Forging Court Documents Ordering Google To Delist Negative Reviews by Tim Cushing 10-24-2018 9:33 AM (27 comments)
Arkansas Police Department Has Been Engaging In Illegal Drug Raids For Years by Tim Cushing 10-22-2018 1:39 PM (24 comments)
Judge Says FOIA Isn't Battleship; Requesters Don't Need To Score Direct Hits To Obtain Documents by Tim Cushing 10-22-2018 3:41 AM (9 comments)
Whistleblowing About Swiss Banks' Bad Behavior Just Became Safer by Glyn Moody 10-19-2018 3:35 PM (4 comments)
SLCC/FanX Gets A Stay On $4 Million In Legal Fees For SDCC Pending Appeal by Timothy Geigner 10-18-2018 7:29 PM (23 comments)
Mississippi Law Enforcement Performed $200,000 Worth Of Illegal Forfeitures Because It 'Didn't Realize' Law Had Changed by Tim Cushing 10-18-2018 3:29 PM (48 comments)
DOJ Rings Up Another Leaker, Nailing Financial Investigation Official For Handing Docs To Buzzfeed by Tim Cushing 10-18-2018 10:45 AM (11 comments)
Supreme Court To Hear Case That Could Possibly (But Not Really) Impact Social Media Content Moderation by Mike Masnick 10-18-2018 9:41 AM (47 comments)
DOJ Continues To Point Out A Mega-Merged AT&T Will Jack Up Prices On Everybody by Karl Bode 10-17-2018 6:29 AM (28 comments)
FBI Releases Guidelines On Impersonating Journalists, Seems Unworried About Its Impact On Actual Journalists by Tim Cushing 10-16-2018 3:41 PM (33 comments)
DOJ, Trump Decide The Federal Government Needs To Give Chicago The Police Department It Doesn't Want by Tim Cushing 10-16-2018 3:34 AM (98 comments)
Vizio Customers Get A Pittance In Settlement Over Snooping Televisions by Karl Bode 10-15-2018 3:41 PM (36 comments)
NYC Prosecutors Accidentally Admit They Use Bail To Deprive Presumably-Innocent People Of Their Freedom by Tim Cushing 10-15-2018 3:23 AM (75 comments)
Report Shows LA Sheriff's Deputies Engaging In Biased Policing, Performing Tons Of Questionable Traffic Stops by Tim Cushing 10-12-2018 3:34 PM (33 comments)
Oh Look, The FCC Is Lying Again In Its Latest Court Filings On Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 10-12-2018 12:10 PM (63 comments)

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