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Ninth Circuit Says Washington Man Can Continue To Sue CBP Agent For First, Fourth Amendment Violations by Tim Cushing 12-01-2020 8:05 PM (15 comments)
Utter Insanity: Trump Lawyer Suggests Former Trump Cybersecurity Official Should Be 'Taken Out And Shot' For Saying The Election Was Secure by Mike Masnick 12-01-2020 10:52 AM (80 comments)
White House Still Pushing To Slip Section 230 Repeal Into 'Must Pass' Military Spending Bill by Mike Masnick 12-01-2020 9:29 AM (49 comments)
Fifth Circuit Denies Immunity To Cops Who Beat And Tased An Unresisting Man To Death by Tim Cushing 11-25-2020 2:31 PM (58 comments)
Kentucky Judges Reject Proposal For More Warrant Approval Transparency by Tim Cushing 11-25-2020 3:24 AM (15 comments)
Another Drug Lab Scandal -- One That Took Kids From Their Parents -- Ends In Prison Time by Tim Cushing 11-24-2020 3:07 PM (14 comments)
Despite Not Finding Drugs Nearly 95 Percent Of The Time, Judges Keep Approving Drug Warrants For Chicago Cops by Tim Cushing 11-23-2020 8:25 PM (33 comments)
FBI Turns A Man With Mental Health Issues Into A 'Terrorist,' Busts Him For Using The Internet by Tim Cushing 11-23-2020 9:25 AM (23 comments)
Government Argues In Court That It Can Kill US Citizens At Will With Zero Judicial Oversight by Tim Cushing 11-20-2020 1:30 PM (61 comments)
Louisville PD Hid Thousands Of Records Detailing Officers' Abuse Of Minors, Deleted Backups When Local Paper Asked For Them by Tim Cushing 11-19-2020 1:46 PM (41 comments)
Devin Nunes Files Another SLAPP Suit; Sues The Washington Post Again by Mike Masnick 11-18-2020 3:28 PM (21 comments)
Commerce Department Remembers It Was Supposed To Ban TikTok; Says It Won't Enforce For Now by Mike Masnick 11-13-2020 1:33 PM (3 comments)
FCC Boss Pai Urged To Accept Trump Loss, Pause Dumb Attack On Social Media by Karl Bode 11-13-2020 6:34 AM (35 comments)
Beijing Ends Democracy In Hong Kong By Ousting Pro-Democracy Lawmakers by Timothy Geigner 11-12-2020 7:56 PM (21 comments)
Zoom Gets An FTC Wrist Slap For Misleading Users On Security, Encryption by Karl Bode 11-12-2020 12:09 PM (8 comments)
Gun-Toting Couple Sues Photographer For Privacy Violation Over Photo They Used As Christmas Cards, After He Billed Them by Mike Masnick 11-11-2020 10:48 AM (78 comments)
Supreme Court Reverses Decision Granting Qualified Immunity To Guards Who Threw An Inmate Into A 'Feces-Covered' Cell by Tim Cushing 11-09-2020 3:45 PM (29 comments)
Appeals Court Denies Immunity To Cop Who Broke A Truck Driver's Jaw During A 'Routine Accident Investigation' by Tim Cushing 11-06-2020 3:35 AM (29 comments)
Lawsuit Says NYPD Is Still Engaging In Unconstitutional Stops Of New York Residents by Tim Cushing 11-04-2020 1:40 PM (6 comments)
NZ Supreme Court Gives A Mixed Bag Extradition Ruling To Kim Dotcom; Extradition Still Alive, But He Can Raise Procedural Issues by Mike Masnick 11-03-2020 3:42 PM (9 comments)
Virginia Governor Passes A Long List Of Police Reforms, Including A Ban On No-Knock Warrants by Tim Cushing 11-03-2020 3:30 AM (20 comments)
Three TikTok Influencers Influenced A Judge To Block Trump's TikTok Ban by Mike Masnick 11-02-2020 1:30 PM (8 comments)
EFF Asks Government To Dump DHS's Plan To Massively Expand Its Biometric Collections by Tim Cushing 10-29-2020 3:38 AM (9 comments)
Another Section 230 Reform Bill: Dangerous Algorithms Bill Threatens Speech by Will Duffield 10-28-2020 1:45 PM (47 comments)
Another Arrest Shows It's Pretty Much Everyone But Antifa Engaging In Anti-Government Violence by Tim Cushing 10-28-2020 10:43 AM (164 comments)
Ninth Circuit Dumps Sentencing Enhancement Handed To Defendant For Opening Social Media Accounts For ISIS Sympathizers by Tim Cushing 10-28-2020 3:31 AM (20 comments)
Should Antitrust Protect Competitors Or Competition? by Jeffrey Westling 10-23-2020 1:36 PM (34 comments)
Trump's Law-Breaking Law Enforcement Commission Has Plenty Of Dystopian Ideas by Tim Cushing 10-23-2020 9:38 AM (52 comments)
As EU Starts To Draft Its Most Important New Online Law, The Digital Services Act, MEPs Want Basic Rights High On The Agenda by Glyn Moody 10-23-2020 3:34 AM (4 comments) Petitions SCOTUS To Hear Jurisdiction Argument In Stream-Ripping Lawsuit by Timothy Geigner 10-22-2020 7:50 PM (32 comments)

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