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AT&T Settles With DOJ Over LA Dodgers Channel Collusion Allegations by Karl Bode 3-28-2017 9:49 PM (7 comments)
More Prosecutors Abusing Their Access And Power To Illegally Eavesdrop On Conversations by Tim Cushing 3-28-2017 9:35 AM (11 comments)
Appeals Court Says Right To Bear Arms Isn't A Right If Cops Are Banging On Your Door In The Middle Of The Night by Tim Cushing 3-27-2017 2:42 PM (191 comments)
Russian Bank Sends Legal Threats To Researcher Who Revealed Spike In Traffic Supposedly Tied To Trump's Server by Tim Cushing 3-24-2017 10:20 AM (9 comments)
Prosecutors Have Pulled Data From More Than 100 Phones Seized From Inauguration Day Protesters by Tim Cushing 3-24-2017 9:08 AM (50 comments)
Third Circuit Appeals Court Says All Writs Orders Can Be Used To Compel Passwords For Decryption by Tim Cushing 3-22-2017 11:44 AM (34 comments)
JEFTA: The Latest Massive 'Trade' Deal You've Never Heard Of, Negotiated Behind Closed Doors, With Zero Public Scrutiny by Glyn Moody 3-22-2017 3:16 AM (19 comments)
Arkansas Legislators Want To Make Corporate Whistleblowing Illegal by Tim Cushing 3-21-2017 4:19 PM (34 comments)
Man Actually Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Tweet by Mike Masnick 3-21-2017 11:42 AM (92 comments)
Filing Bogus Lawsuits As Part Of A 'Reputation Management' Strategy Costs Firm $71,000 by Tim Cushing 3-21-2017 9:33 AM (10 comments)
Appeals Court Says Prior Restraint Is Perfectly Fine, Refuses To Rehear 3D-Printed Guns Case by Tim Cushing 3-20-2017 11:45 AM (63 comments)
Things Looking Even Worse For Prenda's Paul Hansmeier: Bankruptcy Fraud On Deck by Mike Masnick 3-20-2017 10:40 AM (50 comments)
Australia's Prime Minister Supports Expanded Safe Harbor Protections Down Under by Timothy Geigner 3-17-2017 11:51 AM (8 comments)
Judge Grants Search Warrant Demanding Info On Everyone Who Searched For A Certain Person's Name by Tim Cushing 3-17-2017 10:45 AM (27 comments)
Facebook Sued In Israel For Blocking All Links To Site Critical Of Facebook & Suggesting Site Was 'Unsafe' by Mike Masnick 3-17-2017 9:40 AM (28 comments)
Georgia Lawmakers Look To Go Down Porn-Censoring Unconstitutional Rabbit Hole by Timothy Geigner 3-17-2017 8:39 AM (35 comments)
Court Says FBI Doesn't Have To Hand Over Its Rules For Surveilling Domestic Journalists by Tim Cushing 3-16-2017 3:28 AM (16 comments)
Tech Companies File Amicus Brief, Still Opposed To New Trump Immigration Order by Mike Masnick 3-15-2017 2:45 PM (226 comments)
DOJ Argues For iPhone Hack Secrecy By Contradicting Statements Made By The DOJ by Tim Cushing 3-15-2017 10:51 AM (4 comments)
Utah Legislators Want To Outlaw Posting Of People's Pictures And Names With The 'Intent To Harass' by Tim Cushing 3-14-2017 8:33 AM (23 comments)
Driver Sues State After Receiving Ticket For 'Obscene' Stick Figure Vehicle Decal by Tim Cushing 3-14-2017 3:22 AM (64 comments)
Officers Cite Nonexistent Law In Attempt To Prevent Citizen From Filming Them During A Traffic Stop by Tim Cushing 3-13-2017 9:24 AM (35 comments)
'Blue Lives Matter' Laws Continue To Be Introduced Around The Nation by Tim Cushing 3-09-2017 7:31 PM (112 comments)
NSA Tries To Stonewall Jason Leopold's Requests Because He's A 'FOIA Terrorist' Who's Paid To 'Deluge Agencies' With Requests by Tim Cushing 3-09-2017 9:24 AM (22 comments)
Won't Have Perfect 10's Silly Lawsuits Setting Precedent Anymore: Judge Appoints Receiver For Perfect 10's Assets by Mike Masnick 3-08-2017 10:39 AM (43 comments)
In Dodging FCC Review, AT&T's Time Warner Mega-Merger Just Got Much Easier Under Trump by Karl Bode 3-08-2017 6:18 AM (24 comments)
Supreme Court Won't Hear Case, But Justice Thomas Questions Constitutionality Of Asset Forfeiture by Mike Masnick 3-07-2017 9:29 AM (97 comments)
Prenda's John Steele Pleads Guilty, Admits To Basically Everything by Mike Masnick 3-06-2017 4:57 PM (153 comments)
Jury Acquits Restaurant Owner Of Obstruction Charges For Tweeting Out Photo Of Teens Involved In Police Alcohol Sting by Tim Cushing 2-28-2017 2:49 PM (63 comments)
Judge: FBI's NIT Warrant Invalid And IP Addresses Do Have An Expectation Of Privacy, But No Suppression Granted by Tim Cushing 2-27-2017 11:48 AM (10 comments)

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