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Lindsay Lohan Won't Put Her GTA5 Lawsuit Out Of Its Misery by Timothy Geigner 2-23-2017 4:19 PM (36 comments)
Another 'Terrorist' Swept Up By The FBI, Which Had To Purchase $20 Of 'Terrorist' Supplies To Keep The 'Plan' In Motion by Tim Cushing 2-23-2017 11:49 AM (47 comments)
Court To Cop: You Took 80 Days Away From A Person's Life With A Baseless Warrant, So We're Taking Your Immunity by Tim Cushing 2-21-2017 4:46 PM (46 comments)
Rep. Sensenbrenner Thinks We Can Pay For The Border Wall With More Asset Forfeiture by Tim Cushing 2-21-2017 9:40 AM (41 comments)
New Zealand Court Says Kim Dotcom Still Eligible For Extradition... But Not Over Copyright by Mike Masnick 2-21-2017 3:28 AM (93 comments)
Nation's Police Chiefs Disagree With Trump's New Tough On Crime Executive Orders by Tim Cushing 2-17-2017 9:47 AM (33 comments)
Judge In Twitter Lawsuit Over Surveillance Disclosure Dings DOJ For Cut-And-Paste Legal Argument by Timothy Geigner 2-16-2017 1:33 PM (4 comments)
The Fifth Amendment Vs. Indefinite Jailing: Court Still No Closer To Deciding On Compelled Decryption by Tim Cushing 2-16-2017 11:57 AM (64 comments)
Trump Tops Obama, Hands Over Full Torture Report To Court Previous Administration Refused To by Tim Cushing 2-16-2017 9:47 AM (63 comments)
FBI Arresting More Americans For Targeting Muslims, Than Muslims For Targeting Americans by Mike Masnick 2-15-2017 9:26 AM (137 comments)
Prosecutors And Anti-Sex Trafficking Advocates Aren't Happy With The Government's Treatment Of Backpage by Tim Cushing 2-14-2017 10:44 AM (21 comments)
Upset About Border Patrol Cruelty? It Didn't Start Under Trump by Mike Masnick 2-14-2017 9:37 AM (49 comments)
After Passing Worst Surveillance Law In A Democracy, UK Now Proposes Worst Anti-Whistleblowing Law by Glyn Moody 2-14-2017 3:25 AM (15 comments)
With So Much Public Interest In Our Judicial System, It's Time To Free Up Access To Court Documents by Parker Higgins 2-13-2017 1:20 PM (11 comments)
Chris Christie Says Asset Forfeiture Transparency Is Bad For Law Enforcement, Vetoes Unanimously-Supported Bill by Tim Cushing 2-13-2017 9:22 AM (30 comments)
Judge Nixes PS3 Linux Class Action Settlement As Class's Lawyers Victimize The Class A Second Time by Timothy Geigner 2-10-2017 2:01 PM (26 comments)
Court Says Microsoft Can Sue Government Over First Amendment-Violating Gag Orders by Tim Cushing 2-10-2017 8:32 AM (13 comments)
Cyberbullying Bill Would Grant Power To Strip Online Anonymity Before Legal Proceedings Begin by Tim Cushing 2-10-2017 6:32 AM (15 comments)
Court Unanimously Keeps Lower Court's Injunction Against Trump's Immigration Order In Place by Mike Masnick 2-09-2017 4:14 PM (237 comments)
Trump Says There's 'No Reason' To Scale Back Asset Forfeiture; Threatens Career Of Senator Backing Forfeiture Reform by Tim Cushing 2-09-2017 9:43 AM (41 comments)
Barrett Brown's Donors Sue DOJ/FBI For Monitoring Their Donations by Mike Masnick 2-08-2017 11:39 AM (5 comments)
Anti-Whistleblower Provision Buried In Germany's New Data Retention Law Challenged In The Courts by Glyn Moody 2-08-2017 3:23 AM (3 comments)
Vizio Fined $2.2 Million For Not Telling Customers Their TVs Were Spying On Them by Karl Bode 2-07-2017 11:59 AM (26 comments)
Michigan Lawmakers Looking To Amend State Constitution To Add Protections For Electronic Data by Tim Cushing 2-06-2017 3:34 PM (9 comments)
Basically The Entire Tech Industry Signs Onto A Legal Brief Opposing Trump's Exec Order by Mike Masnick 2-06-2017 3:23 AM (234 comments)
FBI Routinely Hides Payments To Informants, Gives Them A Cut Of Asset Forfeiture Proceeds by Tim Cushing 2-01-2017 9:42 AM (28 comments)
FBI Continues To Demand Far More Info Than It's Supposed To With Its National Security Letters by Tim Cushing 1-31-2017 9:45 AM (6 comments)
Police Unions Head To DC To Ask New President, Attorney General To Stop Making Cops Respect The Constitution by Tim Cushing 1-31-2017 6:34 AM (134 comments)
Court Points Out Numerous Ways Using Playstation Network To Trade Child Porn Is A Bad Idea by Tim Cushing 1-30-2017 12:23 PM (14 comments)
Twitter Reveals Two National Security Letters After Gag Orders Lifted; Rightly Complains About Gag Orders by Mike Masnick 1-27-2017 7:39 PM (14 comments)

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