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DHS Agencies Are Taking Millions In Cash From Travelers Every Year, Can't Be Bothered To Stop Any Crimes by Tim Cushing 8-14-2020 3:22 AM (18 comments)
Georgia Governor Passes Law Granting Cops Protected Status For 'Bias-Based' Crimes by Tim Cushing 8-12-2020 3:13 AM (47 comments)
San Diego Police Officers Are Using An Old Sedition Law To Punish People For Swearing Around Cops by Tim Cushing 8-10-2020 12:12 PM (22 comments)
Congress To Consider National Right To Repair Law For First Time by Karl Bode 8-07-2020 6:33 AM (33 comments)
Appeals Court Upholds Ruling Saying PACER Overcharged Users by Tim Cushing 8-07-2020 3:31 AM (4 comments)
Federal Judge Calls Out Qualified Immunity's Contribution To Racist Policing by Tim Cushing 8-06-2020 12:03 PM (34 comments)
Judge Hits District Attorney Who Issued Fake Subpoenas With A $50,000 Penalty For Blowing Off Records Requests by Tim Cushing 8-05-2020 12:19 PM (18 comments)
Josh Hawley Introduces His Latest Attack On Section 230 by Mike Masnick 8-04-2020 1:45 PM (14 comments)
Russian Stream-Rip Sites Attempt To Take Jurisdiction Issue All The Way To SCOTUS by Timothy Geigner 8-03-2020 10:49 AM (22 comments)
DOJ And Florida Officials Announce Arrests Relating To Twitter Hack by Mike Masnick 7-31-2020 7:39 PM (21 comments)
Appeals Court Says Sheriff Thomas Dart Must Face Lawsuit Over His Violation Of Arrestees' Rights by Tim Cushing 7-30-2020 1:48 PM (15 comments)
New Hampshire Supreme Court Issues Very Weird Ruling Regarding Section 230 by Mike Masnick 7-30-2020 12:19 PM (40 comments)
Under Investigation For Antitrust Abuse, Trump DOJ Rubber Stamps Major Ad Industry Consolidation by Karl Bode 7-29-2020 6:38 AM (8 comments)
Top NYPD Official Says Cops Don't Need To Worry About Being Criminally Charged For Violating Chokehold Ban by Tim Cushing 7-28-2020 3:19 AM (64 comments)
Court Blocks Federal Officers From Attacking, Arresting Reporters Covering Protests In Portland by Tim Cushing 7-27-2020 12:10 PM (106 comments)
The First Amendment Bars Regulating Political Neutrality, Even Via Section 230 by Berin Szoka 7-24-2020 1:39 PM (52 comments)
Bill Barr Celebrates New DOJ 'Surge' Targeting Violent Crime By Touting 199 Arrests That Occurred Pre-Surge by Tim Cushing 7-23-2020 9:36 AM (34 comments)
DOJ Indicts Cyprus National Who Apparently Hacked Ripoff Report And Deleted Negative Reviews by Tim Cushing 7-21-2020 2:37 PM (6 comments)
Court Tells Trumpian Head Of US Agency For Global Media That He Can't Fire People From The Open Tech Fund (At Least For Now) by Mike Masnick 7-21-2020 12:17 PM (10 comments)
A Case Where The Courts Got Section 230 Right Because It Turns Out Section 230 Is Not Really All That Hard by Cathy Gellis 7-21-2020 10:45 AM (12 comments)
South Carolina Supreme Court Says Cops Aren't Getting Any No-Knock Warrants Anytime Soon by Tim Cushing 7-20-2020 7:11 PM (19 comments)
DHS Goes Full Gestapo In Response To Ongoing Protests In Oregon by Tim Cushing 7-20-2020 9:35 AM (196 comments)
Richard Liebowitz Goes Against Client's Interests: Presents Evidence That His Client Did Know About Lawsuits; But Not About Settlements by Mike Masnick 7-17-2020 10:43 AM (30 comments)
DOJ Says Massachusetts Drug Unit Routinely Engaged In And Lied About Excessive Force Deployment by Tim Cushing 7-17-2020 3:33 AM (20 comments)
Three LAPD Officers Facing Criminal Charges For Faking Gang Database Records by Tim Cushing 7-16-2020 10:51 AM (15 comments)
House Government Appropriations Bill Would Bar FTC & FCC From Doing Anything Related To Trump's Inane Anti-230 Executive Order by Mike Masnick 7-15-2020 12:12 PM (22 comments)
Facing Multiple Lawsuits, ICE Decides Not To Punish Foreign Students For Furthering Their Education During A Pandemic by Tim Cushing 7-15-2020 10:55 AM (56 comments)
Detroit PD Now Linked To Two Bogus Arrests Stemming From Facial Recognition False Positives by Tim Cushing 7-14-2020 3:35 AM (37 comments)
Appeals Court: Government Can't Keep Warrants Under Seal Just Because The Unsealing Process Is Difficult by Tim Cushing 7-13-2020 9:23 AM (11 comments)
Reverse Warrant Used In Robbery Investigation Being Challenged As Unconstitutional by Tim Cushing 7-10-2020 7:39 PM (31 comments)

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