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House Intelligence Committee: Intelligence Community Is Burying A Whistleblower Complaint That May Involve Wrongdoing By The White House by Tim Cushing 9-17-2019 6:49 AM (43 comments)
Ninth Circuit Upholds Its Previous Declaration That Cops Stealing Your Stuff Doesn't Violate The Constitution by Tim Cushing 9-16-2019 10:44 AM (71 comments)
Denmark Releases 32 Prisoners Convicted Because Of Flawed Mobile Phone Tracking Data by Glyn Moody 9-13-2019 3:37 PM (19 comments)
Ninth Circuit Reverses Course While Quoting Its Own Precedent Saying Otherwise; Says Section 230 Doesn't Cover Anti-Competitive Moderation by Tim Cushing 9-13-2019 1:39 PM (52 comments)
Twitter Stands Up For Devin Nunes' Parody Accounts: Won't Reveal Who's Behind Them by Mike Masnick 9-13-2019 6:49 AM (23 comments)
Comcast Sues Maine For Demanding It Sell TV Channels À La Carte by Karl Bode 9-13-2019 3:45 AM (29 comments)
That Time Taylor Swift Threatened To Sue Microsoft Over Its Racist Chatbot by Timothy Geigner 9-11-2019 1:31 PM (26 comments)
The Internet Remains Broken In The Ninth Circuit And, At Least For Now, The Third by Cathy Gellis 9-10-2019 3:57 PM (55 comments)
Big News: Appeals Court Says CFAA Can't Be Used To Stop Web Scraping by Mike Masnick 9-10-2019 10:56 AM (22 comments)
Appeals Court Says An IP Address Is 'Tantamount To A Computer's Name' While Handing The FBI Another NIT Win by Tim Cushing 9-09-2019 1:33 PM (45 comments)
Third Circuit Says TSA Officers Can Be Sued Directly For Abuses And Rights Violations by Tim Cushing 9-06-2019 12:07 PM (16 comments)
Federal Court Says The DHS's Terrorist Watchlist Unconstitutionally Deprives Travelers Of Their Rights by Tim Cushing 9-05-2019 1:32 PM (23 comments)
Office Of Legal Counsel Sued For Refusing To Turn Over Legal Memos Congress Said Aren't Exempt From FOIA Law by Tim Cushing 9-03-2019 8:05 PM (13 comments)
Maryland Appeals Court Says Sexting Teen Is A Child Pornographer by Tim Cushing 9-03-2019 10:44 AM (39 comments)
California Supreme Court Says Cops Must Turn Over Info On Misconduct To Prosecutors by Tim Cushing 8-30-2019 2:36 PM (9 comments)
EFF Sues CBP, ICE Over Refusal To Hand Over Its GPS Tracking Device Policies by Tim Cushing 8-29-2019 3:33 PM (8 comments)
Former Hotel Exec Gets Elected To Congress, Decides First Order Of Business Is To Destroy Airbnb by Mike Masnick 8-29-2019 1:39 PM (51 comments)
California's 'Model' Police Use-Of-Force Law Won't Change Much About Deadly Force Deployment by Tim Cushing 8-28-2019 3:03 PM (22 comments)
The Patent And Trademark Office Is Apparently Branching Out Into The Immigration Enforcement Business by Tim Cushing 8-28-2019 10:45 AM (13 comments)
New Government Documents Reveal That Backpage Was Actively Helping Law Enforcement Track Down Traffickers by Mike Masnick 8-28-2019 6:51 AM (53 comments)
Court Rejects Plaintiff's Attempt To Seal His Entire Lawsuit Against A Website That Publishes Court Documents by Tim Cushing 8-28-2019 3:49 AM (11 comments)
Do Citizens Have A Right To See The Algorithms Used By Publicly-Funded Software? by Glyn Moody 8-27-2019 7:30 PM (14 comments)
Top MPAA Lawyer, Mastermind Behind Its Plan To Attack The Internet, Arrested On Blackmail And Sexual Assault Charges by Mike Masnick 8-27-2019 3:43 PM (43 comments)
Trump Decides The State Should Run US Businesses, Orders Them To Stop Doing Business With China by Tim Cushing 8-27-2019 10:59 AM (139 comments)
Ninth Circuit Says Warrantless Device Searches At The Border Must Be Limited To Searches For Contraband by Tim Cushing 8-27-2019 3:14 AM (25 comments)
Company Sues Blackhat Because People Mocked Their Sponsored Presentation And Called It Snake Oil by Mike Masnick 8-26-2019 10:45 AM (25 comments)
Insurance Companies Are Destroying People's Lives And Cops Are Being Paid To Help Do It by Tim Cushing 8-23-2019 11:04 AM (27 comments)
Russian Troll Farm Tries Again To Sue Facebook, Despite Having Its Original Complaint Dismissed On 230 Grounds by Mike Masnick 8-23-2019 6:35 AM (21 comments)
California Police Officers Are Handing Out Free Doorbell Cameras In Exchange For Testimony In Court by Tim Cushing 8-21-2019 11:55 AM (14 comments)
WSJ Rightly Attacks Senator Josh Hawley's 'Nannyish' Laws Regarding The Internet by Mike Masnick 8-21-2019 10:41 AM (36 comments)

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