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Documents Show The NSA's Abuse Of Its Phone Records Collection Continued Right Up Until Its Decision To Pull The Plug by Tim Cushing 6-28-2019 3:10 AM (5 comments)
Interior Department Putting Even More Effort Into Dodging FOIA Request by Tim Cushing 6-24-2019 7:40 PM (7 comments)
Report Says DHS Can't Manage Internal Misconduct Because The DHS Just Doesn't Do Anything About Internal Misconduct by Tim Cushing 6-24-2019 1:34 PM (18 comments)
AT&T Lays Off Thousands After Nabbing Billions In Tax Breaks And Regulatory Favors by Karl Bode 6-19-2019 6:24 AM (28 comments)
Content Moderation Is Impossible: You Can't Expect Moderators To Understand Satire Or Irony by Mike Masnick 6-13-2019 7:04 PM (92 comments)
Securing The Nation With Insecure Databases: CBP Vendor Hacked, Exposing Thousands Of License Plate, Car Passenger Photos by Tim Cushing 6-13-2019 3:30 AM (11 comments)
NY Times Publishes Laughable Propaganda To Argue Google Owes Newspapers Like Itself Free Money by Mike Masnick 6-12-2019 9:28 AM (50 comments)
ICE Is Cramming Immigrants Into Filthy, Overcrowded Facilities by Tim Cushing 6-11-2019 7:23 PM (268 comments)
Released Warrant Shows SFPD Started Monitoring Journalist's Phone Weeks Before Officers Raided His Home by Tim Cushing 6-06-2019 3:17 PM (13 comments)
Getting Worse Part 3: TurboTax Wrapped Its Veterans Site In The American Flag And Then Tricked Soldiers Into Paying by Timothy Geigner 6-06-2019 10:50 AM (21 comments)
Killing News Comments Only Solidified Google, Facebook Dominance by Karl Bode 6-04-2019 11:54 AM (103 comments)
Once Again, China Is About To Use The US's Obsession With 'Intellectual Property' Against Us by Mike Masnick 5-30-2019 12:07 PM (35 comments)
Investors Slam Comcast For Lack Of Lobbying Transparency by Karl Bode 5-30-2019 6:15 AM (30 comments)
Ajit Pai May Have Lied To Congress About FCC's Failure To Address Wireless Location Data Scandals by Karl Bode 5-23-2019 6:43 AM (17 comments)
Gaming Platform War Update: Epic Games Store Suspends Accounts... For Buying Too Many Games by Timothy Geigner 5-22-2019 7:36 PM (46 comments)
You Don't Own What You've Bought: Google Nest Edition by Mike Masnick 5-21-2019 11:58 AM (36 comments)
Getting Worse Part 2: Intuit's CEO Informs Employees That Free To File Was Hidden For The Public's Own Good by Timothy Geigner 5-20-2019 11:50 AM (30 comments)
Getting Worse Part 1: Intuit Routinely Lies To Customers To Avoid Paying Refunds For Tax Prep Work by Timothy Geigner 5-20-2019 10:38 AM (19 comments)
Independent Forensic Investigation Undermines Houston Cops' Narrative About Fatal Drug Raid by Tim Cushing 5-17-2019 3:31 PM (51 comments)
FBI Tells The Governor Of Florida About Election Hacking, But Says He Can't Tell Anyone Else by Tim Cushing 5-16-2019 3:22 AM (24 comments)
DC Legislators Push FOIA Amendment That Would Shield Government Emails From FOIA Requesters [UPDATE] by Tim Cushing 5-15-2019 7:49 PM (28 comments)
Axon Hints It May Ruin A City's Credit Rating For Cancelling Its Contract For Body Cam Footage Storage by Tim Cushing 5-15-2019 3:35 AM (38 comments)
And Scene: Suburban Express To Shut Down In Mere Months by Timothy Geigner 5-13-2019 7:46 PM (19 comments)
The Pai FCC Sits On Its Hands While Phone Companies Rip Off American Taxpayers by Karl Bode 5-10-2019 6:30 AM (14 comments)
While Trump Complains About Facebook Takedowns, Facebook Is Helping Trump Take Down Content He Doesn't Like by Mike Masnick 5-09-2019 9:42 AM (220 comments)
It's One Thing For Trolls And Grandstanding Politicians To Get CDA 230 Wrong, But The Press Shouldn't Help Them by Mike Masnick 5-08-2019 9:38 AM (87 comments)
The Super 'Transparent' Pai FCC Is Still Trying To Hide Details On Those Fake Net Neutrality Comments by Karl Bode 5-08-2019 6:33 AM (10 comments)
You Apparently Can't Win A Drug War Without Sexually Abusing Kids And Murdering Parents by Tim Cushing 5-06-2019 11:58 AM (21 comments)
NYPD Oversight Report Confirms NYPD Not Interested In Being Overseen by Tim Cushing 4-29-2019 3:33 PM (13 comments)
The French Govt's Hand-Rolled Encrypted Messaging Service (Briefly) Allowed Anyone To Pretend They Were A Government Official by Tim Cushing 4-24-2019 3:25 AM (15 comments)

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