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County Gov't Tries To Dodge Liability In Jailhouse Deaths By Intimidating The Journalist Who Exposed Them by Tim Cushing 2-16-2018 12:01 PM (37 comments)
FCC Boss Being Investigated By His Own Agency For Being Too Cozy With The Industry He Regulates by Karl Bode 2-16-2018 6:19 AM (27 comments)
FBI Director Still Won't Say Which Encryption Experts Are Advising Him On His Bizarre Approach To Encryption by Mike Masnick 2-15-2018 9:33 AM (33 comments)
Twitter & Facebook Want You To Follow The Olympics... But Only If The IOC Gives Its Stamp Of Approval by Mike Masnick 2-09-2018 7:39 PM (45 comments)
ESPN Still Isn't Quite Getting The Message Cord Cutters Are Sending by Karl Bode 2-09-2018 6:27 AM (48 comments)
The Nunes Memo Has Effectively Destroyed Intelligence Oversight by Tim Cushing 2-08-2018 10:40 AM (201 comments)
FCC Refuses To Release FOIA Documents Pertaining To Its Stupid Verizon 'Collusion' Joke by Karl Bode 2-08-2018 6:28 AM (39 comments)
Trump's FCC Pats Itself On The Back For A Historically Stupid Year by Karl Bode 2-06-2018 6:14 AM (45 comments)
Devin Nunes Releases Memo That Doesn't Show The Surveillance Abuses He Hypocritically 'Cares' About by Tim Cushing 2-05-2018 6:37 AM (333 comments)
Marriott Freezes Its Social Media Globally, And Makes Grovelling Apology To China, All For A Drop-Down Menu And Liking A Tweet by Glyn Moody 1-22-2018 10:42 AM (44 comments)
NSA Admits It Has AGAIN Been Deleting Evidence Needed In Long-Running Surveillance Lawsuit by Tim Cushing 1-22-2018 9:33 AM (17 comments)
Apple's Incoherent App Approval Process Strikes Again, Net Neutrality App Banned For No Real Reason by Karl Bode 1-19-2018 6:24 AM (24 comments)
Homeland Security's Over Obsession With Counterfeits Now Harming Innocent Buyers Of Counterfeit Goods Online by Mike Masnick 1-17-2018 1:29 PM (31 comments)
Comcast & The Cable Industry Greets The New Year With A Flurry Of Price Increases by Karl Bode 1-02-2018 6:24 AM (41 comments)
Minnesota Prosecutor Hits Teen With Child Porn Charges For Taking Explicit Photos Of Herself by Tim Cushing 12-27-2017 11:58 AM (85 comments)
Facebook Transparency Report: Lots Of Government Surveillance, Bad Copyright Takedown Requests by Timothy Geigner 12-26-2017 3:50 PM (19 comments)
Months Later, And People Are Still Discovering Their Dead Loved Ones Were Used To Support Killing Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 12-26-2017 6:15 AM (37 comments)
Suburban Express, Which Sued Over Online Reviews Claiming It Had Racist Drivers, Cheerfully Sends Out Racist Advertisement by Timothy Geigner 12-14-2017 7:22 PM (39 comments)
FCC Boss Claims Net Neutrality Hurts Small ISPs, But The FCC's Own Data Proves Otherwise by Karl Bode 12-13-2017 1:41 PM (18 comments)
The FCC Tried To Hide Net Neutrality Complaints Against ISPs by Karl Bode 12-06-2017 6:26 AM (44 comments)
Days Before Doing Verizon's Bidding, Ajit Pai Gives A Talk At Verizon by Mike Masnick 12-05-2017 10:44 AM (32 comments)
Ajit Pai Attacked Hollywood & Silicon Valley Because Even Republicans Are Against His Net Neutrality Plan by Mike Masnick 12-04-2017 10:44 AM (93 comments)
Trump Tweet About Surveillance Undercuts FBI's Glomar Responses In FOIA Lawsuits by Tim Cushing 12-01-2017 9:22 AM (71 comments)
Drug Dog Testing Process Eliminates Handler Bias. Unsurprisingly, Cops Don't Like it. by Tim Cushing 11-29-2017 8:15 PM (34 comments)
Maine Government Agency Tries To Charge Public Records Requester $750 For Opening A PDF by Tim Cushing 11-29-2017 9:33 AM (17 comments)
FBI Leaves It To Journalists To Notify US Government Targets Of Russian Hacking by Tim Cushing 11-27-2017 10:43 AM (23 comments)
Uber Hid Security Breach Impacting 57 Million People, Paid Off Hackers by Mike Masnick 11-22-2017 12:25 PM (30 comments)
DHS Trying To Bury Report Showing Violations Of Travel Ban Court Orders By CBP Officers by Tim Cushing 11-22-2017 10:42 AM (6 comments)
3 Million Dish Customers May Miss Thanksgiving Football In Latest Example Of TV Industry Dysfunction by Karl Bode 11-22-2017 6:25 AM (29 comments)
Defense Department Spied On Social Media, Left All Its Collected Data Exposed To Anyone by Mike Masnick 11-17-2017 10:45 AM (23 comments)

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