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The MoviePass Mess Has Finally Come To An End by Karl Bode 9-16-2019 3:27 PM (1 comments)
Equifax Victims Jump Through Hoops To Nab Settlement Money They Won't Get Anyway by Karl Bode 9-10-2019 12:20 PM (27 comments)
Investigation Uncovers Mass Purging Of Phoenix Police Department Misconduct Records by Tim Cushing 9-09-2019 8:03 PM (20 comments)
Power Outage For Federal Court Computer System Screws Up Three Months Worth Of Job Applications?!? by Mike Masnick 9-09-2019 10:44 AM (19 comments)
Gizmodo Media's Clueless New Owners Tell Reporters They Can't Use Encrypted Email Any More by Mike Masnick 8-20-2019 3:11 AM (41 comments)
FCC Forgets About, Then Dismisses, Complaint Detailing Verizon's Long History Of Net Neutrality Violations by Karl Bode 8-16-2019 6:29 AM (16 comments)
NYPD's Failure To Remove A Vehicle From Its Stolen Car Database Results In Another Citizen Staring Down The Barrel Of Several Guns by Tim Cushing 8-15-2019 3:32 AM (34 comments)
With Tumblr Sale, Verizon Continues To Stumble In Bungled Pivot Away From Telecom by Karl Bode 8-14-2019 6:30 AM (27 comments)
Dennis Prager Peddles Complete Nonsense About 'Google Censorship' In The WSJ by Mike Masnick 8-13-2019 12:03 PM (122 comments)
NY Times Publishes A Second, Blatantly Incorrect, Trashing Of Section 230, A Day After Its First Incorrect Article by Mike Masnick 8-13-2019 9:37 AM (24 comments)
Courts Again Shoot Down FCC For Ignoring The Law, Making Up Stuff by Karl Bode 8-13-2019 6:32 AM (22 comments)
Ex-Googler Recently Held Up As A 'Whistleblower' And 'Proof' Of Anti-Conservative Bias At Google, Actually Supported Richard Spencer, Racist Skinheads by Mike Masnick 8-12-2019 1:44 PM (216 comments)
New Report Further Clarifies Foxconn's Wisconsin Deal Was An Unsustainable Joke by Karl Bode 8-12-2019 9:36 AM (28 comments)
Oops: Japan Anti-Piracy Proposals Probably Violate Its Constitution by Timothy Geigner 8-08-2019 4:11 PM (15 comments)
Another Day, Another Company Leaving Sensitive User Data Exposed Publicly On The Amazon Cloud by Karl Bode 8-07-2019 7:46 PM (12 comments)
After Missing Cord Cutting Trend, Nielsen Falls Apart by Karl Bode 8-07-2019 10:42 AM (59 comments)
NY Times Joins Lots Of Other Media Sites In Totally And Completely Misrepresenting Section 230 by Mike Masnick 8-07-2019 9:34 AM (46 comments)
Oversight Report Shows The NSA Did Not Delete All The Inadvertently-Collected Phone Records It Claimed It Had Deleted by Tim Cushing 8-06-2019 6:34 AM (16 comments)
The FTC's Settlement With Equifax Is Such A Joke, The FTC Is Now Begging You Not To Ask For A Cash Settlement by Mike Masnick 8-01-2019 6:32 AM (75 comments)
NYPD Screws Up Again; Hands Out Even More 'Secret' Facial Recognition Docs To Researchers by Tim Cushing 7-29-2019 1:48 PM (6 comments)
AT&T Loses 1 Million Video Users After Spending Billions On Mergers To Dominate Video by Karl Bode 7-26-2019 6:21 AM (44 comments)
District Attorneys Have Figured Out How To Turn Criminal Justice Reform Efforts Into Revenue Streams by Tim Cushing 7-25-2019 3:10 AM (60 comments)
Oversight Report: World's Most Powerful Spy Agency Is An Insecure Mess That Can't Keep Tabs On Its Own Employees by Tim Cushing 7-23-2019 12:00 PM (9 comments)
Amazon Teams With Colorado Police, US Postal Service On Sting That Catches Zero Package Thieves by Tim Cushing 7-12-2019 10:44 AM (15 comments)
Why Is The Washington Post Publishing Blatantly False Propaganda About Section 230? by Mike Masnick 7-11-2019 11:58 AM (176 comments)
Voting Machine Makers Claim The Names Of The Entities That Own Them Are Trade Secrets by Tim Cushing 7-10-2019 9:24 AM (35 comments)
The Gaming Platform Wars Are Beginning To Screw Up Crowdfunding Games by Timothy Geigner 7-02-2019 7:29 PM (49 comments)
Removing Terrorist Content Isn't Helping Win The War On Terror by Tim Cushing 7-02-2019 9:24 AM (13 comments)
Dear Nintendo: Here Are Some Ways You Could Be A Little More Cool, Man by Timothy Geigner 7-01-2019 11:59 AM (13 comments)
Pai's FCC Crushes Rules That Brought More Broadband Competition To San Francisco by Karl Bode 6-28-2019 6:17 AM (23 comments)

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