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Uber Hid Security Breach Impacting 57 Million People, Paid Off Hackers by Mike Masnick 11-22-2017 12:25 PM (24 comments)
DHS Trying To Bury Report Showing Violations Of Travel Ban Court Orders By CBP Officers by Tim Cushing 11-22-2017 10:42 AM (3 comments)
3 Million Dish Customers May Miss Thanksgiving Football In Latest Example Of TV Industry Dysfunction by Karl Bode 11-22-2017 6:25 AM (27 comments)
Defense Department Spied On Social Media, Left All Its Collected Data Exposed To Anyone by Mike Masnick 11-17-2017 10:45 AM (23 comments)
Roy Moore's Threat Letter To Sue The Press Is An Artform In Bad Lawyering by Mike Masnick 11-16-2017 12:04 PM (51 comments)
'Tis The Season To Fail To Catch Contraband And Explosive Devices At TSA Checkpoints by Tim Cushing 11-15-2017 9:33 AM (18 comments)
Investigation Shows Chicago PD Has Zero Interest In Holding Its Officers Accountable by Tim Cushing 11-13-2017 7:59 PM (13 comments)
Rozcomnadzor's Corruption Scandal Doesn't Prevent The Russian Government From Empowering It To Ignore Due Process by Timothy Geigner 11-13-2017 3:22 PM (13 comments)
Deputy Shoots Family's Terrier; Complains About Cost Of The Bullet by Tim Cushing 11-08-2017 7:54 PM (127 comments)
Internet Association Sells Out The Internet: Caves In And Will Now Support Revised SESTA by Mike Masnick 11-03-2017 2:51 PM (79 comments)
Don't Cheer For The Twitter Employee Who Deleted Donald Trump's Account by Mike Masnick 11-03-2017 10:45 AM (96 comments)
FCC Boss Demolishes Media Ownership Rules In Massive Gift To Sinclair Broadcasting by Karl Bode 11-02-2017 12:08 PM (30 comments)
Giant International Egos May Derail The Sprint T-Mobile Merger by Karl Bode 11-02-2017 6:24 AM (11 comments)
Report Finds DHS Terrible At Keeping Track Of Agents' Badges And Guns by Tim Cushing 11-02-2017 3:23 AM (29 comments)
Dead People Mysteriously Support The FCC's Attack On Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 11-01-2017 6:22 AM (95 comments)
Spinoff: Whatever The Reports About Russian Trolls Buying Ads Is Initially, It's Way, Way Worse by Timothy Geigner 10-31-2017 4:08 PM (57 comments)
Man Gets $37,500 Payout After Field Drug Test Says Donut Crumbs Are Methamphetamines by Tim Cushing 10-31-2017 9:37 AM (80 comments)
Energy Group Labels Creators Of Video Game As 'Eco-Terrorists' by Timothy Geigner 10-30-2017 3:44 PM (60 comments)
The DOJ's Bizarre Subpoena Over An Emoji Highlights Its Ridiculous Vendetta Against A Security Researcher by Mike Masnick 10-25-2017 12:02 PM (24 comments)
Seeking To Root Out Leakers, The Intelligence Community Is Destroying Official Routes For Whistleblowers by Tim Cushing 10-20-2017 3:23 AM (25 comments)
White House Cyber Security Boss Also Wants Encryption Backdoors He Refuses To Call Backdoors by Tim Cushing 10-16-2017 10:44 AM (42 comments)
Accenture The Latest To Leave Sensitive Customer Data Sitting Unprotected In The Amazon Cloud by Karl Bode 10-12-2017 1:25 PM (10 comments)
Investment Fund Manager Tries To Bury Past Screwups With Sketchy Libel Suit Court Order by Tim Cushing 10-12-2017 11:57 AM (6 comments)
Emails Show ICE Couldn't Find Enough Dangerous Immigrants To Fulfill The Adminstration's Fantasies by Tim Cushing 10-12-2017 9:27 AM (70 comments)
Nintendo Nixes Live Streams For Its Own Creators Program For Some Reason by Timothy Geigner 10-10-2017 3:40 PM (27 comments)
ICE Demands Journalists 'Return' Snitch Hotline Data It Left Exposed For Three Days After Being Notified by Tim Cushing 10-10-2017 12:00 PM (37 comments)
Cyberstalking Case Highlights How VPN Provider Claims About Not Keeping Logs Are Often False by Karl Bode 10-10-2017 6:30 AM (41 comments)
Elsevier's Latest Brilliant Idea: Adding Geoblocking To Open Access by Glyn Moody 10-04-2017 7:34 PM (14 comments)
Hacks Are Always Worse Than Reported: All Of Yahoo Email Was Hacked In 2013. All. Of. It. by Timothy Geigner 10-04-2017 1:22 PM (41 comments)
Trump's FCC Boss Blasts Apple For Refusing To 'Turn On' FM iPhone Chipsets That Don't Actually Exist by Karl Bode 10-03-2017 1:32 PM (34 comments)

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