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Some EU Nations Still Haven't Implemented The 2013 Marrakesh Treaty For The Blind by Glyn Moody 12-05-2018 7:36 PM (15 comments)
Tech Policy In Times Of Trouble by Cathy Gellis 12-03-2018 1:41 PM (28 comments)
Nintendo Shuts Down Its 'Creators' YouTuber Program, Replaces It With Simpler But Still Confusing Guidelines For Streaming by Timothy Geigner 11-29-2018 9:54 PM (17 comments)
Big Boost For Open Access As Wellcome And Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Back EU's 'Plan S' by Glyn Moody 11-06-2018 3:37 PM (7 comments)
Fan Translator Likely Finds His Work In Official Game Release And Is Totally Cool With It by Timothy Geigner 10-24-2018 6:27 PM (32 comments)
El-P: We Make Our Music Available For Free And Trust Our Fans To Support Us, And We Always Will by Timothy Geigner 10-23-2018 1:38 PM (17 comments)
Streaming Exclusives Will Drive Users Back To Piracy And The Industry Is Largely Oblivious by Karl Bode 10-19-2018 6:24 AM (93 comments)
Art, AI & Infringement: A Copyright Conundrum by Timothy Geigner 10-16-2018 7:46 PM (104 comments)
Netflix Reminds Everyone That The Internet Isn't A Broadcast Medium With New Choose Your Own Adventure Shows by Timothy Geigner 10-11-2018 7:36 PM (32 comments)
Confused Swedish Ad Board Says 'Distracted Boyfriend Meme' Is Sexist by Mike Masnick 10-02-2018 3:33 PM (72 comments)
Artist Inspired By Andy Warhol, Creates Truly Astounding Work... Ends Up Giving It Away Over 'Copyright Infringement' by Mike Masnick 9-21-2018 9:22 AM (34 comments)
Wherein Jean Luc Picard Learns How Not To Moderate Twitter by Cathy Gellis 9-20-2018 1:33 PM (23 comments)
eSports Milestone: Pro Gamer Ninja To Be The First Pro Gamer Featured On ESPN Magazine Cover by Timothy Geigner 9-19-2018 8:07 PM (29 comments)
Plagiarists Or Innovators? The Led Zeppelin Paradox Endures by Aram Sinnreich 9-14-2018 7:39 PM (55 comments)
A Benchmark Of Sorts: Steam's First Fully Uncensored Adult Novel-Game To Be Released In Coming Weeks by Timothy Geigner 9-13-2018 7:32 PM (28 comments)
Europe's New 'Plan S' For Open Access: Daft Name, Great News by Glyn Moody 9-10-2018 8:01 PM (10 comments)
Reddit Ignored A Year's Worth Of User Warnings About Iranian Propaganda by Karl Bode 9-06-2018 1:34 PM (37 comments)
Leading Biomedical Funders Call For Open Peer Review Of Academic Research by Glyn Moody 9-05-2018 7:35 PM (20 comments)
As Academic Publishers Fight And Subvert Open Access, Preprints Offer An Alternative Approach For Sharing Knowledge Widely by Glyn Moody 8-17-2018 7:39 PM (40 comments)
Video Games In Germany Can Now Maybe Kinda Sometimes Have Swastikas by Timothy Geigner 8-15-2018 7:41 PM (14 comments)
Real Estate Developer Found Using Video Game Footage In Marketing Material... Which Is Pretty Cool! by Timothy Geigner 8-07-2018 7:54 PM (16 comments)
Progress Isn't Linear: YouTube TV's World Cup Flub Threatens Public's Trust For Sports Streaming by Timothy Geigner 7-16-2018 8:05 PM (30 comments)
Everything That's Wrong With Social Media Companies and Big Tech Platforms, Part 3 by Mike Godwin 7-16-2018 10:40 AM (42 comments)
AT&T Is Very Excited To Try And Ruin HBO by Karl Bode 7-10-2018 6:21 AM (66 comments)
Streaming Video Sees Wave Of Price Hikes In Apparent Bid To Mimic Cable & Embolden Piracy by Karl Bode 7-09-2018 12:05 PM (25 comments)
Over The Top Sports Streaming Comes To Europe With Amazon's Deal With The Premier League by Timothy Geigner 7-05-2018 7:33 PM (9 comments)
Wikipedia Makes The Case For Google & Facebook To Give Back To The Commons, Rather Than Just Take by Mike Masnick 6-25-2018 1:39 PM (30 comments)
In Defense Of Ubisoft: Crowdsourcing Game Content Creation Is Actually Fun And Non-Exploitive by Timothy Geigner 6-15-2018 7:39 PM (40 comments)
UK Security Minister Says Only A Drivers Licence For The Internet Can Bring Back Online Civility by Tim Cushing 6-13-2018 3:10 AM (51 comments)
Valve Decides To Get Out Of The Curation Business When It Comes To 'Offensive' Games by Timothy Geigner 6-08-2018 3:32 AM (65 comments)

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