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MPAA Wins: Australia To Carve Google And Facebook Out Of Its Expanded Safe Harbor Provisions by Timothy Geigner 12-11-2017 9:33 AM (29 comments)
Canadian ISPs And Hollywood Agree On Plan To Make Themselves Judge, Jury and Website Executioner by Timothy Geigner 12-07-2017 1:38 PM (30 comments)
Snopes Debunks Fake YouTube Video; Video's Creator Responds With A Bogus DMCA Notice by Tim Cushing 12-06-2017 1:40 PM (41 comments)
What Happens If The DOJ Ends Up With Martin Shkreli's Sole Copy Of The Wu Tang Clan Album? by Mike Masnick 12-01-2017 7:39 PM (22 comments)
Epic Sues 14 Year Old It Accuses Of Cheating In Videogames After He Counternotices a DMCA On His YouTube Video by Timothy Geigner 12-01-2017 3:43 PM (68 comments)
No Shit: Groundbreaking Study Shows That Giving People 12% Of The Video Content They Want Doesn't Magically Stop Piracy by Timothy Geigner 11-30-2017 3:39 AM (46 comments)
The Sad Legacy Of Copyright: Locking Up Scientific Knowledge And Impeding Progress by Mike Masnick 11-20-2017 9:24 AM (56 comments)
Judge Halts Copyright Troll's Lawsuit Against A Now-Deceased Elderly Man With Dementia And An IP Address by Timothy Geigner 11-17-2017 7:39 PM (45 comments)
Offering Good Legal Options Works: Interest In Netflix Outpaces Pirate Options In Brazil by Timothy Geigner 11-15-2017 1:37 PM (31 comments)
Monkey Selfie Photographer Says He's Now Going To Sue Wikipedia by Mike Masnick 11-14-2017 9:41 AM (83 comments)
With The US Out, Canada Gets Copyright Out Of TPP And Moves Closer To Agreement by Mike Masnick 11-13-2017 11:53 AM (11 comments)
Lawsuit Brought By Cosby Show Production Company Against Documentary Is The Reason We Have Fair Use by Timothy Geigner 11-10-2017 9:46 AM (21 comments)
Playboy Sues BoingBoing For Linking To Collection Of Centerfold Pictures by Mike Masnick 11-09-2017 12:06 PM (44 comments)
MPAA Sticks Its Nose Into Australia's Copyright Business: Warns Against Fair Use And Geo-Blocking Relief by Timothy Geigner 11-09-2017 3:23 AM (26 comments)
Judge Ignores Congress, Pretends SOPA Exists, Orders Site Blocking Of Sci-Hub by Mike Masnick 11-07-2017 3:34 AM (38 comments)
Collateral Damage Not Russian Site-Blocking's Only Failure: Pirate Video Market Has Doubled As Well by Timothy Geigner 11-01-2017 1:23 PM (22 comments)
Finally, RIAA Front Group Admits That Forcing YouTube To Police Site Doesn't Work Well by Mike Masnick 10-31-2017 10:43 AM (25 comments)
Marketing Guy: Google Image Search Is A Honeypot Set Up By Aggressive Copyright Litigants by Tim Cushing 10-30-2017 1:21 PM (62 comments)
Copyright Office Will Renew Previous DMCA Exemptions Without Much Fuss -- But Why Is This Even Necessary? by Mike Masnick 10-25-2017 7:36 PM (20 comments)
Using YouTube Takedowns As Extortion by Mike Masnick 10-25-2017 9:36 AM (33 comments)
Author Who Lost Copyright Case Over The Da Vinci Code In The US In 2007 Looks To Revive It In The UK In 2017 by Timothy Geigner 10-19-2017 3:59 PM (21 comments)
Disney: The Only Fun Allowed At Children's Birthday Parties Is Properly Licensed Fun by Timothy Geigner 10-18-2017 12:03 PM (56 comments)
New Copyright Trolling Operation Lowers The Settlement Demands And Calls Them Fines To Improve Conversion Rate by Timothy Geigner 10-17-2017 7:55 PM (25 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 141: Donald Trump, Howard Stern... And Copyright by Leigh Beadon 10-17-2017 1:30 PM (0 comments)
Sorry, You Can't Abuse Copyright Law To Make A Negative Review Disappear by Mike Masnick 10-17-2017 11:58 AM (12 comments)
Neighbor Sues For $2.5 Million After Renovation Looks Too Much Like Their Own House by Mike Masnick 10-16-2017 3:39 PM (34 comments)
Court To Guy Who Sued News Stations Over His Facebook Live Video: Pay Their Legal Fees... And Maybe Sue Your Lawyers by Timothy Geigner 10-12-2017 3:25 AM (19 comments)
New 'Coalition For Responsible Sharing' About To Send Millions Of Take-Down Notices To Stop Researchers Sharing Their Own Papers by Glyn Moody 10-11-2017 7:38 PM (53 comments)
Members Of Congress: Court Was Wrong To Say That Posting The Law Is Copyright Infringement by Mike Masnick 10-05-2017 1:43 PM (47 comments)
Iran Cracks Down On Movie Pirates In The Most Inception-Esque Manner Possible by Timothy Geigner 10-05-2017 10:43 AM (17 comments)

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