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Techdirt Podcast Episode 115: The End Of Ownership by Leigh Beadon 3-28-2017 1:15 PM (0 comments)
Supreme Court Won't Hear Case About Copyright Protection Of Pre-1972 Sound Recordings by Mike Masnick 3-28-2017 10:47 AM (17 comments)
Court Says Posting Georgia's Official Annotated Laws Is Not Fair Use, And Thus Infringing by Mike Masnick 3-27-2017 11:46 AM (35 comments)
Caution: Prolonged Exposure To Copyright Can Be Hazardous To Human Culture by Leigh Beadon 3-24-2017 12:00 PM (19 comments)
Congress Leaks Draft Bill To Move Copyright Office Out Of The Library Of Congress by Mike Masnick 3-23-2017 2:23 PM (79 comments)
Supreme Court Says You Can Copyright Elements Of 'Useful Articles' -- Which May Spell Disaster For 3D Printing & More by Mike Masnick 3-23-2017 10:44 AM (17 comments)
UK Court Grants First Live Blocking Order To Stop New Infringing Streams As Soon As They Start by Glyn Moody 3-15-2017 1:24 PM (20 comments)
Prenda May Be Dead, But Copyright Trolling Still Going Strong by Mike Masnick 3-15-2017 11:53 AM (9 comments)
Film Distributor Creates Torrent Site Clone That Gives Away Movie Tickets To Combat Piracy by Timothy Geigner 3-14-2017 3:07 PM (18 comments)
Photocopying Textbooks Is Fair Use In India: Western Publishers Withdraw Copyright Suit Against Delhi University by Glyn Moody 3-13-2017 3:20 AM (19 comments)
They're Back: Copying Is Not Theft And Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants by Techdirt 3-11-2017 12:00 PM (8 comments)
EU Parliament Report Recommends Throwing Out Something Even Worse Than The Link Tax: Upload Filtering by Glyn Moody 3-10-2017 11:50 AM (24 comments)
EU Parliament Dumps Link Tax, Invites News Publishers To Sue If They Think Google's Making Them Broke by Tim Cushing 3-09-2017 10:44 AM (19 comments)
UK Local Government Confirms Surprising EU Position That Viewing Pirated Streams Probably Isn't Illegal by Glyn Moody 3-09-2017 3:22 AM (19 comments)
Important Ruling On Perennially-Problematic Creative Commons Non-Commercial License by Glyn Moody 3-08-2017 1:04 PM (36 comments)
Canadian Court Chips Away At Anti-Circumvention Exceptions In Massive Win For Nintendo by Tim Cushing 3-07-2017 11:47 AM (42 comments)
German Judge Fines Father Because He Didn't Tell His Kid Not To Engage In Piracy by Tim Cushing 3-07-2017 3:23 AM (49 comments)
Chicago PD Uses Copyright To Refuse Release Of Its 35-Year-Old Deadly Force Training Film by Tim Cushing 3-02-2017 2:43 PM (17 comments)
Copyright Troll Sues Tor Exit Node, Gets Partial Win by Tim Cushing 3-02-2017 10:45 AM (15 comments)
The Internet Is Silencing Artists, According To An Artist On The Internet by Leigh Beadon 3-01-2017 9:26 AM (24 comments)
Tiffany & Co., Defenders Of Intellectual Property, Sued For Copyright Infringement by Timothy Geigner 2-24-2017 1:26 PM (19 comments)
Federal Judge Says Providing Web Hosting Isn't Even Close To The Same Thing As Contributory Infringement by Tim Cushing 2-24-2017 8:39 AM (15 comments)
Google Report: 99.95 Percent Of DMCA Takedown Notices Are Bot-Generated Bullshit Buckshot by Timothy Geigner 2-23-2017 10:48 AM (41 comments)
Why The DMCA's Notice & Takedown Already Has First Amendment Problems... And RIAA/MPAA Want To Make That Worse by Mike Masnick 2-23-2017 8:41 AM (20 comments)
Former RIAA Executive Attacks Fair Use by Mike Masnick 2-22-2017 8:17 AM (37 comments)
European News Publishers Still Believe They Have The Right To Make Google Pay For Sending Traffic Their Way by Tim Cushing 2-22-2017 3:17 AM (48 comments)
Cogent Accidentally Blocks Websites In Global Ham-Fisted Piracy Filtering Effort by Karl Bode 2-21-2017 10:51 AM (8 comments)
Man Who Used Facebook Live To Stream Birth Of Child Loses Bid To Sue All The News For Copyright Infringement by Timothy Geigner 2-17-2017 11:57 AM (26 comments)
Dangerous: Judge Says It Was 'Objectively Unreasonable' For Cox To Claim DMCA Safe Harbors by Mike Masnick 2-16-2017 10:53 AM (21 comments)
First Look At UK Piracy Alert System: Mostly Benign, Except ISPs Are Requesting Filesharing Software Be Removed By Clients by Timothy Geigner 2-13-2017 3:00 PM (19 comments)

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