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Hollywood Is Betting On Filtering Mandates, But Working Copyright Algorithms Simply Don't Exist by Joshua Lamel 10-19-2021 12:03 PM (25 comments)
Copyright Law Discriminating Against The Blind Finally Struck Down By Court In South Africa by Glyn Moody 10-18-2021 8:51 PM (7 comments)
Locast Shuts Down, As Yet Again A Bad Interpretation Of Copyright Law Makes The World Worse by Cathy Gellis 10-08-2021 10:44 AM (22 comments)
Seuss Estate And ComicMix Copyright Case Settles In The Saddest Possible Way by Timothy Geigner 10-07-2021 8:04 PM (22 comments)
Copyright Continues To Be Abused To Censor Critics By Entities Both Big And Small by Timothy Geigner 9-30-2021 8:02 PM (13 comments)
Yet Another Move To Funnel Money To Big Copyright Companies, Not Struggling Creators by Glyn Moody 9-28-2021 3:32 PM (11 comments)
Marvel Hit Once Again By Estate For Some Spider-Man, Doctor Strange Copyright Terminations by Timothy Geigner 9-27-2021 8:09 PM (16 comments)
Officer Claims Sheriff's Office Told Him To Play Copyrighted Music To Shut Down Citizens' Recordings by Tim Cushing 9-13-2021 11:58 AM (37 comments)
Mystery Over Fake Section 1201 Takedown Claims Sent By 'Video Industry Association of America' Deepens by Timothy Geigner 9-03-2021 7:39 PM (41 comments)
Sony Music Says DNS Service Is Implicated In Copyright Infringement At The Domains It Resolves by Glyn Moody 9-03-2021 12:11 PM (32 comments)
Copyright Scammers Getting More Sophisticated, Just As The US Is About To Make It Easier For Them by Mike Masnick 8-27-2021 3:32 PM (24 comments)
PSA: Universal Music Group Has Copyrighted The Moon. That is All. by Timothy Geigner 8-27-2021 1:51 PM (68 comments)
Fake 'U.S. Copyright Office' Imposter Gets Google To Delist URLs On Section 1201 Grounds by Timothy Geigner 8-25-2021 8:01 PM (36 comments)
Edvard Eriksen Estate Goes After Another Danish City For Having A Mermaid Statue by Timothy Geigner 8-20-2021 7:39 PM (122 comments)
'Blue Line' Apparently Doesn't Apply To Bad Cops Abusing Copyright Law To Prevent Citizens From Uploading Recordings by Tim Cushing 8-19-2021 11:07 AM (18 comments)
Court Orders Injunction Against RomUniverse To Permanently Shut Down, Destroy Nintendo ROMs by Timothy Geigner 8-17-2021 8:13 PM (30 comments)
Why Companies Keep Folding to Copyright Pressure, Even If They Shouldn't by Katharine Trendacosta 8-13-2021 10:48 AM (25 comments)
Twitch Finally Gets Around To Letting Banned Streamers Know Why They Were Banned by Timothy Geigner 8-12-2021 1:44 PM (10 comments)
It Happened Again: Antipiracy Outfit Asks Google To Delist On Behalf Of Ukrainian TV Station by Timothy Geigner 8-10-2021 3:35 PM (31 comments)
Olympics Copyright Insanity Rules Again: Gold Medal Winner Blocked From Sharing Her Own Victory by Mike Masnick 8-05-2021 10:45 AM (19 comments)
UFC COO Publicly Pushing 'Notice And Stay Down' Reforms To DMCA, Despite That Being Horrible For Almost Everyone by Timothy Geigner 8-04-2021 11:57 AM (53 comments)
Copyright Ruins Everything Again: How Dare A Sports Writer Get People Excited About The Olympics! by Mike Masnick 8-02-2021 10:41 AM (57 comments)
Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Keeps On Losing In Court by Mike Masnick 7-30-2021 1:30 PM (41 comments)
Top EU Court's Adviser Regrettably Fails To Recommend Throwing Out Upload Filters, But Does Say They Should Block Only "Identical" Or "Equivalent" Copies by Glyn Moody 7-16-2021 10:46 AM (21 comments)
Japanese Police Arrest Man For Selling Modded Save Files For Single-Player Nintendo Game by Timothy Geigner 7-14-2021 8:47 PM (52 comments)
Law Enforcement Officer Openly Admits He's Playing Copyrighted Music To Prevent Citizen's Recording From Being Uploaded To YouTube by Tim Cushing 7-06-2021 9:41 AM (24 comments)
LA Court Abusing Copyright Law To Take Down (Unauthorized) Recording Of Britney Spears Hearing by Mike Masnick 7-02-2021 6:20 AM (31 comments)
Denmark's Media Companies Form 'Copyright Collective' To Force Google And Facebook To Pay More For Sending Them Traffic by Glyn Moody 7-01-2021 10:51 AM (14 comments)
Did The Supreme Court Just Take A Sledge Hammer To Copyright's Statutory Damages? by Mike Masnick 6-30-2021 10:50 AM (21 comments)
Ubisoft Teams Up With Mystery Rights Holder To Remove Fun Fan-Made 'GoldenEye 007' Maps From 'Far Cry' by Timothy Geigner 6-29-2021 7:52 PM (27 comments)

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