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Impostor Sending Out DMCA Notices In Chaturbate's Name Now Targeting Techdirt URLs by Tim Cushing 8-16-2017 10:42 AM (29 comments)
How The DMCA's Digital Locks Provision Allowed A Company To Delete A URL From Adblock Lists by Mike Masnick 8-14-2017 10:42 AM (69 comments)
Warner/Chappell Issues Copyright Claim Over YouTube Video Deliberately Containing None Of Its Music by Tim Cushing 8-10-2017 12:00 PM (23 comments)
Kickass Torrents Creator Can't Get Criminal Case Tossed Out by Mike Masnick 8-07-2017 1:35 PM (43 comments)
Voltage Picture's Lawyer Sues Copyright Trolling Participants, Calls Lawsuits Unethical by Tim Cushing 8-07-2017 12:04 PM (11 comments)
Def Leppard Claims Music Piracy Is Bringing Younger Audiences To Its Concerts by Timothy Geigner 8-04-2017 1:36 PM (30 comments)
Someone Impersonating An Adult Chat Site Sends DMCA Takedown Service Targets Tons Of Legit Sites, Including Chaturbate Itself [UPDATE] by Tim Cushing 8-01-2017 6:24 AM (37 comments)
Alex Mauer Gets Another Game Taken Down From Steam Via DMCA As She Sends Imagos' Lawyer Death Threats by Timothy Geigner 7-24-2017 3:41 PM (70 comments)
Capcom Manually DMCAs English Translation Of Ace Attorney Game Not Available In English by Timothy Geigner 7-17-2017 3:36 PM (16 comments)
Latest EU Parliament Votes On Copyright: Fuck The Public, Give Big Corporations More Copyright by Mike Masnick 7-17-2017 10:42 AM (33 comments)
Copyright Law And The Grenfell Fire - Why We Cannot Let Legal Standards Be Locked Up By Copyright by Cathy Gellis 7-12-2017 9:27 AM (54 comments)
Court Says DMCA Safe Harbors Disappear Once Infringing Images Are Printed On Physical Items by Tim Cushing 7-11-2017 3:39 PM (98 comments)
Study: Dutch Piracy Rates In Free Fall Due Mostly To The Availability Of Legal Alternatives by Timothy Geigner 7-07-2017 11:50 AM (30 comments)
There Is An Easy Answer To Whether Machines Should Get Copyright Rights And It Comes Down To Copyright's Purpose by Timothy Geigner 7-07-2017 9:25 AM (48 comments)
First And Only Snippet Tax Deal In Spain Is With Big Supporter Of Snippet Tax In Germany by Glyn Moody 6-30-2017 1:34 PM (23 comments)
Court Orders Man Who Sued News Orgs For Clipping His Facebook Video To Pay Everyone's Attorney's Fees by Timothy Geigner 6-28-2017 3:23 AM (46 comments)
Copyright Office Admits That DMCA Is More About Giving Hollywood 'Control' Than Stopping Infringement by Mike Masnick 6-27-2017 10:41 AM (24 comments)
Game Music Composer Goes On DMCA Blitz Against Innocent YouTubers Over Contract Dispute With Game Publisher by Timothy Geigner 6-27-2017 9:24 AM (60 comments)
Copyright Office Realizes The DMCA Fucks With Security Research While The W3C Still Doesn't See It by Mike Masnick 6-26-2017 1:22 PM (26 comments)
How The Supreme Court's Recent Free Speech Ruling May Destroy Hollywood's Plans To Kick People Off The Internet by Mike Masnick 6-21-2017 10:46 AM (40 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 127: Copyright, Music & 'Theft' by Leigh Beadon 6-20-2017 1:30 PM (14 comments)
Supreme Court Won't Hear Dancing Baby Case... Despite Gov't Admitting 'Serious Legal Error' by Mike Masnick 6-19-2017 6:26 PM (45 comments)
Copyright Troll Rightscorp Ramps Up Its Efforts To Get ISPs To Push Its Payment Demands On Users by Mike Masnick 6-19-2017 1:39 PM (33 comments)
A Decade Later, Judge Says 'Jersey Boys' Use Of Unpublished Autobiography Is Fair Use by Mike Masnick 6-16-2017 10:43 AM (5 comments)
Multiple German Courts Rule Photos Of Public Domain Works Are Not In The Public Domain by Glyn Moody 6-16-2017 8:35 AM (49 comments)
Dangerous Copyright Ruling In Europe Opens The Door To Widespread Censorship by Mike Masnick 6-14-2017 11:56 AM (79 comments)
EU Copyright Proposal: Not Good, But Not As Blatantly Terrible As It Could Have Been by Mike Masnick 6-12-2017 7:41 PM (20 comments)
Judge Orders MCSK To Cease Collecting Royalties For Kenyan Musicians by Timothy Geigner 6-12-2017 3:36 PM (18 comments)
Another Day, Another Bogus YouTube Takedown Because Of A Major Label by Mike Masnick 6-12-2017 1:36 PM (26 comments)
Copyright Trolls... But For Houses by Mike Masnick 6-09-2017 9:27 AM (31 comments)

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