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Daily Deal: NetSpot Pro by Daily Deal 3-15-2018 10:35 AM (1 comments)
As Trump Nominates Torture Boss To Head CIA, Congresswoman Suggests It's Sympathizing With Terrorists To Question Her Appointment by Mike Masnick 3-15-2018 9:38 AM (43 comments)
California Introduces New, Tougher Net Neutrality Rules; Uses Ajit Pai's Abdication Of Authority Against The FCC by Karl Bode 3-15-2018 6:28 AM (40 comments)
Clock Runs Out On Perjury Charges For James Clapper, Ensuring He Won't Be Punished For Lying To Congress by Tim Cushing 3-15-2018 3:22 AM (19 comments)
Ravinia Festival Bullies Startup Brewery, Leading The Brewery To Shut Down Plans For Opening by Timothy Geigner 3-14-2018 8:02 PM (17 comments)
Police Department With Eight Full-Time Officers Acquired 31 Military Vehicles Thru DoD's Surplus Program by Tim Cushing 3-14-2018 3:43 PM (38 comments)
Just As Everyone's Starting To Worry About 'Deepfake' Porn Videos, SESTA Will Make The Problem Worse by Mike Masnick 3-14-2018 1:24 PM (25 comments)
YouTube Shows Dennis Prager's Claim Of Discrimination Against Conservatives Is Laughable by Timothy Geigner 3-14-2018 11:55 AM (100 comments)
Judge Says Yahoo Still On The Hook For Multiple Claims Related To Three Billion Compromised Email Accounts by Tim Cushing 3-14-2018 10:41 AM (12 comments)
Daily Deal: Arduino Step by Step by Daily Deal 3-14-2018 10:36 AM (0 comments)
Sex Workers And Survivors Raising The Alarm About SESTA: It Will Literally Put Their Lives In Danger by Mike Masnick 3-14-2018 9:34 AM (40 comments)
Verizon Forced To Briefly Give A Damn About Its Neglected Broadband Networks by Karl Bode 3-14-2018 6:29 AM (7 comments)
Trump Administration Wants To Start Sending Secret Service Agents To Polling Stations by Tim Cushing 3-14-2018 3:23 AM (175 comments)
Research Shows That Published Versions Of Papers In Costly Academic Titles Add Almost Nothing To The Freely-Available Preprints They Are Based On by Glyn Moody 3-13-2018 7:48 PM (23 comments)
Game Developer Embraces Modding Community So Much They Made Their Work An Official Release by Timothy Geigner 3-13-2018 3:35 PM (19 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 158: How MoviePass Makes Money by Leigh Beadon 3-13-2018 1:30 PM (6 comments)
Twitter's Attempt To Clean Up Spammers Meant That People Sarcastically Tweeting 'Kill Me' Were Suspended by Mike Masnick 3-13-2018 12:07 PM (19 comments)
Iowa Town Threatens Critical Resident With A Lawsuit, Gets Sued By The ACLU Instead by Tim Cushing 3-13-2018 10:51 AM (23 comments)
Daily Deal: Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle Price Drop by Daily Deal 3-13-2018 10:46 AM (1 comments)
Trump's Lawyers Apparently Unfamiliar With Streisand Effect Or 1st Amendment's Limits On Prior Restraint by Mike Masnick 3-13-2018 9:33 AM (72 comments)
Ten Years Later, Cable Industry Finally Realizes More Ads Is Not The Solution To Cord Cutting by Karl Bode 3-13-2018 6:20 AM (39 comments)
Federal Judge Says Business Names Provided By Reviewers At A Review Site Are Contributory Trademark Infringement by Tim Cushing 3-13-2018 3:23 AM (24 comments)
Russia Censors News Reports About Anti-Putin Ice Graffiti, Leaving Its Contents Entirely Up To Our Collective Imagination by Timothy Geigner 3-12-2018 7:41 PM (26 comments)
Cop Hits Woman's Car At 94 MPH, Killing Her Infant. Police Arrest Woman For Negligent Homicide. by Tim Cushing 3-12-2018 3:38 PM (102 comments)
Pakistan Court Declares Mobile Data Disconnections By The Government Illegal by Timothy Geigner 3-12-2018 1:32 PM (11 comments)
If The US Government Can't Figure Out Who's A Russian Troll, Why Should It Expect Internet Companies To Do So? by Mike Masnick 3-12-2018 12:03 PM (34 comments)
The US Government Is Considering Drafting Middle-Aged Hackers To Fight The Cyberwar by Tim Cushing 3-12-2018 10:40 AM (73 comments)
Daily Deal: Google Analytics Masterclass by Daily Deal 3-12-2018 10:35 AM (0 comments)
Killing The Golden Goose (Again); How The Copyright Stranglehold Dooms Spotify by Mike Masnick 3-12-2018 9:19 AM (94 comments)
Telecom Lobbyists Whine About State Net Neutrality Efforts They Helped Create by Karl Bode 3-12-2018 6:21 AM (20 comments)

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