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Another Mod War: Jagex Demands Shutdown Of HD RuneScape Mod, Retracts After Public Backlash by Timothy Geigner 9-09-2021 7:44 PM (12 comments)
Body Cam Video Shows Cop Killing A Harmless Dog Within 15 Seconds Of Arriving At The Scene by Tim Cushing 9-09-2021 5:46 PM (54 comments)
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Announces On Twitter The Livestreaming On Facebook Of His Signing Of A Bill That Removes 1st Amendment Rights For Both by Mike Masnick 9-09-2021 3:13 PM (62 comments)
Sixth Circuit Reaffirms It's A Fourth Amendment Violation To Chalk Car Tires For Parking Enforcement Purposes by Tim Cushing 9-09-2021 1:41 PM (34 comments)
Impossibility Of Content Moderation: Scientist Debunking Vaccine Myths Gets A YouTube Strike For Medical Misinfo by Mike Masnick 9-09-2021 12:12 PM (56 comments)
Connecticut Court Orders Blogger To Turn Over Electronic Devices To Cop Suing Over Alleged Defamation By Blog's Commenters by Tim Cushing 9-09-2021 10:58 AM (29 comments)
Daily Deal: Knowable Audio Learning Platform by Daily Deal 9-09-2021 10:54 AM (0 comments)
Damned If You Do; Damned If You Don't: ProPublica's Bizarre Reporting On WhatsApp Abuse Reports by Mike Masnick 9-09-2021 9:37 AM (14 comments)
AT&T Whines About Spectrum Hoarding Now That T-Mobile Is Doing It by Karl Bode 9-09-2021 6:20 AM (4 comments)
Sci-Hub Celebrates 10 Years Of Existence, With A Record 88 Million Papers Available, And A Call For Funds To Help It Add AI And Go Open Source by Glyn Moody 9-09-2021 3:20 AM (6 comments)
China's New Youth Online Gaming Restrictions Birth Underground Workaround Industry To Defeat It by Timothy Geigner 9-08-2021 9:09 PM (19 comments)
New Texas Abortion Law Likely To Unleash A Torrent Of Lawsuits Against Online Education, Advocacy And Other Speech by David Greene, Cindy Cohn, Corynne McSherry, and Sophia Cope 9-08-2021 3:41 PM (49 comments)
Rupert Murdoch Learns Why Intermediary Liability Protections Matter: Australia Says Media Orgs Can Be Sued Over Facebook Comments by Mike Masnick 9-08-2021 1:35 PM (24 comments)
Computer Repair Shop Owner Has To Pay Twitter's Legal Fees Over Bogus SLAPP Suit Regarding Hunter Biden's Laptop by Mike Masnick 9-08-2021 12:06 PM (54 comments)
Will COVID Become Australia's 9/11? by Tim Cushing 9-08-2021 10:47 AM (79 comments)
Daily Deal: The 2021 Google Software Engineering Manager Bundle by Daily Deal 9-08-2021 10:42 AM (0 comments)
The Role Of Confirmation Bias In Spreading Misinformation by Mike Masnick 9-08-2021 9:34 AM (43 comments)
Biden Has Wasted A Year Failing To Fill Top Telecom Oversight Spots by Karl Bode 9-08-2021 6:32 AM (22 comments)
External Investigation Finds Small Number Of Aurora PD Officers Create The Most Problems (Plus 98 Other Reason To Improve) by Tim Cushing 9-07-2021 7:50 PM (17 comments)
Backpage Founders Trial Finally Begins by Mike Masnick 9-07-2021 3:45 PM (165 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 297: The Future Of Libraries by Leigh Beadon 9-07-2021 1:30 PM (4 comments)
GoDaddy Reignites Debate Over Infrastructure Layer Moderation By Banning Texas Anti-Abortion Snitch Site by Mike Masnick 9-07-2021 12:07 PM (92 comments)
FTC Decides Maybe It's Time To Start Asking Why McDonalds Ice Cream Machines Are Broken All The Damn Time by Tim Cushing 9-07-2021 10:49 AM (57 comments)
Daily Deal: The Complete Guitar Lessons Bundle by Daily Deal 9-07-2021 10:44 AM (0 comments)
Lessons Learned From Creating Good Faith Debate In A Sea Of Garbage Disinformation by Mike Masnick 9-07-2021 9:37 AM (46 comments)
Every Streaming Company Not Named Apple Receives A Lousy Grade On Privacy by Karl Bode 9-07-2021 6:14 AM (13 comments)
Investigation Finds NSO Malware Being Used By The Bahrain Government To Target Activists And Dissidents by Tim Cushing 9-07-2021 3:17 AM (5 comments)
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt by Leigh Beadon 9-05-2021 12:00 PM (21 comments)
This Week In Techdirt History: August 29th - September 4th by Leigh Beadon 9-04-2021 12:00 PM (0 comments)
Mystery Over Fake Section 1201 Takedown Claims Sent By 'Video Industry Association of America' Deepens by Timothy Geigner 9-03-2021 7:39 PM (41 comments)

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