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At-Home Dental Appliance Company Sues Website For Having Opinions About Its Products by Tim Cushing 4-16-2018 11:56 AM (15 comments)
After Removing US From Negotiating Process, Now Trump Suddenly Wants US Back In TPP by Mike Masnick 4-16-2018 10:43 AM (32 comments)
Daily Deal: AVANCA Minim True Wireless Earbuds by Daily Deal 4-16-2018 10:38 AM (0 comments)
Report Says Former FBI Official Andrew McCabe Lied About Self-Serving Leaks To Journalists by Tim Cushing 4-16-2018 9:33 AM (24 comments)
There Is No Going Dark: Another Vendor Selling Tool That Cracks All iPhones by Tim Cushing 4-16-2018 6:23 AM (35 comments)
Singaporean Government Creates Fake News To Push Fake News Legislation by Tim Cushing 4-16-2018 3:23 AM (30 comments)
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt by Leigh Beadon 4-15-2018 12:00 PM (29 comments)
This Week In Techdirt History: April 8th - 14th by Leigh Beadon 4-14-2018 12:00 PM (5 comments)
We Interrupt Today's News With An Update From The Monkey Selfie Case by Cathy Gellis 4-13-2018 7:39 PM (33 comments)
In-N-Out Sues Australian Burger Joint, Despite Having No Restaurants In The Country by Timothy Geigner 4-13-2018 3:58 PM (27 comments)
Public Attention Forces Facebook To Retreat From Anti-Privacy Alliance With ISPs In California by Karl Bode 4-13-2018 1:51 PM (8 comments)
New Hampshire Court: First Amendment Says You Can Call A Patent Troll A Patent Troll by Daniel Nazer, EFF 4-13-2018 12:14 PM (22 comments)
Ted Cruz Demands A Return Of The Fairness Doctrine, Which He Has Mocked In The Past, Due To Misunderstanding CDA 230 by Mike Masnick 4-13-2018 10:41 AM (126 comments)
Daily Deal: Windscribe VPN by Daily Deal 4-13-2018 10:36 AM (1 comments)
Amended Complaint Filed Against Backpage... Now With SESTA/FOSTA by Mike Masnick 4-13-2018 9:31 AM (43 comments)
Canadian Music Industry Confirms Once More That For Copyright Companies, Enough Is Never Enough by Glyn Moody 4-13-2018 6:36 AM (34 comments)
UK Police Use Zipcode Profiles, Garden Size And First Names For AI-Based Custody Decision System by Glyn Moody 4-13-2018 3:33 AM (31 comments)
ACLU: If Americans Want Privacy & Net Neutrality, They Should Build Their Own Broadband Networks by Karl Bode 4-12-2018 3:37 PM (41 comments)
Update: Actually, Court Orders Iowa State To Pay Alums $600k For Violating Their Rights by Timothy Geigner 4-12-2018 1:36 PM (6 comments)
Open Letter On Ending Attacks On Security Research by Mike Masnick 4-12-2018 12:02 PM (5 comments)
Netflix Bows Out Of Cannes After Festival Tells Streaming Services To Get Off Its Lawn by Karl Bode 4-12-2018 10:41 AM (26 comments)
Daily Deal: Theme Junkie WP Themes by Daily Deal 4-12-2018 10:36 AM (0 comments)
Despite Repeated Evidence That It's Unnecessary And Damaging, Trump Signs SESTA/FOSTA by Mike Masnick 4-12-2018 9:39 AM (20 comments)
California Bill Could Introduce A Constitutionally Questionable 'Right To Be Forgotten' In The US by Mike Masnick 4-12-2018 6:34 AM (18 comments)
The FCC's 'Broadband Advisory Council' Keeps Losing Members Due To Cronyism by Karl Bode 4-12-2018 3:33 AM (17 comments)
Canadian Government Leaning Towards A Right To Be Forgotten It Can Enforce Anywhere In The World by Tim Cushing 4-11-2018 8:05 PM (48 comments)
Goodyear Asks Judge To Help It Bury Document Showing It Covered Up Tire Problems Related To 98 Injuries Or Deaths by Tim Cushing 4-11-2018 3:37 PM (17 comments)
FTC Suddenly Remembers 'Warranty Void If Removed' Stickers Are Illegal, Sends Out Stern Letters To Manufacturers by Tim Cushing 4-11-2018 1:36 PM (27 comments)
MPAA Report Shows How The Internet Is Saving The Film Industry, Not Destroying It by Timothy Geigner 4-11-2018 12:06 PM (33 comments)
The Video Game Industry Joins The Lawsuit To Save Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 4-11-2018 10:40 AM (38 comments)

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