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Superior Court Dumps BS Charges Brought Against New Jersey Homeowner For Her 'Fuck Biden' Signs by Tim Cushing 7-29-2021 10:44 AM (18 comments)
Daily Deal: The JavaScript DOM Game Developer Bundle by Daily Deal 7-29-2021 10:39 AM (0 comments)
House Republicans Introduce Ridiculous, Contradictory, Unconstitutional Package Of 32 Bills About Section 230 And Content Moderation by Mike Masnick 7-29-2021 9:25 AM (20 comments)
Exec That Tried To Send Critical Reporters A Dead Pig Blames 'The Drinking Culture At eBay' by Karl Bode 7-29-2021 6:34 AM (31 comments)
Oversight Report Says Commerce Dept. Investigative Unit Went Rogue, Engaged In Biased, Retaliatory Investigations by Tim Cushing 7-29-2021 3:29 AM (7 comments)
Senator Kennedy Continues To Push My Buttons With His Ridiculously Dumb 'Don't Push My Buttons' Act by Mike Masnick 7-28-2021 8:02 PM (17 comments)
The FTC Is Driving Away Good Economists In Favor Of Political Henchmen by Brian Albrecht 7-28-2021 4:00 PM (23 comments)
New York's Mental Health Response Pilot Program More Responsive, Less Likely To End In Hospitalization Than Sending Out Cops by Tim Cushing 7-28-2021 1:42 PM (8 comments)
Devin Nunes' Lawyer Loses (Again) On Blatantly Silly RICO Lawsuit Against Google For 'Anti-Conservative Bias' In Search Results by Mike Masnick 7-28-2021 12:12 PM (19 comments)
Governments Accused Of Spying On Journalists And Activists With NSO Group Malware Are Now Suing Journalists And Activists by Tim Cushing 7-28-2021 10:52 AM (1 comments)
Daily Deal: Semi-Annual Storewide Sale by Daily Deal 7-28-2021 10:50 AM (0 comments)
Freaking Out About Nazi Content On The Internet Archive Is Totally Missing The Point by Mike Masnick 7-28-2021 9:25 AM (28 comments)
ISPs Abuse FCC Covid Broadband Discount Program, Showing It's A Band Aid On A Much Bigger Problem by Karl Bode 7-28-2021 6:24 AM (4 comments)
Appeals Court Denies Immunity To University Officials Who Apparently Banned A Christian Student Group Just Because They Didn't Like It by Tim Cushing 7-28-2021 3:27 AM (32 comments)
Splunk Can't Sue Deutsche Telekom In USA Over Magenta Trademark Bullying Occurring In Germany by Timothy Geigner 7-27-2021 7:50 PM (4 comments)
Supreme Court Asked To Firmly Establish A First Amendment Right To Record Police Officers by Tim Cushing 7-27-2021 3:33 PM (25 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 291: Free Speech, Elections, Vaccines, And Social Media by Leigh Beadon 7-27-2021 1:30 PM (0 comments)
As The White House (And Others) Blame Facebook For COVID Vaccination Rates, Health Officials Are Blaming Fox News by Mike Masnick 7-27-2021 11:58 AM (114 comments)
IBM Policy Lab's Newsletter Is A Must Read For Tech Policy by Techdirt 7-27-2021 11:15 AM (2 comments)
Judge Tosses Candace Owens's Litigious Attempt To Turn Facebook Fact-Checking Into Defamation by Tim Cushing 7-27-2021 10:45 AM (52 comments)
Daily Deal: The Intro to Cryptocurrency Bundle by Daily Deal 7-27-2021 10:40 AM (0 comments)
Techdirt Is Now Entirely Without Any Google Ads Or Tracking Code by Mike Masnick 7-27-2021 9:31 AM (23 comments)
AT&T Gets Loyal Lawmakers To Push A Broadband Tax For 'Big Tech' by Karl Bode 7-27-2021 5:01 AM (27 comments)
Police Union Gives 'Officer Of The Year' Award To A Cop Who Spent Last Year Suspended by Tim Cushing 7-26-2021 8:24 PM (36 comments)
Naturopath Sues Twitter After It Bans Her Account For Spreading Medical Misinformation by Tim Cushing 7-26-2021 3:47 PM (39 comments)
Streisand Effect Still Works: Vancouver Roofing Company Hit With Negative Reviews After Suing Over A Negative Review by Mike Masnick 7-26-2021 1:35 PM (39 comments)
Senator Klobuchar Proposes An Unconstitutional Law That Would Kill Legions Of People If Trump Were Still President by Cathy Gellis 7-26-2021 12:01 PM (207 comments)
NSO Group Attempting To Distance Itself From Damaging Leak By Offering Up Contradictory Statements And 'Nothing To Fear' Platitudes by Tim Cushing 7-26-2021 10:49 AM (5 comments)
Daily Deal: The Unreal And Unity Game Development For Beginners Bundle by Daily Deal 7-26-2021 10:44 AM (0 comments)
Anti-Vaxxers Countermeasures Show Why It's Not So Simple To Just 'Delete' Anti-Vax Misinfo On Social Media by Mike Masnick 7-26-2021 9:35 AM (112 comments)

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