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Second Circuit Wrecks All Sorts Of First Amendment Protections To Keep Lawsuit Against Joy Reid Alive by Cathy Gellis 7-17-2020 9:40 AM (10 comments)
Judge Does The Expected: Gets Rid Of Prior Restraint Order Against Mary Trump, Allows Her To Publish Her Book by Mike Masnick 7-14-2020 9:32 AM (16 comments)
What That Harper's Letter About Cancel Culture Could Have Said by Mike Masnick 7-10-2020 9:35 AM (227 comments)
Hong Kong's National Security Law Allows Police To Censor The Internet, Compel Decryption by Tim Cushing 7-08-2020 1:22 PM (8 comments)
Harper's Gives Prestigious Platform To Famous Writers So They Can Whine About Being Silenced by Mike Masnick 7-08-2020 9:31 AM (413 comments)
New 'National Security' Law Threatens Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protesters With Life In Prison by Tim Cushing 7-06-2020 1:33 PM (37 comments)
That Was Quick: Appellate Court Says Simon & Schuster Not Subject To Prior Restraint Order Over Mary Trump's Book; But Fight's Not Over Yet by Mike Masnick 7-02-2020 3:48 PM (42 comments)
NY Judge Apparently Unaware Of The Supreme Court's Ban On Prior Restraint: Puts Temporary Restraining Order On Trump's Niece's Book by Mike Masnick 7-01-2020 3:36 PM (32 comments)
Brazil's Proposed 'Fake News' Law Says Internet Users Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Demands Constant Logging From ISPs by Tim Cushing 7-01-2020 12:19 PM (5 comments)
German Minister Files Criminal Complaint Against A Journalist Who Said Police Officers Are 'Trash People' by Tim Cushing 6-26-2020 10:44 AM (7 comments)
Just Like Every Other Platform, Parler Will Take Down Content And Face Impossible Content Moderation Choices by Mike Masnick 6-26-2020 9:35 AM (71 comments)
Charles Harder Tries And Fails To Censor Another Book About His Most Famous Client, The President by Mike Masnick 6-25-2020 3:46 PM (102 comments)
French Constitutional Council Kills Government's Brand New Hate Speech Law by Tim Cushing 6-23-2020 3:15 AM (3 comments)
The Need For A Federal Anti-SLAPP Law Is Clear And Overwhelming by Mike Masnick 6-19-2020 7:39 PM (30 comments)
Schrodinger's Classified Info: Trump Argues John Bolton's Book Is Both False & Classified by Mike Masnick 6-19-2020 9:35 AM (11 comments)
Anti-SLAPP Law Turns Bogus Defamation Lawsuit Into A $26,500 Legal Bill For The Plaintiff by Tim Cushing 6-18-2020 1:33 PM (15 comments)
FCC's O'Rielly Musters A Tiny Bit Of Courage To Almost Acknowledge Trump's Executive Order Is Unenforceable Gibberish by Karl Bode 6-18-2020 6:17 AM (13 comments)
Congressional Reps Demand Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Stop Surveilling Protesters by Tim Cushing 6-16-2020 3:26 AM (32 comments)
Trump Campaign Is So Pathetic It Claims CNN Poll Is Defamatory; Demands Retraction by Mike Masnick 6-12-2020 10:47 AM (97 comments)
Sheriff Goes All In On Violating The First Amendment After Assaulting A Protester For Carrying A 'F*CK TRUMP' Sign by Tim Cushing 6-08-2020 10:44 AM (54 comments)
Trump Campaign Non-Disclosure Agreements Again Being Challenged In Court by Tim Cushing 6-05-2020 10:46 AM (27 comments)
If The NY Times Doesn't Publish My OpEd On Why James Bennet Is An Incompetent Dweeb, It Must Hate Free Speech by Mike Masnick 6-05-2020 9:38 AM (111 comments)
CDT First Out The Gate In Suing To Block Donald Trump's Silly Executive Order On Section 230 by Mike Masnick 6-04-2020 9:48 AM (48 comments)
Copyright Blocks Interview Of Protesters Because Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On' Was Playing In The Background by Mike Masnick 6-03-2020 11:01 AM (17 comments)
Bangladeshi Government Decides There's No Time Like The Present To Censor/Arrest More Journalists by Tim Cushing 6-02-2020 3:22 AM (7 comments)
Cops -- Newly Wary Of Looking Like Authoritarian Assholes -- Open Fire On, Arrest Journalists by Tim Cushing 6-01-2020 5:33 PM (86 comments)
Joe Biden Wastes A Huge Opportunity To Support Free Speech; Still Wants To 'Revoke' Section 230 by Mike Masnick 6-01-2020 10:40 AM (85 comments)
California Anti-SLAPP Law Gives Rachel Maddow An Early Exit From Conservative News Network's Bogus Libel Lawsuit by Tim Cushing 6-01-2020 3:35 AM (32 comments)
No, Twitter Fact Checking The President Is Not Evidence Of Anti-Conservative Bias by Mike Masnick 5-29-2020 2:03 PM (273 comments)
Trump's Final Executive Order On Social Media Deliberately Removed Reference To Importance Of Newspapers To Democracy by Mike Masnick 5-29-2020 10:01 AM (37 comments)

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