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Police In India Raid Twitter Offices After Twitter Labeled A Tweet By A Government Official As 'Manipulated Media' by Mike Masnick 5-25-2021 9:39 AM (12 comments)
Governments Around The World Want To Require Local Employees Of Internet Firms, So They Have People To Jail by Mike Masnick 5-19-2021 10:45 AM (15 comments)
FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr Not Interested In Baltimore Prosecutor's Request To Have The FCC Investigate Her Critics by Tim Cushing 5-19-2021 9:36 AM (11 comments)
UK Now Calling Its 'Online Harms Bill' The 'Online Safety Bill' But A Simple Name Change Won't Fix Its Myriad Problems by Mike Masnick 5-17-2021 9:35 AM (29 comments)
Michigan Legislator With No Understanding Of The 1st Amendment Wants To Fine Fact Checkers For Pointing Out His Lies by Mike Masnick 5-14-2021 12:17 PM (49 comments)
Texas Attorney General Unblocks Twitter Users Who Sued Him; Still Blocking Others by Mike Masnick 5-11-2021 12:07 PM (15 comments)
Baltimore Prosecutor Asks FCC To Go After Local News Broadcasters She Doesn't Like by Tim Cushing 5-10-2021 12:15 PM (17 comments)
Trump Shows Why He Doesn't Need Twitter Or Facebook, As He Launches His Own Twitter-Like Microblog by Mike Masnick 5-04-2021 5:35 PM (110 comments)
Disney Got Itself A 'If You Own A Themepark...' Carveout From Florida's Blatantly Unconstitutional Social Media Moderation Bill by Mike Masnick 4-30-2021 10:45 AM (86 comments)
Joe Biden Yells A Dumb Anti-Free Speech Trope In An Uncrowded Congress by Mike Masnick 4-29-2021 9:31 AM (58 comments)
Senator Marco Rubio: Speech I Disagree With Is Pollution by Mike Masnick 4-28-2021 1:33 PM (65 comments)
Malaysian Government Claims Insulting The Queen With A Spotify Playlist Is A Threat To National Security by Tim Cushing 4-28-2021 10:49 AM (10 comments)
Months After Indian Gov't Threatens To Jail Twitter Employees, Twitter Now Blocking Tweets That Criticize The Indian Government by Mike Masnick 4-28-2021 9:29 AM (13 comments)
The Other George Floyd Story: How Media Freedom Led To Conviction In His Killer's Trial by Michael J. Socolow 4-23-2021 10:44 AM (72 comments)
Morrissey Thinks Free Speech No Longer Exists Because He Can't Sue The Simpsons For Satirizing Him by Mike Masnick 4-21-2021 10:49 AM (51 comments)
Tennessee Lawmakers Decide Chris Sevier Has Good Ideas, Push His Bill To Compel Speech From Media Outlets by Tim Cushing 4-13-2021 9:42 AM (24 comments)
NYPD Training Document Shows How A Terrorist Response Group Was Weaponized To Attack Protesters by Tim Cushing 4-08-2021 1:37 PM (4 comments)
Lawyer Whose Main Claim To Fame Is Suing A News Org To Get It Shut Down, Now Complains About 'Cancel Culture' by Mike Masnick 4-08-2021 9:29 AM (99 comments)
Australian Government Proposes Stripping Internet Users Of Their Anonymity by Tim Cushing 4-06-2021 10:49 AM (17 comments)
It's Apparently Bipartisan To Threaten To Punish Companies Via Antitrust Law For Speech You Don't Like by Mike Masnick 4-05-2021 1:36 PM (79 comments)
Justice Thomas Goes Weird Again; Suggests Twitter Can't Moderate & Section 230 Violates 1st Amendment by Mike Masnick 4-05-2021 10:38 AM (84 comments)
Georgia Republicans Try To Punish Delta For CEO's Statement About Voting Rights Law by Mike Masnick 4-02-2021 1:46 PM (29 comments)
Months After LAPD Officers Attacked A Journalist, Prosecutors Are Trying To Charge The Journalist For Failing To Disperse by Tim Cushing 3-29-2021 12:11 PM (23 comments)
Utah Governor Vetoes Ridiculous Unconstitutional Content Moderation Bill; Makes His Brother-in-Law Sad by Mike Masnick 3-25-2021 1:35 PM (41 comments)
Appeals Court Judge Attacks Fundamental Principle Of 1st Amendment Law, Because He Thinks The Media Likes Democrats Too Much by Mike Masnick 3-22-2021 9:42 AM (46 comments)
China Warns Microsoft That LinkedIn Isn't Suppressing Enough Voices by Mike Masnick 3-19-2021 10:44 AM (8 comments)
Judge Tosses Laughably Stupid SLAPP Lawsuit The Trump Campaign Filed Against The NY Times by Mike Masnick 3-12-2021 9:33 AM (13 comments)
Kentucky Senators Pass Bill That Would Make It A Crime To Say Mean Things To Cops by Tim Cushing 3-10-2021 9:31 AM (31 comments)
Iowa Prosecutors Move Ahead With Prosecuting A Journalist For Being Present At A Protest by Tim Cushing 3-09-2021 12:09 PM (23 comments)
State Court Says Tennessee's Anti-SLAPP Law Is Constitutional, Shuts Down Litigant Involved In Baseless Libel Litigation by Tim Cushing 3-02-2021 12:10 PM (11 comments)

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