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Techdirt Podcast Episode 196: The CES 2019 Post-Mortem by Leigh Beadon 1-22-2019 1:30 PM (0 comments)
Intelligence Agencies Sued For Refusing To Turn Over Documents Related To Jamal Khashoggi's Brutal Murder by Tim Cushing 1-22-2019 11:55 AM (17 comments)
Max Schrems Files New Privacy Complaints That Seem To Show The Impossibility Of Complying With The GDPR by Mike Masnick 1-22-2019 10:45 AM (58 comments)
Daily Deal: The Complete Front-End Developer Bundle by Daily Deal 1-22-2019 10:42 AM (0 comments)
Lucasfilm Steps In After FanFilm That Tried To Follow The Rules Was Claimed By Disney Over Star Wars Music by Timothy Geigner 1-22-2019 9:31 AM (138 comments)
Trump Hotel Fracas Highlights How T-Mobile's Consumer-Friendly Brand Schtick Is Wearing A Little Thin by Karl Bode 1-22-2019 6:30 AM (35 comments)
Oregon Lawmaker Wants Public Records Requesters To Tell Gov't Agencies What They Plan To Do With Released Documents by Tim Cushing 1-22-2019 3:25 AM (24 comments)
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt by Leigh Beadon 1-20-2019 12:00 PM (43 comments)
This Week In Techdirt History: January 13th - 19th by Leigh Beadon 1-19-2019 12:45 PM (3 comments)
The 'Choose Your Own Adventure' People Are Suing Netflix Over 'Bandersnatch' by Timothy Geigner 1-18-2019 7:39 PM (36 comments)
Newly Revealed Documents Show Facebook Gleefully Refusing To Refund Money To Kids Who Ran Up Huge Bills On Mommy's Credit Card by Mike Masnick 1-18-2019 3:29 PM (21 comments)
In Which We Warn The Wisconsin Supreme Court Not To Destroy Section 230 by Cathy Gellis 1-18-2019 1:36 PM (138 comments)
EU Cancels 'Final' Negotiations On EU Copyright Directive As It Becomes Clear There Isn't Enough Support by Mike Masnick 1-18-2019 11:55 AM (31 comments)
The Splinters Of Our Discontent: A Review Of Network Propaganda by Mike Godwin 1-18-2019 10:43 AM (67 comments)
Daily Deal: WordPress Build And Host Bundle by Daily Deal 1-18-2019 10:38 AM (0 comments)
Record Labels, Film Studios, Tech Companies And The Public Now All Agreed That Article 13 Is A Disaster by Mike Masnick 1-18-2019 9:36 AM (35 comments)
On Heels Of Favorable FCC Ruling, Verizon Imposes 'Spam' Fees On Text Message Service For Schools, Nonprofits by Karl Bode 1-18-2019 6:14 AM (35 comments)
Latest EU Copyright Directive Still Demands Internet Companies Wave Magic Wands by Mike Masnick 1-18-2019 3:14 AM (73 comments)
NY Court Tells NYPD It Can't Hide Surveillance Of Protesters Behind A Glomar Response by Tim Cushing 1-17-2019 8:16 PM (21 comments)
Supermacs Beats McDonalds To Have 'Big Mac' Trademark Cancelled In Europe by Timothy Geigner 1-17-2019 2:32 PM (37 comments)
How The GDPR Is Still Ruining Christmas by Mike Masnick 1-17-2019 12:22 PM (25 comments)
Daily Deal: The 2019 Blockchain Developer Bundle by Daily Deal 1-17-2019 10:39 AM (0 comments)
Attorney General Nominee Seems Willing To Let The DOJ Jail Journalists Over Published Leaks by Tim Cushing 1-17-2019 9:36 AM (32 comments)
FCC Wants Delay In Net Neutrality Trial Due To Government Shutdown, But Isn't Likely To Get It by Karl Bode 1-17-2019 6:29 AM (27 comments)
Why Does Everyone Else Want To Stop Netflix Password Sharing, When Netflix Is Fine With It? by Mike Masnick 1-17-2019 3:28 AM (57 comments)
Turkish Court Jails Journalist For Telling The Truth About A Politician's Offshore Tax Shelter by Tim Cushing 1-16-2019 8:14 PM (101 comments)
2019: The Push For Bad Faith, Loophole-Filled Privacy Legislation Begins by Karl Bode 1-16-2019 2:28 PM (6 comments)
Google Shows What Google News Looks Like If Article 11 Passes In The EU Copyright Directive by Mike Masnick 1-16-2019 12:18 PM (163 comments)
Reminder: You Still Have The Rest Of January To Enter Our Public Domain Game Jam by Mike Masnick 1-16-2019 10:45 AM (3 comments)
Daily Deal: The Complete UI & UX Design Master Class Bundle by Daily Deal 1-16-2019 10:40 AM (3 comments)

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