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One Twitter Account's Mission To Make White Supremacists Very, Very Famous by Timothy Geigner 8-15-2017 3:33 PM (207 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 134: The Problems With SESTA And Why Section 230 Matters by Leigh Beadon 8-15-2017 1:30 PM (0 comments)
Court Says CFAA Isn't Meant To Prevent Access To Public Data, Orders LinkedIn To Drop Anti-Scraper Efforts by Tim Cushing 8-15-2017 11:55 AM (28 comments)
The Snopes Fight Is Even Way More Complicated Than We Originally Explained by Mike Masnick 8-15-2017 10:45 AM (49 comments)
Daily Deal: Virtual Training Company Single User License by Daily Deal 8-15-2017 10:40 AM (0 comments)
Defending Hateful Speech Is Unpleasant But Essential, Even When Violence Is The End Result by Tim Cushing 8-15-2017 9:47 AM (272 comments)
Broadband ISP Cox Will Now Charge You $50 More To Avoid Usage Caps, Overage Fees by Karl Bode 8-15-2017 6:47 AM (35 comments)
DOJ Goes Way Overboard: Demands All Info On Visitors Of Anti-Trump Site by Mike Masnick 8-15-2017 3:40 AM (60 comments)
Danish University And Industry Work Together On Open Science Platform Whose Results Will All Be Patent-Free by Glyn Moody 8-14-2017 7:13 PM (74 comments)
Lawyer: Yahoo Lost Sec. 230 Immunity Because It Didn't Hand Over Personal Info; Court: GTFO by Tim Cushing 8-14-2017 3:44 PM (43 comments)
The Ultimate Virus: How Malware Encoded In Synthesized DNA Can Compromise A Computer System by Glyn Moody 8-14-2017 1:23 PM (23 comments)
Former NSA Official Argues The Real Problem With Undisclosed Exploits Is Careless End Users by Tim Cushing 8-14-2017 11:55 AM (29 comments)
How The DMCA's Digital Locks Provision Allowed A Company To Delete A URL From Adblock Lists by Mike Masnick 8-14-2017 10:42 AM (69 comments)
Daily Deal: Zoolz 2TB Cloud Storage by Daily Deal 8-14-2017 10:36 AM (0 comments)
Florida City Ignores All Legal Precedent As It Attempts To Silence & Identify Mild Critic by Mike Masnick 8-14-2017 9:28 AM (23 comments)
New FCC Broadband 'Advisory Panel' Stocked With Telecom Consultants, Allies & Cronies by Karl Bode 8-14-2017 6:26 AM (22 comments)
DEA Looking To Buy More Malware From Shady Exploit Dealers by Tim Cushing 8-14-2017 3:25 AM (15 comments)
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt by Leigh Beadon 8-13-2017 12:00 PM (17 comments)
This Week In Techdirt History: August 6th - 12th by Leigh Beadon 8-12-2017 12:00 PM (59 comments)
Court Tells Government Sticking FOIA Waivers In Plea Agreements Is Probably A Bad Idea by Tim Cushing 8-11-2017 7:39 PM (34 comments)
Paris Olympic Committee To Consider eSports For 2024 by Timothy Geigner 8-11-2017 3:56 PM (22 comments)
Appeals Court Mostly Fixes Bad CDA 230 Ruling Over Publicity Rights by Mike Masnick 8-11-2017 1:32 PM (8 comments)
Mozilla Study: Zero Rating Isn't The Miracle Broadband Duopolies And Facebook Pretend It Is by Karl Bode 8-11-2017 11:59 AM (14 comments)
Should Social Media Sites Be Forced To Pull Pastor Calling For War With North Korea? by Mike Masnick 8-11-2017 10:45 AM (111 comments)
Daily Deal: ITIL Foundations Training Bundle by Daily Deal 8-11-2017 10:42 AM (2 comments)
London Mayor Fingers The Culprit In Increased Knife Crime: YouTube by Timothy Geigner 8-11-2017 9:33 AM (40 comments)
One Man's War Against Verizon's Long History Of Lies, Anti-Competitive Behavior, And Nonsense by Karl Bode 8-11-2017 6:28 AM (16 comments)
ACLU Tells Court Long-Term Cell Site Location Tracking Should Require A Warrant by Tim Cushing 8-11-2017 3:22 AM (12 comments)
Elsevier Continues To Build Its Monopoly Solution For All Aspects Of Scholarly Communication by Glyn Moody 8-10-2017 7:41 PM (17 comments)
Court Sends John Oliver, HBO Back To State Court To Fight Bob Murray by Mike Masnick 8-10-2017 3:02 PM (80 comments)

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