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The LAPD Is Asking City Residents To Hand Over Social Media Account Info To Feed To Its Unsupervised Monitoring Software by Tim Cushing 9-16-2021 3:24 AM (20 comments)
Scouts BSA Seek To End Girl Scouts' Trademark Lawsuit By Brazenly Claiming No Confusion Does Or Will Exist by Timothy Geigner 9-15-2021 8:17 PM (17 comments)
Content Moderation Case Study: Twitter Removes 'Verified' Badge In Response To Policy Violations (2017) by Copia Institute 9-15-2021 3:32 PM (8 comments)
Musk's Starlink Pre-Order Subscribers Say Customer Service Is A No Show by Karl Bode 9-15-2021 1:34 PM (42 comments)
Trump Donor Who Propped Up His $2 Billion Hotel Business With $96 Million In COVID Loans Threatens Website For Publishing Facts And Opinions by Tim Cushing 9-15-2021 12:10 PM (15 comments)
Satire Site Gets Ridiculous Threat Letter From Baseball Team; cc's Barbra Streisand In Its Response by Mike Masnick 9-15-2021 10:43 AM (20 comments)
Daily Deal: The 25 Courses for $25 Web Development Mega Bundle by Daily Deal 9-15-2021 10:38 AM (1 comments)
London's Top Cop Says 'Big Tech,' Encryption Are Letting The Terrorists Win by Tim Cushing 9-15-2021 9:18 AM (25 comments)
FCC Will Take A Closer Look At ISP/Landlord Broadband Monopolies by Karl Bode 9-15-2021 6:20 AM (11 comments)
Mistrial Declared In Backpage Founders' Trial; After DOJ Ignores Judge's Rules Regarding What It Could Present by Mike Masnick 9-15-2021 3:18 AM (44 comments)
Kickstarter For Hand-Drawn Video Game Manuals Shuts Down Due To IP Threat by Timothy Geigner 9-14-2021 8:42 PM (21 comments)
Critics Of Patent Waivers Are Claiming They Were Right... Despite No Patent Waiver Actually Issuing Yet by Mike Masnick 9-14-2021 4:24 PM (8 comments)
Dallas PD Hid Massive Data Deletion For Months From City Officials, District Attorney's Office by Tim Cushing 9-14-2021 2:20 PM (12 comments)
Commentator Insists That Fact Checking Is An Attack On Free Speech by Mike Masnick 9-14-2021 12:12 PM (103 comments)
Apple Patches Up Devices In Response To The Exposure Of Yet Another NSO Group Exploit by Tim Cushing 9-14-2021 10:44 AM (5 comments)
Daily Deal: The 2021 Complete All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Course Bundle by Daily Deal 9-14-2021 10:39 AM (0 comments)
I Am Rupert Murdoch's Total Lack Of Shame: Now Demanding Intermediary Liability Protections For News Corp. by Mike Masnick 9-14-2021 9:27 AM (46 comments)
Biden 'Competition Council' Urges Biden FCC To Do Things It Can't Do Because Biden Hasn't Fully Staffed It Yet by Karl Bode 9-14-2021 6:20 AM (13 comments)
DOJ Says Federal Agents Will Start Wearing Body Cameras by Tim Cushing 9-14-2021 3:22 AM (3 comments)
Forfeiture Case Shows Cops Don't Even Need Drug Dogs To Alert To Engage In A Warrantless Search by Tim Cushing 9-13-2021 8:17 PM (30 comments)
Appeals Court Says Police Ballistics Expert Can Be Sued Helping Wrongfully Imprison Two Men For More Than 17 Years by Tim Cushing 9-13-2021 3:35 PM (15 comments)
Court: Just Because An Anonymous Yelp Reviewer Is Mean, Doesn't Mean You Get To Unmask The Reviewer by Mike Masnick 9-13-2021 1:34 PM (13 comments)
Officer Claims Sheriff's Office Told Him To Play Copyrighted Music To Shut Down Citizens' Recordings by Tim Cushing 9-13-2021 11:58 AM (36 comments)
Florida Presents Its Laughable Appeal For Its Unconstitutional Social Media Content Moderation Law by Mike Masnick 9-13-2021 10:42 AM (48 comments)
Daily Deal: The Complete 2021 Learn Linux Bundle by Daily Deal 9-13-2021 10:37 AM (0 comments)
Malwarebytes Conclusion Shows Section 230's Best Feature: Killing Dumb Cases Before They Waste Everyone's Time And Money by Mike Masnick 9-13-2021 9:31 AM (10 comments)
COVID Drove A Big Jump In Community Broadband Networks by Karl Bode 9-13-2021 6:26 AM (4 comments)
GAO's Second Report On Facial Recognition Tech Provides More Details On Federal Use Of Clearview's Unvetted AI by Tim Cushing 9-13-2021 3:20 AM (9 comments)
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt by Leigh Beadon 9-12-2021 12:00 PM (14 comments)
This Week In Techdirt History: September 5th - 11th by Leigh Beadon 9-11-2021 1:00 PM (0 comments)

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