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Italian Government Criminalizes 'Fake News,' Provides Direct Reporting Line To State Police Force by Tim Cushing 1-24-2018 9:40 AM (31 comments)
Psychiatrist Bitterly Drops Defamation Lawsuit Against Redditors by Tim Cushing 1-24-2018 3:30 AM (28 comments)
Brazilian Government Mobilizes Federal Police To Handle 'Fake News' Problem by Tim Cushing 1-23-2018 3:16 AM (12 comments)
Tech Policy A Year Into The Trump Administration: Where Are We Now? by Cathy Gellis 1-22-2018 1:43 PM (38 comments)
Iowa State's Attempt To Violate Its Students First Amendment Rights To Cost State Nearly $400k In Damages by Timothy Geigner 1-18-2018 7:30 PM (32 comments)
Bigoted Landlord Files Criminal Complaint Against Critic Who Called Him Bigoted by Tim Cushing 1-18-2018 11:57 AM (55 comments)
Philippines Trying To Shut Down Popular News Site For Reporting On President Duterte by Mike Masnick 1-18-2018 9:29 AM (23 comments)
Psychiatrist Drops His Lawsuit Against Critic Who Left Wordless One-Star Review by Tim Cushing 1-17-2018 10:42 AM (24 comments)
Shooting The Messenger: Reporter Who Exposed Massive Indian Data Breach Targeted By Law Enforcement by Mike Masnick 1-17-2018 3:23 AM (9 comments)
Trump's Personal Lawyer Sues Buzzfeed For Publishing Allegedly False Statements Written By Someone Else by Tim Cushing 1-12-2018 10:40 AM (45 comments)
For The Second Time In A Week, German Hate Speech Laws Results In Deletion Of Innocent Speech by Tim Cushing 1-12-2018 9:26 AM (30 comments)
Appeals Court Drives Another Stake Into The Heart Of Idaho's 'Ag-Gag' Law by Tim Cushing 1-10-2018 3:31 PM (24 comments)
Chuck Johnson Sues Twitter, Copying Dennis Prager's Lawsuit Against YouTube by Mike Masnick 1-10-2018 1:33 PM (59 comments)
Publisher Not At All Impressed By Trump's Defamation Threat Letter; Promises To Defend The First Amendment by Mike Masnick 1-09-2018 9:30 AM (122 comments)
The Gorilla Channel Satire Demonstrates The Ridiculousness Of Banning Fake News by Mike Masnick 1-08-2018 10:46 AM (68 comments)
By Complaining About US's 'Very Weak' Libel Laws, Trump Is Actually Shitting On Our 'Very Strong' First Amendmet by Mike Masnick 1-08-2018 9:37 AM (94 comments)
It Took Only Three Days For Germany's New Hate Speech Law To Cause Collateral Damage by Tim Cushing 1-08-2018 3:25 AM (126 comments)
Really Bad Ideas: French President Macron Wants To Ban 'Fake News' During The Election by Mike Masnick 1-05-2018 1:38 PM (61 comments)
Indiana Legislator Wants To Force NFL Team To Hand Out Refunds To Fans 'Offended' By Kneeling Players by Tim Cushing 1-05-2018 3:23 AM (89 comments)
Donald Trump Hires Charles Harder To Threaten Steve Bannon With A Lawsuit, Block Publication Of New Book by Mike Masnick 1-04-2018 9:32 AM (64 comments)
Revealed: Vietnam's 10,000-Strong Internet Monitoring Force, Tasked With Stamping Out 'Wrongful Views' by Glyn Moody 1-03-2018 7:50 PM (21 comments)
Texas Cops Arrest Journalist For Publishing Confidential Info Given To Her By A Police Officer by Tim Cushing 1-03-2018 3:38 AM (37 comments)
Hawaiian Supreme Court Says The First Amendment Protects Filming Law Enforcement by Tim Cushing 12-28-2017 7:39 PM (47 comments)
Knicks Center Enes Kantor To Be Tried In Absentia For Upsetting Turkish President Recep Erdogan's Fickle Ego by Timothy Geigner 12-28-2017 1:44 PM (20 comments)
Hotel That Charged Guest $350 For A Negative Review Now Facing A Lawsuit From State Attorney General by Tim Cushing 12-27-2017 3:25 AM (18 comments)
Europe's Ongoing Attack On Free Speech, And Why It Should Concern Us All by Mike Masnick 12-26-2017 10:42 AM (23 comments)
Good News: Trump Protestors Accused Of 'Hiding Behind The First Amendment' Acquitted by Mike Masnick 12-21-2017 11:28 AM (111 comments)
Keeper Security Files Bullshit SLAPP Suit Against Ars Technica, Letting Many More People Know Not To Use Its Software by Mike Masnick 12-21-2017 9:34 AM (22 comments)
Would-Be Congressman Wants A Law Forcing Social Media Platforms To Keep All His Alt-Right Buddies Online by Tim Cushing 12-19-2017 9:33 AM (121 comments)
Iowa Supreme Court Apparently Unfamiliar With First Amendment And Prior Restraint: Bars Newspaper From Publishing Info by Mike Masnick 12-18-2017 9:33 AM (28 comments)

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