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Pro Tip: Don't Send A Completely Bogus Defamation Threat To A Website That Employs A Former ACLU Badass by Mike Masnick 9-04-2019 9:48 AM (74 comments)
Knight Institute Warns Rep. Ocasio-Cortez That She, Like Trump, Can't Block People On Twitter by Mike Masnick 9-03-2019 12:05 PM (35 comments)
Indiana Appeals Court Decides Badmouthing A Cop On Facebook Is A Crime by Tim Cushing 9-03-2019 3:47 AM (32 comments)
Hong Kong ISPs Refuse To Help China Censor The Internet by Karl Bode 8-30-2019 6:32 AM (18 comments)
Don't Let The Bret Stephens Bite: NY Times' Hypocritical 'Free Speech' Columnist Flips Out After Being Called A Bedbug by Mike Masnick 8-27-2019 9:51 AM (46 comments)
SLAPP Threats Don't Even Need To Become Lawsuits To Be Effective: Cop Gets Columnist Fired For Pointing To Picture Of Him With Racists by Mike Masnick 8-27-2019 6:14 AM (48 comments)
China (Yes, China) Complains About Attack On Its 'Free Speech Rights' After Twitter/Facebook Boot Propaganda Accounts by Mike Masnick 8-22-2019 1:36 PM (38 comments)
State Rep Tries To Bring Criminal Harassment Charges Against Journalists For Being Journalists by Tim Cushing 8-22-2019 12:02 PM (23 comments)
North Carolina Appeals Court's Second Take On Retaliatory Arrests Just As Bad As Its First One by Tim Cushing 8-22-2019 9:22 AM (15 comments)
New Hampshire Supreme Court: Of Course It's Not Defamatory To Call A Patent Troll A Patent Troll by Mike Masnick 8-21-2019 6:19 AM (26 comments)
NC Appeals Court Withdraws Its Horrendous, Free Speech-Damaging Opinion On Retaliatory Arrests by Tim Cushing 8-19-2019 12:00 PM (24 comments)
Pushing For Facebook, YouTube And Twitter To Ban Hate Speech Won't Stop It From Migrating Elsewhere by Mike Masnick 8-16-2019 12:03 PM (88 comments)
The Pai FCC Is Oddly Quiet About Trump's Plan To Have The Agency Police Speech by Karl Bode 8-15-2019 6:37 AM (193 comments)
UK Moves To Give Regulators Power To Fine Internet Companies 5% Of Revenue If They Can't Wave A Magic Wand And Make Bad Content Disappear by Mike Masnick 8-13-2019 3:28 AM (39 comments)
'Free Speech Defender' Devin Nunes Sues More Critics, Promises More Such Lawsuits Are Coming by Mike Masnick 8-05-2019 9:35 AM (29 comments)
Philippines Lawmaker Introduces 'Fake News' Bill That Would Allow The National Police To Literally Police Speech by Tim Cushing 8-02-2019 7:39 PM (75 comments)
SLAPP Suit In Virginia Tries To Silence Historian Highlighting Ancestry Of Guy Suing To Keep Confederate Statues In Charlottesville by Mike Masnick 8-02-2019 12:30 PM (27 comments)
No Immunity For Cops Who Arrested A Man For Creating A Facebook Page Mocking The Police Department by Tim Cushing 8-01-2019 3:39 PM (20 comments)
Court Dismisses Democrats' Nutty Lawsuit Against Russia, Wikileaks And Trump Associates by Mike Masnick 7-31-2019 10:45 AM (47 comments)
Court Tosses Lawsuit Claiming Muting A Runescape Character Violates The First Amendment by Tim Cushing 7-24-2019 12:12 PM (18 comments)
Three Years Later: 1st Amendment Challenge Over DMCA's Anti-Circumvention Provisions Can Move Forward by Mike Masnick 7-12-2019 12:04 PM (41 comments)
Germany Cashes Out, Hits Facebook With Fines For Failing To Comply With Its Ultra-Vague 'Hate Speech' Law by Tim Cushing 7-12-2019 3:23 AM (16 comments)
Following Trump Ruling Against Twitter Blockade, AOC Sued For Her Blocks On Twitter by Mike Masnick 7-11-2019 3:37 PM (79 comments)
Indonesian Court Convicts Woman Of Criminal Defamation For Recording Her Boss Trying To Harass Her Into An Affair With Him by Tim Cushing 7-10-2019 8:36 PM (28 comments)
Appeals Court Affirms: Trump Can't Block Followers On Social Media by Mike Masnick 7-10-2019 11:58 AM (37 comments)
Politicians Queue Up To Make France's Proposed Law Against 'Hateful Content' Far, Far Worse by Glyn Moody 7-10-2019 3:27 AM (14 comments)
The UK's Entire Approach To 'Online Harms' Is Backwards... And No One Cares by Mike Masnick 7-09-2019 3:31 AM (19 comments)
College Forgets How The First Amendment Works; Targets Its Own Student Newspaper With A Public Records Request by Tim Cushing 7-01-2019 10:45 AM (14 comments)
Facebook To Start Handing User Info To French Government So It Can Start Punishing People For Being Stupid by Tim Cushing 6-27-2019 10:46 AM (46 comments)
Russian Government Demands All Foreign Press Outlets Register For The Privilege Of Delivering News To Russia by Tim Cushing 6-26-2019 11:57 AM (29 comments)

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