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Australia Threatening Over 100 Journalists For Accurately Reporting On Cardinal Pell's Sex Abuse Trial by Mike Masnick 3-04-2019 3:23 AM (33 comments)
Don't Celebrate Copyright Being Used For Political Censorship Just Because You Don't Like The President by Mike Masnick 3-01-2019 9:20 AM (42 comments)
Two Months Later, News Orgs Are Finally 'Allowed' To Report On Top Vatican Official's Child Molestation Conviction by Mike Masnick 2-28-2019 3:37 PM (26 comments)
Company Wants New Hampshire Supreme Court To Let It Sue Anyone Who Calls It A Patent Troll by Mike Masnick 2-27-2019 1:32 PM (71 comments)
California AG Says Journalist Broke The Law By Obtaining A List Of Convicted Officers Via A Public Records Request by Tim Cushing 2-27-2019 10:44 AM (60 comments)
China Extends Its Censorship To Australian Books, Written By Australian Authors For Australian Readers by Glyn Moody 2-26-2019 8:09 PM (71 comments)
Beware The Rise Of Censorship Under The Guise Of Stopping Fake News: UK Regulators Push For Dangerous Plan by Mike Masnick 2-26-2019 11:59 AM (44 comments)
Catholic School Teen's Lawyers File $250M Defamation Suit Against The Washington Post; Fail To List Any Actual Defamation by Tim Cushing 2-21-2019 10:44 AM (250 comments)
Justice Thomas Is Apparently Serious About Completely Upturning Over 50 Years Of 1st Amendment Law by Mike Masnick 2-20-2019 9:21 AM (146 comments)
David Assman Invalidates Canadian Government's Reason For Refusing Him His Name-Based Vanity License Plate by Timothy Geigner 2-19-2019 7:44 PM (35 comments)
Federal Judge Thinks The Best Fix For An Accidentally Unsealed Court Doc Is Prior Restraint by Tim Cushing 2-13-2019 12:14 PM (36 comments)
Utter Bullshit: Reporter Maria Ressa Arrested Over Bogus Charges For Her Critical Reporting by Mike Masnick 2-13-2019 10:53 AM (74 comments)
Google Caves On Russian Censorship by Mike Masnick 2-11-2019 1:45 PM (27 comments)
UK Cop Calls Up 74-Year-Old Woman To Ask Her To Stop Tweeting Mean Things by Tim Cushing 2-11-2019 10:44 AM (69 comments)
NYPD Sends Letter To Google Demanding It Remove Cop Checkpoint Notifications From Google Maps by Tim Cushing 2-08-2019 9:33 AM (55 comments)
Federal Judge Says Boycotts Aren't Protected Speech by Tim Cushing 1-30-2019 9:35 AM (88 comments)
Human Rights Groups Plead With The EU Not To Pass Its Awful 'Terrorist Content' Regulation by Mike Masnick 1-30-2019 3:32 AM (32 comments)
Cameroon Military Arresting, Trying, And Jailing Journalists On 'Fake News' Charges by Tim Cushing 1-28-2019 3:42 AM (27 comments)
Court Dismisses RICO SLAPP Suit Against Greenpeace By Logging Company by Mike Masnick 1-25-2019 10:42 AM (20 comments)
Parody Washington Post Leads To Bogus Legal Threat, And A Reminder Of An Old Internet Lawsuit by Mike Masnick 1-23-2019 11:56 AM (11 comments)
US Media Companies Engaging In Proactive Censorship Of Content Ahead Of India's New Hate Speech Laws by Tim Cushing 1-23-2019 3:35 AM (28 comments)
Attorney General Nominee Seems Willing To Let The DOJ Jail Journalists Over Published Leaks by Tim Cushing 1-17-2019 9:36 AM (33 comments)
Turkish Court Jails Journalist For Telling The Truth About A Politician's Offshore Tax Shelter by Tim Cushing 1-16-2019 8:14 PM (102 comments)
Federal Court Says Iowa's Ag Gag Law Is Unconstitutional by Tim Cushing 1-14-2019 10:43 AM (24 comments)
Pakistan Demands Google Take Down Petition For Academic Freedom... Saying It Represents Hate Speech by Mike Masnick 1-14-2019 9:33 AM (20 comments)
Vietnamese Government Whines Facebook Isn't Helping It Censor Critics Quickly Enough by Tim Cushing 1-11-2019 12:42 PM (14 comments)
Appeals Court: First Amendment Violation To Ban Members Of The Public From Gov't Officials' Facebook Pages by Tim Cushing 1-11-2019 9:22 AM (19 comments)
LinkedIn Is Helping The Chinese Government Silence Critics by Tim Cushing 1-11-2019 3:18 AM (20 comments)
Chinese Police Now Performing Door-To-Door Twitter Censorship by Tim Cushing 1-10-2019 9:27 AM (13 comments)
Producers Of Movie About Falling In Love With Nazis Using DMCA To Silence Criticism by Mike Masnick 1-08-2019 10:50 AM (41 comments)

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