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HideTechdirt is off for the long weekend! We'll be back with our regular posts tomorrow.

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David Braben, Once Angry At Used Games, Now A New Business Model Embracer by Timothy Geigner 2-04-2014 4:10 PM (33 comments)
Artists Embracing, Rather Than Fighting, BitTorrent Seeing Amazing Results by Mike Masnick 1-17-2014 6:40 PM (10 comments)
Vodo's Big Brother Bundle Shows How Bundles Can Improve The 'Pay What You Want' Concept by Mike Masnick 11-07-2013 3:41 PM (12 comments)
Price Elasticity Can Work: Dropping Ebook Price To $1 Catapulted Year-Old Book Onto NYT Best Seller List by Mike Masnick 11-05-2013 11:06 PM (58 comments)
The Good And Bad In Chaotic eBook Pricing by Mike Masnick 10-08-2013 4:03 PM (35 comments)
Game Creator Finds That Knockoffs Can't Match His Awesome Game by Timothy Geigner 7-02-2013 5:18 AM (33 comments)
The Value Of Kickstarter: Connecting With Fans On-The-Fly by Timothy Geigner 6-27-2013 11:09 PM (18 comments)
Massive Growth In Independent Musicians & Singers Over The Past Decade by Mike Masnick 5-30-2013 10:02 AM (102 comments)
Cool New Platform For Supporting Artists: Patreon, From Jack Conte by Mike Masnick 5-22-2013 11:54 PM (23 comments)
A New Hope: How Going Free To Play Brought Redemption To Star Wars MMO by Timothy Geigner 5-20-2013 5:46 AM (48 comments)
There Is No Logic To The Argument That Zach Braff Shouldn't Use Kickstarter by Mike Masnick 5-10-2013 11:16 AM (105 comments)
When Startups Need More Lawyers Than Employees, The Patent System Isn't Working by Leigh Beadon 5-06-2013 6:00 AM (55 comments)
Hitchhiker's Fan-Site Started By Douglas Adams Shows Why Authors Shouldn't Panic Over Derivative Works by Timothy Geigner 5-01-2013 3:14 AM (27 comments)
Patents As Weapons: How 1-800-CONTACTS Is Using The Patent System To Kill An Innovative Startup by Mike Masnick 4-26-2013 9:21 AM (54 comments)
How EA's 'Silent Treatment' Pushed The SimCity Story Into The Background by Tim Cushing 4-26-2013 7:19 AM (55 comments)
Deftones Guitarist: People Who Download Our Music Are Fans, They're Welcome To Do So by Mike Masnick 4-18-2013 1:30 PM (29 comments)
Macklemore Explains Why Not Being On A Label Helped Him Succeed by Mike Masnick 4-04-2013 1:10 PM (29 comments)
Successful Self-Published Ebook Authors Sells Print & Movie Rights For $1 Million, But Keeps Digital Rights To Himself by Mike Masnick 4-03-2013 3:45 AM (43 comments)
Musician Alex Day Explains How He Beat Justin Timberlake In The Charts Basically Just Via YouTube by Mike Masnick 3-25-2013 11:53 AM (52 comments)
Publishers Show Yet Again How To Make Money By Reducing The Price To Zero by Glyn Moody 3-20-2013 12:09 AM (39 comments)
Flattr Makes It Easier Than Ever To Support Content Creators Just By Favoriting Tweets by Mike Masnick 3-19-2013 8:13 PM (61 comments)
Case Study: Band Embraces Grooveshark And Catapults Its Career by Mike Masnick 3-12-2013 4:03 PM (21 comments)
Amanda Palmer On The True Nature Of Connecting With Fans: It's About Trust by Mike Masnick 3-01-2013 7:39 PM (131 comments)
Kickstarter-Funded Movie Wins Oscar For Best Documentary by Mike Masnick 2-25-2013 4:03 PM (89 comments)
It's Fine For The Rich & Famous To Use Kickstarter; Bjork's Project Failed Because It Was Lame by Mike Masnick 2-15-2013 1:41 PM (20 comments)
Connecting With Fans In Unique Ways: Band Sets Up Treasure Hunt To Find Fan-Submitted Sounds In New Album by Mike Masnick 2-08-2013 5:34 PM (10 comments)
Just As Many Musicians Say File Sharing Helps Them As Those Who Say It Hurts by Mike Masnick 1-28-2013 7:27 AM (132 comments)
Skateboard Legend Stacy Peralta Demonstrates His Latest Trick: Cashing In By Going Direct-To-Fan by Mike Masnick 1-22-2013 8:00 PM (13 comments)
Wallet Maker Shows Everyone How To Make Their Own Awesome Wallet by Timothy Geigner 1-16-2013 11:58 PM (15 comments)
$274 Million Raised Via Kickstarter In 2012 by Mike Masnick 1-10-2013 11:27 AM (8 comments)

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