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The Ultimate Aim Of China's 2016 Cybersecurity Law Is Now Clear: Nothing Digital Can Be Secret From The Authorities by Glyn Moody 10-17-2019 3:31 AM (21 comments)
Top EU Court Rules Public Interest Is More Important Than Protection Of Commercial Interests by Glyn Moody 3-12-2019 12:11 AM (29 comments)
The Ultimate Virus: How Malware Encoded In Synthesized DNA Can Compromise A Computer System by Glyn Moody 8-14-2017 1:23 PM (25 comments)
Anti-Whistleblower Provision Buried In Germany's New Data Retention Law Challenged In The Courts by Glyn Moody 2-08-2017 3:23 AM (3 comments)
Australian Electoral Commission Refuses To Allow Researchers To Check E-Voting Software by Glyn Moody 6-17-2016 6:24 AM (44 comments)
European Greens Present Draft Law On Protecting Whistleblowers by Glyn Moody 5-06-2016 7:39 PM (6 comments)
Terabyte-Sized 'Panama Papers' Leak Confirms The Continuing Rise Of The Super-Whistleblowers by Glyn Moody 4-04-2016 11:39 AM (40 comments)
TPP's Forgotten Danger: Stronger Trade Secrets Protection, With Criminal Penalties For Infringement by Glyn Moody 12-29-2015 11:23 PM (20 comments)
EU's New 'Scrutiny Board' To Implement Key US Demands For TAFTA/TTIP Even Before It's Completed by Glyn Moody 5-12-2015 1:15 AM (13 comments)
Global Moves To Give Corporations Yet More Legal Weapons By Strengthening Laws Protecting Trade Secrets by Glyn Moody 1-06-2015 1:09 AM (27 comments)
TPP Leak Confirms Measures To Criminalize Corporate Whistleblowing by Glyn Moody 10-16-2014 3:31 PM (41 comments)
Should Revealing Fracking's Chemicals Be A Crime? by Glyn Moody 5-23-2014 9:00 AM (58 comments)
Will Monsanto Become The NSA Of Agriculture? by Glyn Moody 1-17-2014 7:39 PM (71 comments)
European Commission Admits It Plans To Put 'Corporate Christmas List' Of IP Demands Into TAFTA/TTIP by Glyn Moody 12-19-2013 10:30 AM (14 comments)
Why Public Interest Trumps Trade Secrecy by Glyn Moody 4-18-2013 8:03 PM (26 comments)
Ubuntu's Self-Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life: 'Whole Patent System Is A Sham' by Glyn Moody 11-29-2011 8:18 AM (45 comments)
Facebook Says Some of Your Personal Data Is Its 'Trade Secrets or Intellectual Property' by Glyn Moody 10-12-2011 7:05 AM (35 comments)

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