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Esports' Wild 2020 Ride Culminates In 69 Percent Growth And A Continuing Rising Trend by Timothy Geigner 1-14-2021 7:43 PM (4 comments)
Content Moderation Case Study: US Army Bans Users For Asking About War Crimes On Twitch & Discord (July 2020) by Copia Institute 8-26-2020 3:37 PM (4 comments)
New Study Points Out What A Boon Sports Streaming Piracy Could Be To Leagues by Timothy Geigner 7-16-2019 8:04 PM (16 comments)
Progress Isn't Linear: YouTube TV's World Cup Flub Threatens Public's Trust For Sports Streaming by Timothy Geigner 7-16-2018 8:05 PM (30 comments)
Over The Top Sports Streaming Comes To Europe With Amazon's Deal With The Premier League by Timothy Geigner 7-05-2018 7:33 PM (9 comments)
Texas Court Orders Sports Streaming Sites To Be Blocked In Anticipation Of Piracy by Timothy Geigner 5-17-2017 11:47 AM (34 comments)
The Premier League Kindly Requests Google De-List All Of Facebook Over Copyright Infringement Claims by Timothy Geigner 5-04-2017 3:29 AM (28 comments)
Amazon Looking To Expand Prime Into Live-Streamed Major Sports by Timothy Geigner 12-05-2016 4:42 PM (9 comments)
MLB Goes To Court To Defend Antitrust Actions That Go Against All The Progress MLB Has Made by Timothy Geigner 1-11-2016 11:23 PM (11 comments)
No, WSJ, Baseball Revenues Don't HAVE To Come Down Due To Cord-Cutting by Timothy Geigner 12-23-2015 3:57 PM (21 comments)
And Away We Go: NFL Wants All Thursday Games To Be Streamed Next Season by Timothy Geigner 12-17-2015 11:23 PM (15 comments)
ESPN Ignored Cord Cutting Threat, Paid For It With Huge Viewership Losses by Karl Bode 12-01-2015 6:15 AM (60 comments)
Here Comes The Waterfall: 15 MLB Teams To Lift Streaming Blackout For Fox Broadcasts by Timothy Geigner 8-18-2015 11:08 PM (14 comments)
NHL To Piggyback On MLB Advanced Media For An Actual Legitimate Streaming Option by Timothy Geigner 8-06-2015 11:06 PM (6 comments)
The Revolution Will Be Babysteps: NFL/Yahoo Ink Deal For Exclusive Web-Stream Of Bad Football Game by Timothy Geigner 6-04-2015 9:21 PM (15 comments)
Both The NFL And MLB Look To Expand Streaming Offerings By Ending Local Blackouts by Timothy Geigner 3-27-2015 6:18 PM (11 comments)
White House Admits That It Still Supports Parts Of SOPA: Wants To Make Streaming A Felony by Mike Masnick 11-25-2014 9:26 AM (27 comments)
Baseball Is Back! Too Bad I Still Can't Watch My Local Team On My MLB.TV Subscription... by Timothy Geigner 3-31-2014 8:07 PM (48 comments)
Pace Of Cord Cutting Continues To Quicken by Timothy Geigner 8-07-2013 8:09 PM (79 comments)
Disney Chooses Netflix As Its Exclusive Distributor Beginning In 2016 by Timothy Geigner 12-05-2012 2:51 PM (30 comments)
Do Pirate Sites Really Make That Much Money? Um... No by Mike Masnick 1-24-2012 11:17 AM (107 comments)
Homeland Security Domain Seizures Raise More Questions: Is Embedding A Video Criminal Infringement? by Mike Masnick 2-02-2011 12:37 PM (88 comments)
Spanish Sports Streaming Site Declared Legal by Mike Masnick 5-11-2010 4:02 AM (17 comments)

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