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The Logician's Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week by The Logician 1-14-2012 12:00 PM (33 comments)
White House Comes Out Against The Approach In SOPA/PIPA In Response To Online Petition by Mike Masnick 1-14-2012 10:01 AM (251 comments)
SOPA Delayed; Cantor Promises It Won't Be Brought To The Floor Until 'Issues Are Addressed' by Mike Masnick 1-13-2012 11:57 PM (37 comments)
Raging Grannies Come Out Against SOPA/PIPA by Mike Masnick 1-13-2012 6:46 PM (22 comments)
PIPA's Own Sponsors Backing Off Bill; Ask Senate To Hold Off On Voting [Updated!] by Mike Masnick 1-13-2012 3:21 PM (38 comments)
Lamar Smith Follows Leahy's Steps With Plans To Delay DNS Implementation In SOPA by Mike Masnick 1-13-2012 3:04 PM (16 comments)
Jimmy Wales In Favor Of Wikipedia Blackout: Community Must Decide by Mike Masnick 1-13-2012 1:13 PM (58 comments)
Indian Judge Tells Google And Facebook To 'Check And Remove Objectionable Material' Or Be Blocked by Glyn Moody 1-13-2012 12:20 PM (48 comments)
US Can Extradite UK Student For Copyright Infringement, Despite Site Being Legal In The UK by Mike Masnick 1-13-2012 10:10 AM (159 comments)
Sega Gets It Right About SOPA: It's Time For A Hard Reset On Copyright Law & Congress by Zachary Knight 1-13-2012 8:02 AM (31 comments)
Over 120,000 People Sign Petition Asking EA To Officially Come Out Against SOPA by Mike Masnick 1-13-2012 7:05 AM (27 comments)
Libraries Are The Best Counter To Piracy... So Of Course Publishers Are Trying To Limit Them by Mike Masnick 1-13-2012 5:28 AM (83 comments)
Cheezburger Sites Join Reddit In January 18th Blackout by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 7:58 PM (56 comments)
Las Vegas Review-Journal Publishes CEA OpEd Calling Out Senator Harry Reid Killing Innovation By Supporting PIPA by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 4:30 PM (20 comments)
Paul Vixie Explains, In Great Detail, Why You Don't Want 'Policy Analysts' Determining DNS Rules by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 3:50 PM (39 comments)
Senator Leahy Hopes To Rush Through PIPA By Promising To Study DNS Blocking... Later?!? by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 2:49 PM (40 comments)
Largest Artist Community Group Comes Out Against SOPA & PIPA by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 1:54 PM (19 comments)
CreativeAmerica Denies Copying; Inadvertently Shows Why SOPA/PIPA Are Dangerous by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 12:52 PM (17 comments)
Lamar Smith Caught Infringing On Photographer's Copyright by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 11:55 AM (130 comments)
Insane Entitlement: EMI Sues Irish Gov't For Not Passing SOPA-Like Censorship Law by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 10:49 AM (50 comments)
Boo-Freaking-Hoo: RIAA Complains That 'The Deck Is Stacked' Against Them On CES Panels by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 9:46 AM (88 comments)
Kickstarter Helped Raise Nearly $100 Million In 2011... But There Are No New Business Models? by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 8:41 AM (52 comments)
Online Gamer... And Congressional Rep. Jared Polis Discusses Problems Of SOPA In Gaming Forum by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 7:20 AM (35 comments)
Jon Stewart Promises To Study Up On SOPA by Mike Masnick 1-12-2012 2:48 AM (99 comments)
SOPA: A Bad Cop's Best Friend by Tim Cushing 1-12-2012 12:08 AM (37 comments)
Sad Statement: Senators Behind Two Largest Tech Communities In The US Support PIPA Against Those Communities by Mike Masnick 1-11-2012 8:01 PM (31 comments)
Desperation Of SOPA/PIPA Supporters On Display At CES by Mike Masnick 1-11-2012 2:47 PM (134 comments)
Firefighters For SOPA (Again): The Congressional Fire Services Institute Rehashes Cliches And Debunked Anecdotes by Tim Cushing 1-11-2012 1:50 PM (21 comments)
What Do MC Hammer & Tim Berners-Lee Have In Common? They Both Hate SOPA/PIPA by Mike Masnick 1-11-2012 12:52 PM (28 comments)
Once Again, SOPA Supporters Caught 'Copying' Others' Works In An Effort To Shut Down Sites For Copying by Mike Masnick 1-11-2012 11:51 AM (25 comments)

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